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  1. Feeling generous this Sunday. Looking to give away a little money to a hungry feedee. Dm me for a chance for a little contribution to the gains 😉

    Chubby🤤Stuffed to the brim🤤 This video is so sexy. Of course, watching the belly slaps, jiggles, and consumption of brownie after brownie makes it even sexier😍 A MUST purchase.
  2. 10/10 recommend getting this clip if you haven’t yet. You won’t regret it😍
    Rosie is getting sooo fat and this video showcases it. Makes it even hotter watching her inhale in her food. Then to top it all, when she's playing with her big bulging belly, her whole body jiggles. Her massive expanding thighs ripple with every bounce of her gut. This video deserves more than 5 stars. I think Rosie will be bigger in no time😍🤤
    I just got fatter listening to all the delicious food Ruby listed off! You've got to listen to the treats she lists off. They're only going to make her tight clothes tighter and that face rounder and rounder😍 Just wait till the end where she's rolling around, showcasing her ever growing curves🤤
    Amazing how much Squishy_bae's stuffed belly sticks out! The belly play in this video is nothing but jaw dropping. Extraordinary😍
    It is such a turn to see Squishy_bae double fisting delicious, fattening Krispy Kreme Donuts. The desire to get them in her belly as fast as possible and make it expand more and more with each bite is such a dream. Not to mention how wide she looks in this video😍
    Absolutely jaw dropping to see how Squishy_bae's belly is expanding bigger and bigger with each new video she puts out. This clip is a great example of what a good stuffer she has been. Her belly is really taking over!🤤
    Anna's at her biggest and heaviest weight ever and it shows!😍 The whole time she stuffs her fat face, her chair is constantly creaking under her massive body. Can't wait to see her get even bigger which i'm sure won't be long😉
    I'm speechless at how fast Anna is gaining weight. This clip really shows how greedy this piggy is! Watching her big gut take in that thick weight gain shake is every feeders dream to see😍🥵
    This video is a MUST get if you support Anna's gain. She looks amazing in this video, so HUGE; can't believe how fat she is getting! So sexy watching her devour those messy ribs. Stuffing her belly like the big greedy pig she is 😈😍
    Thicccollegegirl has been well fed, she's looking really fat in this one. So sexy to see her lay back and stuff her big belly full of delicious McDonalds. What a good growing cow🤤
    Anna is getting so. BIG. This video really showcases how much eating she's been doing. Anna looks absolutely massive as she takes bite after bite of her big, thick, juicy chicken. Her huge belly expands more and more as she devours her meal. It's insane how much her weight is out of control. Spilling out of her clothes, it's enough to make you stare in astonishment. Can't wait to see how fat she is in the next one🤤
    What's better than one stuffed belly? Try three! Seeing their bellies expand more and more with each bite till they busted out their pants is everything to see😍
    Her belly keeps expanding! So hot to see her pretty much fall asleep at the table mid stuffing. Part 3 is going to be amazing!
    Glad to see her belly expand by the end of the video only to make her way to the bed for a quick nap so she can make it expand even more when she wakes up!
  3. If you’re a feedee in the Chicago area looking for a feeder hmu :) 

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