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  1. Sorry to not see this until now! It might be a few days before I can sit down and fully write it out though. As a quick question, if she were to slim, would the mental stat loss also roll back? It'd work well with what I have planned.
  2. Ooooh, unavoidable consequences for her rampant indulgences? Sign me up!
  3. Updated sheets for The Nymph and now for the Huntress too! Name: Marigold ‘Mary’ Race: Nymph Class: Rogue Age: 100 Height: 5 feet, 8 inches Starting Weight: 130 lbs Current Weight: 130 lbs Hit points: 13 ATHLETICS: 50 +5 +20 -5 = 60 CONSTITUTION: 40 -15 = 25 INTELLIGENCE: 20 +10= 30 WILLPOWER: 30 -5 -10= 15 CHARISMA: 60 +15 +10= 85 FAT-FETISH 85 - 10 (75) / NORMIE: 85 (85) FAT POINTS: 20, Normal. 6 lbs per Fat Point, 6lbs to next point FAT FEATS: (15)Lazy Bones,(20)Bandonkadonk Companions/NPCs: Name: Kaiyal, The Hunter Race: Human Class: Ranger Age: 20 Height: 5 feet, 10 inches Starting Weight: 140 lbs Current Weight: 181 lbs Hit points: 22 ATHLETICS: 50 +15 +10 -10 = 65 CONSTITUTION: 60 +5 -10 -10 = 45 INTELLIGENCE: 30 +10 = 40 WILLPOWER: 40 +15 -10 = 45 CHARISMA: 20 +10 = 30 FAT-FETISH 30 (30) / NORMIE: 30 +5 (35) FAT POINTS: 25, Normal. 7 lbs per Fat Point, 1 lbs to next point FAT FEATS: (20)Stress Eater, (20)Too Full To Workout, (24) Stretched Capacity,
  4. “Do you want another cookie?” “No Marigold, I’m already stuffed.” “We were supposed to share them, I assumed they meant equally.” Kaiya groaned from her nest of blankets and hand resting on a tummy already bulging with sweets and treats. “Have mine, then,” she grumbled, shifting into a more sitting position and mostly regretting it. “I don’t want more crumbs in our hosts’ guest bed as it is.” “Thank you for this gift,” the Nymph responded with no hint of irony, quickly plowing into the half empty plate of cookies she had at her bedside chair. Kaiya could see the forest-woman’s light green skin stretched taut over a belly that seemed to have been packed with food since the bear meat from when they first met. Marigold still only wore her hide wrappings over waist and chest, much to the chagrin of their generous hosts. The huntress shook her head exasperation, “You know, you don’t have to be so exacting about what they give us to eat, Marigold. Mrs. Halligan seems more than happy to make enough food for everyone. We’re just convenient targets right now.” Mrs. Halligan indeed made enough food for them both and more. Marigold was very pleased when to find the older couple on their farm just past the forest’s edge when looking for help with her new friend’s broken shin. Being invited to stay at their homestead until Kaiya was able to walk again was such a boon to the emaciated nymph asked to stay with her. Once the initial shock of a forest nymph with a starved look, distended tummy, and blood covered appearance wore off, the Halligans were quick to make the unlikely pair feel at home. “That guest room has been empty side the last of our kids went off to the city,” had assured Mrs. Halligan on showing them to the comfortable space they could share. “Just like taking care of me cows,” Mr. Halligan had joked while setting Kiaya’s leg straight and splinting it. Now the two had spent the last week resting and lounging about, fed by the large food stores of the elderly well off farmers. Marigold took every offer of food very seriously, eating every bit of what was given to her, and always taking however many extra helpings were offered. Mrs. Halligan actually learned not to offer more than fourths for fear that the poor nymph might burst her stomach trying to comply. Even Kaiyal, while restrained compared to the voracious Marigold, found herself eating to both give her something to focus on in the boredom, and at the behest of her green skinned savior who had on several occasions basically force fed her into eating the rest unless the huntress specifically offered it to her instead. “Any gifts given should be taken,” Marigold stated, mouth full of chocolate chips, as if it were divine truth. “Any offer of aid is an increase to your own bounty.” Already finishing the plate, she rested both hands on the packed convex curve of her belly. “Human food is so good. How do you grow it?” Kaiyal kept her thoughts to herself about exactly what “bounty” was increasing for the two as they basically sat on their asses and ate for days on end. The nymph had definitely been filling out a little, with no clothes to hide the steady increase, but with how bony she’d been when first coming out of the wood, the huntress assumed