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  1. John12345

    Emily Atack

    Wow the weight she lost in the jungle is definitely back on
  2. John12345

    Female wrestlers

    Lmao I cannot believe people are having wrestling debates here but if you can’t see that this reaction is exactly what WWE wanted then you’re being worked my friend
  3. John12345

    Any tips on how to gain?

    So I’ve always been into bigger girls, but I’ve thought about trying to gain a little myself. I’ve always had a big appetite and I already eat quite a lot (I think), so any suggestions on ways of putting on some weight?
  4. John12345

    Jorja Smith

    She’s live on BBC 4 now looking pretty big
  5. John12345

    Female wrestlers

    Rousey was looking chubby again did anyone get any screenshots?
  6. John12345

    Female wrestlers

    Brie looked a lot flabbier than ever before, she’s looked quite thick since giving birth and I noticed her belly rolls more than ever on Raw.
  7. John12345

    Female wrestlers

    I can’t be the only one thinking that Ronda was looking bigger again last night?
  8. John12345

    Mia Khalifa

    What fucking use are you here? She literally admitted she gained weight.
  9. John12345

    Mia Khalifa

    So Mia just posted on her IG story videos of her being weighed and measured. She’s put on 15 pounds in a month.
  10. John12345

    Female wrestlers

    Charlotte was looking fatter on this weeks SD did snyome get any screenshots?
  11. John12345

    Female wrestlers

    Any idea what episode this was?