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  1. @Fat Ass Ruby 's fat ass has been getting SO fat recently... inspiring as usual I couldn't help but take things much too far... Cheers to being on the edge of SSBBW-dom <3
  2. @Ruby Addams BBW I didn't see your post until now! I'm happy you want in
  3. Well well well if it isnt one of my favourite muses, @NikkiMaialina I couldnt help but notice that last little triangle of fabric not yet hidden by your expanding belly... I couldn't resist hitting the fast-forward button a few more feasts into the future Bon Appetit, Nikki ❀️
  4. nice progression! can't wait for the next set of pics to bring us closer to the present!
  5. hmm chocolate or vanilla or lemon or angelfood or pound or... best get one of each to be safe.
  6. whatever you feel like you could eat the most of!!!
  7. Very stirring words! You deserve love whatever you choose for yourself!
  8. As one of your biggest fans, I can assure you that I wish I were helping πŸ˜…
  9. Donuts! Or if the whole sweet thing isn’t your go-to, definitely something you could eat a large number of like gyoza dumplings for example!
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