she really needed it. “It’s cooked, Mari. We add it together and change it, unlike your kind eating fruit fresh from the tree.” Marigold considered that for a moment, she did recall Mrs. Halligan spent a long time preparing this food, and had seen no cookie plants out on their farmlands. “That seems wasteful compared to just eating what grows or what you can hunt.” “With how much and how quickly you eat it, I don’t think your stomach finds it wasteful,” Kaiyal pointed out, unfortunately reminding herself that she was equally stuffed full. “That is… true,” she admitted after a pause to think. “The food you… cook? Cooking makes it very tasty. It seems you civilized people have your own bounty, I look forward to returning my own forest’s bounty all the more.” Kaiyal peeked at that, Marigold had spoken briefly on what brought her out here, but never completely. “You mentioned before seeking Yarra Wood’s lost bounty. What exactly was lost? It’s only early spring, don’t things need time to regrow?” Shaking her head sadly, the green skinned woman replied, “The Yarra river is dry. I must travel North to see why. My sisters assume human hands caused it, so I walk the civilized paths north to find out.” “Jeeze, guess I really was lucky to be stumbled on. Dying crushed by a bear I had just killed would have been a pretty crummy way to go.” “You are welcome, Kaiyal. I’ll make sure to see to your health until you are able to walk again. It doesn’t suit a huntress like yourself to be so pained.” Kaiyal smiled in return, “I feel that I owe you though, you’re spending all this time with me.” Marigold smiled back and looked down at the empty plate she’d set aside, “You can thank me by making sure to eat whatever I go downstairs to get in a moment. You must regain your strength.” The Huntress groaned, “Mari I appreciate it, but if I can’t walk all this food is just going to turn into fat. I already feel my undergarments have grown a bit tighter sitting here for a week as it is.” “Is fat wrong? It is energy and a sign of plenty, you should be thankful to had a chance to gather some,” the Nymph retorted, raising a questioning eyebrow. “I wish it were that simple among humans…” “Well I wish I had whatever miniscule fat that worries you so much,” Marigold clapped back, pressing a hand to her still exposed ribs for emphasis. Too ashamed at the reminder that her new friend had been literally starving until recently, Kaiyal shut up about it, unable to bring herself to explain the expectations of society to someone so innocent to them. “Sorry Mari, I’ll of course eat whatever you bring me, you’re basically my doctor, right?” “A doctor… that is one of your human healers, yes?” Smiling while her eyes flashed, Marigold answered her own question, “This doctor says you must eat to heal.” Sighing and simply nodding, the redhead aquicessed, “Doctor’s orders then!” Marigold rose up to leave, likely to get yet more food to stuff the pair of them silly, only for Kiayal to call out as the scrawny nymph bounced over to the door, “Oh, Marigold. I still feel like I owe you.” “That’s why you’ll eat what i bring you, dear.” “No I mean more than that,” Kaiyal said, tapping her unstrung bow by her bed. “You’ve been wonderful to me, but you know really very little about going to towns and such. Let me be your guide.” Marigold blinked in surprise, “This would be a great boon. Are you sure you wish to give it to me?” “I feel it’s the least I can do.” “Then I accept your help my quest Kaiyal. I shall ask for more of Sister Halligan’s honey mead to celebrate,” the nymph said sagely. Stomach gurgling with already tested capacity, the huntress fought not to groan. “Oh great…” --- While it might take many months for a leg to heal normally, Marigold has no such time to wait as her sisters starve in the Yarra Wood. She will attempt to cast additional healing on Kaiyal’s broken leg each day, healing it enough after three more successful attempts. Considering the Nymph’s quite low willpower, this might take quite a few days of stuffing both herself and Kiayal silly, resulting in some predictable effects for both Nymph and Human waistlines! It takes 35 days for Marigold to roll 3 Successes and finish healing Kaiyal’s Broken Leg. During that time, Marigold overeats at every opportunity, meaning twice a day! This results in her gaining an additional 60lbs! Since half of this is shared by her connection back to the grove, this has her gaining 30lbs. For those same days, Kaiyal is stuffed night and day by Marigold, resulting in the same night and day stuffings. Kaiyal gains 41 lbs