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  1. New video release now, REDVELVET BELLYDROP

     i will greedly eat, burp, play with my belly drop and more. Also dont forget to check my content for many discount material.


  2. In this video i will eat a couple red velvet cupcakes with whipcream for breakfast, chatting with you telling what are my alike meals in the morning, then i will drop my belly playing with it, and i will test if my bellydrop can handle objects under it, ger the video to find out theres also will be a burp during bellyplay 😮


  3. All the following videos are now only $2.99
  4. REDVELVET BELLYDROP are my next video, follow me to get updated about the release ;)




  5. All the following videos are now only $2.99 

  6. are a week its raining so badly all day long in Rome so im constrained at home eating as only activity, ive gained 2kg in 1 week as result


  7. All the following videos are now only $2.99 


  8. All the following videos are now only $2.99 

  9. All the following videos are now only $2.99 



  10. LIMITED TIME PROMO!!! All the following video for $3.50 ONLY FEW MORE HOURS!!!

    FAT AND GREEDYVideoCapture_20200609-191550.jpg.a63cdf2fe7ace6728c4ea9f371c12f5f.thumb.jpg.bd8d725ed012cd3ba73d0c5e7370f5d6.jpg

    SQUEEZED IN603309591_giphy(1).thumb.gif.00616d50ddcec61caa4ddb48148bd428.gif

    ZOOM ME2140914957_zoom.gif.0510c3849d53988e93bdd291f229903a(1).thumb.gif.f54f277d01331f1f8113c84ce7d1555e.gif

  11. thank you, its always nice to read that
  12. LIMITED TIME PROMO!!! All the following video for $3.50 ONLY TODAY!!! FAT AND GREEDY SQUEEZED IN ZOOM ME
  13. LIMITED TIME PROMO!!! All the following video for $3.50 ONLY TODAY!!!

    FAT AND GREEDYVideoCapture_20200609-191616.jpg.28a74b840f10e9773e615df8df6cc9cd.thumb.jpg.022fd8d2630ba7d9882ed3888bcbb464.jpg

    SQUEEZED INgiphy.thumb.gif.1078ae392fd7de8a8b8141d619c4c295.gif

    ZOOM ME2140914957_zoom.gif.0510c3849d53988e93bdd291f229903a(1).thumb.gif.f54f277d01331f1f8113c84ce7d1555e.gif


  14. Its a compliatin from the best part of the video, when im full and round and start to massage or jigglin my big belly. Its a must have


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