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  1. I would love to see you in tight jeans and you are beautiful

  2. Thumb Up this comment if you cant wait to see her first video. 

    1. biggwill211


      Im really hoping for a fitted shorts or jeans try on.

    2. Liefloves


      I have something way better than that in mind 😉

    dam i like how you look in the jeans. you need to do a burping girl in the hooters uniform or tight jeans standing showing off you nice body and legs and butt.
    love this video can you button the shorts and pants next time i love how when you button the your shorts it makes your butt look even bigger!!!! please do more clothes try on.
  3. What camera are you using your videos look like you are shooting a movie. 

    1. biggwill211


      HERE is the sample clip that caught my attention 


    2. Miss September

      Miss September

      @biggwill211 Aw, thank you so much 😊  It's a Sony ❤️ 

    3. biggwill211


      Nice, i notice how the background is blurred and i use a sony A6400 on my youtube channel

    4. Miss September

      Miss September

      @biggwill211 shallow depth of field for the win!

    i would love to see you walk around in some tight jeans and tight shorts Burping like you just did in this video. No need to drink all that soda !!! no remember you did ask to tell us what we would like to see.
    I would loved to see you make a video instead of taking photos, or can you re do this as a video. You nailed this outfit.,
    love this video , i wish you would show off your nice ass. You have one of the best looking bodies on curvage, for me you dont need to eat a bunch of food just burp a lot and wear tight jeans or shorts please more standing. You look amazing.
  4. I would love to see you in these same shorts standing you have an amazing shape and i wish you would show off your butt more.
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