all for herself! --- Spending more than a month feasting on the soft, easily digestible and plentiful foods had predictable results for the Nymph, and it were ones she was quite happy with. Once again she filled out her hides perfectly, hiding the most private parts of her body while still showing off the beauty that every Dryad wished to possess. With her swelling backside, she truly epitomized that otherworldly glamor. “I hadn’t expected to restore my vigor so quickly. Truly human food is something special!” Marigold exclaimed as she took a moment to press her hands to her bum which now swelled quite well against the confines of her hide skirt, as well as feeling along her ribs that, while still apparent, now had a healthy layer of flesh once again covering them. “You can say that again,” Kaiyal responded with a grimace as she leaned against The Halligan’s front gate. The human woman had put on weight too, but unlike the green skinned nymph, she wasn’t missing any to begin with. While not a huge transformation, the huntress had clearly softened all over. Her hard won muscly limbs mostly hidden by atrophy a new soft coating that pushed all of her clothes to a strange level of tightness unused to the peasant woman. “I feel like a balloon after all of Mrs. Halligan’s cooking.” “I don’t understand,” Marigold stated, tilting her head to the side. Rolling her eyes, the huntress explained, “I’ve gotten fat, Mari. I sat on my ass for a month and my ass got wider. Do you understand?” The Nymph merely laughed, “Why do you worry so much about some weight? You’re merely more in touch with your feminine beauty.” “And when I can’t draw my bow to hunt because my tit’s are out to here!? What then, Marigold? How will feminine beauty help me when I can’t support myself?” Kaiya snapped back. The Nymph flinched like she’d been slapped, “I am not trying to offend you, Kaiyal. One should not hate themself for having access to an abundance of food.” Sighing, the human woman collected herself, “You’re right Mari. I shouldn’t be angry for having to sit on my ass for a month when it should have been six or more. Sorry for shouting, just… well we’ll see if your tune stays the same. If you keep eating like that, your ass is going to be the thing in abundance.” With that, she hefts her pack on her shoulder, making her way out the gate and towards the dirt road. Marigold begins to follow along, pausing in thought at the human’s comment, placing hands to her backside, imagining if human food might really drive her to grow more… abundant. “You really think it’ll grow more?” she asked, a hopeful tone noticeable in her voice. “Oh my gods, really!?” --- The newly formed pair of Nymph and hunter set off down the dirt roads of farmland, heading north to actually start their adventure to find what dried up the Yarra River, merely a month and healed bone later. What might the two run into along the way? [Like] The Mundane: The pair find themselves facing their greatest enemy yet, arbitrary violence. Soon as they find themselves on the open road of the countryside, bandits ride out of the wood demanding valuables if not more! There will be either athletics to defeat the ruffians or charisma checks to somehow avoid them all together, possibly both! [Love] The Magical: The duo face their greatest enemy yet, inconvenient magical mishaps. As they walk the forests, They locate what seems to be a wrecked cart of a powerful Sorceress, magical concoctions and devices scattered all around make for a mind field of weight based traps and hazards as the pair attempt to figure out where the Cart’s occupants have gone. This will test their Intelligence and Willpower For identifying and resisting these traps! [Thanks] The Fattening: The party of two finds themselves facing their greatest enemy yet, boredom and laziness! A convenient caravan also heading north is too good to pass up. But instead of walking and venturing on foot, the pair find themselves kicking their feet up and riding along. To top off this easy ride, a travelling chef takes interest in the Nymph and her friend, curious to see if the forest creature will enjoy fine Artesian sweets. The only threats here come from Constitution to resist the gains and Willpower for Kaiya to not be pulled into it as well!
  5. Sometimes there are more important things than kink writing, I definitely understand. Just poke me with my own update whenever you find the time.
  6. Deator

    The Calling

    This twisting turn into mindbreaking insanity is not where I expected from a simple story about actresses getting fat. Wow.
