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    Great video This video shows that stuffing has two definitions. Stuffing in a nice curvy body into tight jeans and others like to see women stuff food.
    I love how you look in those pink shorts, have you thought about trying on a hooters outfit.
  1. Man who is that on your profile pic 

    I just purchased your video, i love those big burps. Im looking forward to your next modeling standing video i hope to see you in jeans.
    Shit you got the best curviest ass on Curvage. You should show it off MORE .
  2. Hey how can i buy the other complaining video you made in this outfit.
    I love this video can you do more burping videos in this outfit.
  3. i love your standing and trying on clothes video. I would like to see you in the hooters outfit popular on curvage.
    YOUR BEST VIDEO TO DATE I love how you show off your ass and legs. I like your belly too but you know and most of the people buying your videos KNOW you have the best butt on curvage. I cant wait to see you burping in a hooters outfit.
    ONE OF My favorite girl on Curvage. I cant wait to see you in your Hooters outfit again.
  4. You really got my attention with this one
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