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  1. more fat! less clothing! super hot gain holy moly
  2. couldn't resist... to your continued indulgence!
  3. Well my last post was called "Learning to morph" and since that one got stale I have decided to start fresh. to kick off the new thread here's @NikkiMaialina getting fat off her own baking!
  4. mmm hips from here to waaaaay over there
  5. Man while its a shame she didn't flaunt herself at her fattest, at least she has love for herself now!
  6. that sounds like what I'd buy on a normal day
  7. 300+ lb HungrylilKitty is the DREAM! Keep stuffing that pretty little face, we're counting on you!
  8. Yeah man, I'll entertain it at least, but I'm pretty picky with my photos! Just DM it to me and I'll let you know it it's operable
  9. @BloatedBarbie congrats on making the switch from stuffer to gainer!!! A morph in your honour
  10. If rumours are to be believed, this young lady was able to accomplish this with just TWO SEMESTERS of college! God bless meal hall.
  11. More @Candii_Kayn! I noticed you've stated your gaining goal as 250lbs, so I morphed you to around that... But then I thought "she's sure not to stop there. She'll look amazing and she'll know she has to keep going." Hell, I think you'll look so good at 250 that you're going to double down on the stuffings when you get there!
  12. @HaydenBlue you have made SERIOUS gains since starting with Curvage! Wish your old site were still up so I could see even further back, but this is June-Feb
  13. Coming in with @Candii_Kayn's incredible derriere!
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