  7. ((Ooooookay, here we go. The second half is here. I feel like I'd be being mean to Katael at this point if she wasn't enjoying it so much.)) It didn’t take long for Katael to realize she was completely unprepared for what she’d asked of Caspiana. While the rest of her court and staff were still struggling to reconcile their hundred pound or more expanded waistlines over already girthy growth, the now mobile princess was already forcing the lardy knight to her feet and escorting her back to personal chambers that had sat unused for the golden hell-blood’s long internment in immobility. Inside, Katael found herself transported from the decadent, yet soft, halls of the villa to a room designed instead for a forceful form of pleasure. Iron racks with manacles lined the walls, some designed to let the occupant to sit on what appeared to be reinforced benches while others forced them to stand or even sit on the floor. The center of the room held several tables, one of them covered in various clamps, paddles, and... suggestively shaped rods of wood and other materials. Also present was a large Solid cherry and Oak framed plush circular bed covered in royal purple pillows and satin sheets, luxurious and dangerous in how enticing they were. Most surprising however was the mahogany colored blob of a woman at the far back of the room, held in manacles against a far wall. The restraints seemed a bit much considering that the person they restrained looked pinned to the ground by her own stomach, a massive avalanche of dark brown skin covering most of her lardy legs while the huge hanging grain sacks of her breasts fell to either side, nearly meeting the same fate on the purple carpeted covered floor. Looking up through astray curls of hair that were white for part of their length and ruddy brown for the rest, Katael saw that it was none other than a completely changed Hannah d’Plumpe, left immense in her captivity! “Do you like the hospitality I’ve given our captive cultist? She’s over a thousand pounds now.” Caspiana purred. Leaving the knight to stand awkwardly at one end of the pleasure chamber, and pacing over to the globular sorceress. Katael couldn’t help but watch the naked bountiful hourglass form of the golden half-fiend pace along, her hips sashaying too and fro, leaving the knight struggling to stay on her feet not just from weight but also from a sudden weakness in her knees. Had this sex minx been hiding buried in blubber this whole time? Reaching out a deceptively soft hand, Caspiana grabbed the double chin of d’Plumpe, forcing her to look up. “Hannah here has told us many things about the Pure’s plans while being ministrated by my… servant. I believe you’ve met Gabrielle. She does a wonderful job feeding up my guests.” Katael blinked at the revelation. Gabrielle not only seemed to be covertly influencing Katael to overindulge from their first meeting, but may have done it on Caspiana’s orders? “M-mistress, why is she here?” the Knight asked, suddenly on edge about the intrusion into this time alone with the princess. “To wallow in here own obesity. Also to see that all the ‘Sin’ she fights against is quite enjoyable for those sinning,” she stated plainly, turning away from the sorceress and slowly making her way back towards her new prey, one thick thigh swaying to make room for the other, over and over. “Her magic is as useless like this as mine was but an hour ago. Also she’s been magically silenced for good measure.” Unable to help but think about what happened to d’Plumpe happening to her, the flustered knight found words pouring out she immediately regretted, “B-but, how did she get so fat?” Caspiana approached the knight. Even though Katael stood a few inches taller, she felt small next to this woman looking her in the eyes like she saw through her completely. “Sacks of grain, baskets of fruit, and fresh food left near my bulk. It seems to develop the same effects that sitting too close to my cursed flesh did. It’s a quite… fattening experience as you may recall from your short meal with me those weeks ago,” she said, leaning forward and wrapping her arms around Katael’s bulk, whispering into the crimson warrior’s ear. “I have much of it left in store for such occasions. I think you’ll be eating it for the next week or