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  1. @Stuffingkit To new highs! 🥂
  2. Now Curvage's beloved absentee @dreamgainer ! We miss you! This time I did a little thing, is she cuter with more weight in her face or in her breasts? I should have done both😅
  3. How are you doing! Hope you're well, hope you aren't hungry! Didn't want to bump your thread but I am so curious about the possibility of an update 😅

  4. @KittyPiggy We'll see in a year how close I was to what you actually end up looking like 😈
  5. And revisiting @HaydenBlue! let myself get carried away again... something about your (already generous) ass just makes me want MORE!
  6. Funny you should mention! That's exactly what I went for in this latest morph of the beloved @pooptroop ! Practice makes perfect. Thanks for being so gorgeous, @pooptroop ! Can't weight for your next big gains 😍
  7. Thanks Hayden! Your softly-lit cellulite is the perfect skin texture to morph... Who knew I had another reason to love cellulite 😋 Here's @gainingpear's gf, and what I mean by getting carried away...
  8. Saw a sexy picture of the lovely @HaydenBlue and could not resist morphing it. First morph, I'd love to get some practice though! Had lots of fun... hard not to get carried away when you want to add another 10, 50, 100, 200 pounds to someone...
  9. We love you too ChubbyCupcake, can't wait for you to get back into it!
  10. super stylish, I picture the ice cream, and ms guillotine as great tattoos!
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