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  1. BiggestBaeBey, from a different website that we all love.
  2. Getting carried away again... went freestyle with it on @BigCutieSkylar
  3. Holy shit ladies and gentleman, I am on a roll today! @chubbychiquita Thank you so much for being so sexy!
  4. A big day of morphing for me! And some big beautiful women to morph on. Here's one of my feedee favourites LoveAdipose, from https://linktr.ee/loveadipose
  5. I'm back and I brought @BigCutieSkylar with me!
  6. Just some evidence pointing to Bigger Being Better... How ludicrously good SSBBW-status would look on @Kaybearcutie95
  7. A warm welcome for the new curvage presence of one of everyones favourite gainers, @chubbychiquita
  8. getting a bit lazy now hahaaha Chubby Chiquita and Katie Cummings
  9. Thought you might appreciate this comparison... 😍


    1. S77


      Those curves wow 😮 

    2. FattyFreya


      @somebody1911 ooo!! Thank you for the compassion ❤️

  10. @Stuffingkit To new highs! 🥂
  11. Now Curvage's beloved absentee @dreamgainer ! We miss you! This time I did a little thing, is she cuter with more weight in her face or in her breasts? I should have done both😅
  12. How are you doing! Hope you're well, hope you aren't hungry! Didn't want to bump your thread but I am so curious about the possibility of an update 😅

  13. @KittyPiggy We'll see in a year how close I was to what you actually end up looking like 😈
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