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  1. Hopefully she will start making money doing curvage videos
  2. Dam baby tear that burger up
    love your modeling videos the jeans fit nicely. Can you button them up next time
  3. What do you like more , See ladies stuff food or them to stuff into tight clothes.

    Personally i like to see stuffing into tight clothes JEANS and SHORTS that actually fasten.

    Your video in the hooters outfit got my attention , do you actually have such a video im ready to pay.
    You are one of my favorite models on curvage the best combination of beauty and booty with a nice belly.
    love how you look in those shorts can you please do a standing video in this outfit.
  4. Britney has one of the best shapes on curvage, screw that on the internet. I used to think Kianne and Lexi On stuffer had nice bodies but Britney looks better and has a better looking shape than Kardashian And Cherokee D'Ass.
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