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    Your best video yet, and might I say one of the best videos I’ve ever seen! The passion you show eating and your love for getting fatter was incredible and extremely hot too watch 🙌 I cannot recommend this video enough, it is one of the best out there and I hope to see many stuffing videos in the future.
    A lovely little introduction again! Beautiful voice and gorgeous body! Didn’t seem nervous to me and I’m sure you’ll get used to it x looking forward to future videos! X
    Perfect introduction to a stunning girl who’s gained a phenomenal amount of weight and is looking good doing so! X
    I’d been popping in and out of curvage from time to time in the last couple months. Rarely visiting and just browsing the local feed. Seen this clip and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the size GGG has gotten to and I mean shocked was an understatement! Her gut is filled with lard compared to her once small frame many many months ago (a year ago perhaps). I mean you can seriously tell the calories are multiplying every week. Those measurements don’t lie and that’s obvious for anyone with decent vision! GGG looks even more gorgeous with every added pound x well worth it
  1. I’m gonna have to say it Your curves are so beyond divine there’s no words to describe it x
  2. I mean seeing Goddess Shar in Lara Croft gear is a god send, but seeing you in it GGG with a few added pounds would be a dream 😅
  3. Those extra pounds have done wonders for you body jeeeez 🥵
  4. That’s a bit weird mate not gonna lie to you
  5. I think you’ll be more of an apple shape I’d assume so far. It’s quite early to tell atm. But your belly is getting much bigger than the rest of you but they may catch up in the future 🤷‍♂️ Beautiful in any case ❤️
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