so, depending on how I feel.” Katael struggled to speak, feeling her breath catch in her throat, knees weak. She tried to stumble backwards away from the intoxicating embrace, but Caspiana followed her jostling movements. Within a few waddling backsteps Katael found herself against one of the wracks and the princess was locking the lardy knight’s chunky wrists in padded manacles. “W-wait, how much-” She was cut off by a hand over her mouth, then Caspiana continued to toy with her, “The Cultist is also here to see that she was right about your sinful nature Lady de Valla. I’m going to fatten you up into a useless ball, and you will enjoy every second of indulging your demonic blood as I do,” Not being to help but to moan, the knight wished she’d be able to see to herself with her hands as her nipples felt ready to cut diamonds and her sopping wet womanhood begged for release before the Princess had even begun feeding her. Truly, this woman is a more dangerous feeder than Katael could have imagined. “B-but then, you will let me use the grail, yes?” Even in the depths of pleasure, her remaining virtue tried to scream at her, knowing that she hoped this golden goddess would tell her no. For her part, Caspiana merely smirked, looking her already quite jiggly prey up and down, “Of course, but you’ll never be the same virtuous knight who walked in my door, you never were.” It didn’t take long for the food to begin arriving. It took even less time for Katael to be begging the Princess to feed her. Though later when she was instead begging for Caspiana to stop, she merely found herself being forced to continue to engorge on the food. Just when the Red skinned half-devil thought her enormous stomach might explode, the golden hand of Caspiana reached out and aggressively buried itself in her flab. With a flash of purple magic, she’d feel her stomach empty and her body push just a bit further out into the Princess’s waiting arms. After being thoroughly filled and fattened, she’d be released from her binds, dropping to the ground in a fat horny mess of flesh, only to be lead to the plush violet bedsheets by her feeder mistress and fucked in every way she could imagine until the exhausted knight finally fell unconscious, only for the cycle to repeat again the following day. The next week proved to be… predictably fattening. --- Caspiana feeds Katael each day for seven days with magical foodstuffs made from produce blessed by her cursed when she still weighed as much as the average large cottage. This means the already quite weighty knight gains 1d6 lbs for each feeding. But Caspiana is a sorceress with her power back at her reduced size! Using this to force Katael to instantly digest the fattening food, there is no functional limit to how much she can be made to eat. Each day of seven, Katael will be fed this way until she can succeed on a will save to resist Caspiana’s charms to a minimum of 1, or 10 feedings have been done and Caspiana ends it herself. ((I’m going to opt out of more fat feats simply because she already has so many that it’d only harm the story IMO and she has so many already. Lemme know if that isn’t chill and I’ll roll them. She will take all the stat effects of her gain and current feats though!)) Day 1: Will 35 (Pass on 2nd) 2d6 = 11lbs Day 2: Will 33 (All failed) 10d6 = 36 lbs Day 3 Will 23 (Pass on 6th) 6d6 = 22 lbs Day 4 Will 17 (Pass on 8th) 8d6 = 33lbs Day 5 Will 9 (Pass on 7th) 7d6 = 25lbs Day 6 Will 1 (All Failed) 10d6 = 42lbs Day 7 Will 0 (All Auto Failed) 10d6 = 49lbs Over the Week of magical feeding and fucking bestowed on her by Princess Caspiana, Katael gains an astonishing 218 lbs more fat as she finds herself more and more lost in the proverbial sauce of fattening up. Katael now weighs 759 lbs! Name: Lady Kateal De Valla Level: 1 Race: Demon-Blooded Class: Knight Age: 23 Height: 6 feet, 0 inches Starting Weight: 148 lbs Current Weight: 759 lbs Hit points: 32 ATHLETICS: 60+20+5-155 = 0 CONSTITUTION: 50+10+5-277 = 0 INTELLIGENCE: 40+5-66 = 0 WILLPOWER: 30+5+8-9-54 = 0 CHARISMA: 20+10+5-4= 31 FAT-FETISH (31+389) 420 / NORMIE: (31+4-389) 0 FAT POINTS: 85, Absolute Unit. 8 lbs per Fat Point, 6lbs to next point FAT FEATS: (20)Natural Athlete, (20)Guilty Conscience, (24)Thunder Thighs, (24)Crumbs In The Bed, (26)Too Full