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  1. Fatgirllover0065

    Emily Walden - Model and cosplayer

    Anybody like to see this girl do a winnie the pooh reenactment?
  2. Fatgirllover0065

    Jane Monheit

    Jane Monheit is one of those women who is beautiful weather she's thin or fat!
  3. Fatgirllover0065

    Chelsea Rose

  4. Fatgirllover0065

    Jane Monheit

    It was just an educated guess but I don't think it was to conform to standard beauty standards cause she does embrace body positivity and admires tess holliday, So losing weight for her health is the only logical reason I can think of.
  5. Fatgirllover0065

    Chelsea Rose

    https://instagram.com/freebirdfeather?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=1rffghvbad1i2 Chelsea Rose aka freebirdfeather is an Jewish plus size woman who lives in California, She is one of the most beautiful fat girls I have ever seen on Instagram and gladly flaunts her plump figure!
  6. Fatgirllover0065

    Jane Monheit

    I agree she was very sexy when she was fatter but I can assume she slimmed down for health reasons.
  7. Fatgirllover0065

    Jane Monheit

    Yup Jane has lost alot of weight but she is still beautiful and one of my personal favorite jazz singers of the Great American Songbook, I do kinda wish she was fat again!
  8. Fatgirllover0065

    Emily Walden - Model and cosplayer

    Wonder how much this woman weighs?
  9. Do you plan on doing another stuck video? I really liked your 2 you did particularly the second one.