To Workout, (26)Size Unaware, (28)Harmless Fatty, (30)Gotta Get Thin (34) Slow Metabolism, (36) Big Boned, (40) Stress Eater, (42) Obesity Loves Company, (44) Deep Reserves, (46) Content, (50)Wide and Weak Willed, (54)Sweet Tooth, (56)Dummy Thick, (60)Low Blood Sugar, (62)Lazy Bones, (64) What have I done!, (66)Weak Wind, (68)Badonkadonk --- “Admit it, admit that you like getting fat, that you want to be a hedonist for the rest of your life. Embrace your gluttonous blood as the gift it is!” “Y-yes, Mistress.” “Renounce your vows.” “B-but-” “Renounce them, swear fealty to only me!” “I will serve only you m-mistress, I am yours forever more, aaaAAAH!” As the great blob of undulating ruby flesh that was Katael de Valla reached climax again, she gave up on trying to even hold her head up, letting herself be the sweating heap of sex drained fat she felt like. For the last three of her days as Caspiana’s impromptu feedee, she’d not even been restrained on one of the racks. The Golden Princess thought her own fat crimson ass, having inflated to the point that each fall filled leg probably weighed more than the knight did back when she was skinny and served as enough of a restraint. Katael wasn’t even sure of the true extent of her own enormity, only knowing how desperately her brain, fogged from coherent thought for days, only wanted more sex and food from her Angelic Goddess. “I’ll hold you to that, knight. If you can ever deserve the title again,” Caspaina warned, rising up from the plush sheets of her pleasure room’s bed. She also stood naked, and while perhaps a few pounds heavier for the week of food fueled sexscapades, still remained the same chunky golden hourglass minx revealed after her shrinking, unlike the blob-like Katael. Katael for her part simply tried to catch her breath, so exhausted from the activity of just being pleasured so much due her huge size and the weighty stomach and breasts that sat on top of her as she leaned back, unable to lay flat due to her gargantuan ass cheeks and truly tree trunk thick legs. Caspiana’s own self care was a bit more nuanced, grabbing a nearly brush from the bedside table and starting to brush out her tangled, golden flowing locks. Neither were able to get far when a loud banging on the door interrupted them. “Enter, though it better be urgent!” Commanded the Princess. Gabrielle, the weighty elven maiden and servant, opened the door already speaking quickly, “Your Grace, my apologies there is a matter-” Momentarily the very obese and bottom heavy Elf found her own large and fat body catching on the narrow frame of the servant’s entrance, though turning sideways after several attempts saw her blush, but through the obstruction. “My lady, your presence is needed at once, it’s The Pure!” Caspiana stopped, placing down her brush, other hand igniting with purple eldritch magic. “Gabrielle, you were right to disturb me. What’s happening?” Struggling with a fat ass that felt nearly impossible to shift on her Own, Katael tried to shimmy to the side of the wide soft mattress, some fragment of her sense of duty returning as she nearly whined, “Th-the Grail, bring me the Grail!” Gabrielle did a double take at the enormous half-devil. It seemed each time she saw the poor warrior woman, she weighed hundreds of pounds more than last time, and even if it did look damned delicious… “I’m afraid that will be a problem Lady de Valla, As I came here because…” DM’s Choice! What did Gabrielle come to warn them about with The Pure: Attack of Opportunity: The Pure are attacking the Villa Compound now that their curse has failed! With no time to get the Grail and thin down Katael, what will Caspiana and her weight bound knight do? What do the Cultists want? Inflated Invaders: Having been hiding in the nearby hills to cast their ritual to worsen Caspiana’s curse, The fool Cultists were caught in the fattening blast that came with its dispersal! Looking for revenge for their now hundred pound or more ruined waistlines, these fattened foes assault the Villa, hoping to undo whatever caused their increased BMI. There is No Spoon: The Grail is gone! Gabrielle suspects the Pure stole it while all the staff were busying themselves with finding new clothes this week. But was it them or someone else? How will Katael help now?
  8. ((So this will be another double chapter. Here's part one. )) Studying the Grail resting in her chubby hands, the 370 pound knight found herself pausing. A day was not long to wait, and surely she could be thin again tomorrow. All of this, she mused, looking down at her bulging belly and fat stuffed hips that could jam in small doorways, would be gone in the wind. Katael had her vows to think of, but with such an easy out at hand, perhaps a little bit more indulgence to send off this temporary state of hedonism? “I will bring this to you personally, your grace,” the Knight declared, removing her soggy snow boots and waddled forward in just her underwear towards the massive golden blob form of her patron with her own crimson flab jostling like a little fat moon in comparison. “If you don’t hurry, I’ll be hungry enough to eat these girls!” Caspiana slurred through her nearly covered face, “Begon servants, I need a drink, not food.” On command, the three fattened beauties slid down the luxurious mound of belly to waddle away just in time for Katael to mount it instead. Grail tucked tight against soft breasts and filled with succulent nectar from the very fields around the villa, all was ready. The Demon-blood scaled each undulating golden roll as gently as she could, eventually arriving at the peak, where Caspiana’s face swam in chins and her mouth and nose looked ready to be swallowed by her own bounty. “Quickly, now Lady de Valla, my butt is filling up the back wall,” she murmured. Here between the two of them, Katael could tell there might actually be some spike of real fear going through the immense princess who always seemed so in control. Perhaps because she wasn’t in control of this? “A- um. A favor first, Princess,” Katael murmured, barely more than a whisper. She held the Grail within sight of the Golden hell-spawn, her glowing eyes flickering. No one could hear what she said but Caspiana. “What do you want, Katael?” the blob woman responded, her tone suddenly cold, calculating. How much had her errant knight been affected by that ancient ruin? Was she about to be poisoned? “Th-the stories of you from before this, Gabrielle told me of them…” The knight nearly trembled at what she was about to ask, struggling to declare her desires, even in this moment. “What stories, Katael? We are running out of time!” “The ones about how you would take care of women… like me. Your aura hasn’t been the only reason for staff fattening around you,” Katael felt her heart trying to break through her well padded ribs and her girth stomach trying to do flips, she’d really asked Caspiana to make her fatter. “Maybe before I take my turn with the grail…” Caspiana’s intense expression suddenly turned to a soft knowing smile, “Pour the grail, knight. Then I will make sure to show you proper hospitality of the Golden Princesh,” the last of her words suddenly difficult as a new surge of growth around her face began to close up her bulbous cheeks around her nose! “Do ith!” she shouted, suddenly alarmed. Katael complied, rushing to dump the contents of the grail into Caspiana’s waiting mouth to the last dribbling drop. Then, everything became very still as Caspiana’s growth came to a sudden stop. The two half fiends locked eyes, tense and waiting for the intended effect. Suddenly, all at once, the golden princess began to glow golden, light seeming to flow out from her mountainous form. As it grew brighter, Katael felt her perch suddenly shift and she lurched backwards, the Princess was starting to get smaller! Rolling backwards, Katael lost her grip on the Grail, tumbling down the rapidly shrinking expanse of Caspiana and coming to a stop on the floor, large tummy spreading on the now exposed flagstone. In the shock and growing yellow light, it took a few moments of looking down for Katael to realize that her breasts, resting on the ground as well, were actually pooling out more and growing. A snap as her thin undergarments broke sent a thunderous wobble through her lower side sticking up in the air that confirmed it was growing too. Katael was getting fatter again as Caspiana shrank! ((Waves of weight gain roll off of Caspiana as she shrinks, Katael and all others nearby gain 10d20 lbs each as Curse and Grail react unexpectedly!)) ((16,11,18,7,12,8,20,13,9,4 = 118, For Katael [Arcane Sponge] Increases this to 177lbs!)) Helpless to stop it, and attempting to come to terms with how horny it made her, Katael could sit and feel herself inflate with more ruby colored flab. Her already buried muscles sunk further into obscurity as her arms began rolling over at the elbow. Side fat rolls bunched up between her thickening chest and widening ass, pushing her arms out to the sides while her breasts overflowed and broke her bra. The half-blood could physically feel the giant blob of jello that was her backside and thighs inflate with every breath, it was so intoxicatingly sensual, it felt like her brain space was being taking up just by FEELING it all, leaving less room for her more coherent thoughts that didn’t have to do with being a giant fatass. Oh and how fat her ass was as she desperately tried to roll over, just managing, feeling like she were the middle of some slime creature being shook around as it moved until she came to a rest, looking up towards the rafters of Caspiana’s dining room, trying desperately not to moan at knowing much floor her fat legs covered with their girth or the fact that her belly now completely obscured any loss of modesty she would have from lacking underwear as it’s protruding ball of fat now blocked view of her womanhood as much as her several foot wide thighs did with the lack of space between her legs. Jostling chub rubbed up against her slit in all the right ways. In that moment, she might wish the grail were never found. Yet as the growth finally came to a stop, Katael felt some amount of distracted thoughts turn at least to embarrassment and confusion. Looking around actually showed a similar scene to herself, though maybe more or less severe. All the various servants, attendants, and workers around the hall, already quite wide from Caspiana’s curse, had grown with none having gained less than a hundred pounds. Everywhere, massively fattened bodies had burst out of already shredding clothing. Even Gabrielle, no shrinking violet about her love for the widening waistline of Katael, seemed to blush at the shear amount of exposed flab around them. Katael’s observation of the confused corpulent crowd was interrupted by a shadow looming overhead, from her position on her back, balanced on her giant butt, she looked up and beheld possibly the most beautiful woman she’d ever seen. No longer a multi-ton mountain of half-devil, Caspiana stood in all her golden glory on her own two tubby feet. Seemingly, even her angel granted grail was not strong enough to completely rid the Princess of her flab. Instead it left her at a very solid 300 pounds that was proportioned in an hourglass that left her with only a soft curve of tummy perfectly balanced against golden gleaming hips that flared out to both sides and serving as a gentle rest for pumpkin sized gleaming breasts that denied gravity with their perkiness. Even with a great amount of softness still coating her, the weighty warrior wandered if Caspiana might yet be stronger than her even at her peak, perhaps a remnant from carrying around the weight before it immobilized her. Most impressive was her golden face, freed from any form of fat whatsoever. Her angular jaw and noble cheekbones combined with the golden eagle wings to create the visage of an angel despite being spawn of a devil. Those feathery spans spread around her like a cloak and shield, keeping away prying eyes from looking at her directly aside from Katael, whom she regarded with a deep smile that looked somehow both sinister and joyful at the same time. “Y-you’re grace,” Katael could only mumble, finding the sight of this golden goddess sucked her as nothing had, the magnetism of her sheer charisma exuding like an aura, shutting off the Knight’s higher brain functions. “Katael,” Caspiana said warmly, looking over the ever fatter crimson devil-blood with her glowing yellow eyes. “they’ve all found some of the weight I lost, you most of all it seems.” Suddenly fear mixed with the ecstasy Katael felt, “About what I said, maybe with this I shouldn’t…” Caspiana laughed, it was a beautiful ethereal laugh, completely alien to the giant mass of hungry flesh she’d just been, looking like a fertility goddess come to earth to the struggling warrior. “Dear Katael, you’ve already told me what you really want. Quarter ton knight or otherwise, I will show you hospitality in ways only the 52nd daughter can.” --- ((Considering Katael is likely to get... bigger. I'll not bother posting an updated character sheet. I will point out some Fat feats she's added though!")) Added from this last burst: (50)Wide and Weak Willed, (54)Sweet Tooth, (56)Dummy Thick, (60)Low Blood Sugar, (62)Lazy Bones, (64) What have I done!, (66)Weak Wind, (68)Badonkadonk Katael is really going through it! Nearly broken by how much her love of her own fattening and others contrasts with her previous ideals and vows, she suffers a "what have I done". Yet her own previous contentment with her weight is now being balanced out by how every time it happens she feels less in control with "Wide and Weak willed", meaning she'll not be resisting any more than before. To top it all off, her own horniness is making her "Dummy Thick" as she finds more and more thoughts of her own body taking up her mental space and "Weak wind" and "Lazy bones" point out how much she is likely to not be willing to try very hard to fix it the normal way! Oh boy she's falling here and she doesn't even realize it yet.
  9. Chapter 1: A Fallen Huntress Starving, Marigold was starving. Hours away from her grove and tramping through uneven ground and still chilly early spring air, the Nymph could only think of that last Juicy apple she’d had, nearly as big as a squirrel, right before she’d let hibernation take her, tucked away in her personal oak. The lack of food in their spring thaw left her and all her sisters so thin and weak... Would she even make it to find what became of their dried up river? “AAHHH!” “That sounded human!” She exclaimed, broken from her thoughts and twisting towards the sound. Marigold was exhausted from her trek to the edge of the Yarra Forest. Normally one to quickly jaunt across the wild lands for hours on end, this drought had left her drained even for this trek to the edge of her own forest. So when she heard that scream split the air and send birds in the trees above her into flight, it was with some trepidation that she set off into a run towards the noise, already panting. It didn’t take long to find the source, bringing the Nymph to a panting stop as she crested a nearby rise, looking down to a small clearing that looked like the wreckage of a hunter’s camp. A Tent lay collapsed to one side, and a fire ring scattered, still smoking logs strewn around it. Perhaps most obvious about the scene however, was the large bear slumped on it’s side, arrow sticking out of its bleeding eye socket, very obviously dead. “Fuuuck!” came the voice again, very obviously not the bear and also quite feminine, even through the pain. Gingerly, the sweaty Nymph slid down the small hill towards the bear, a hand at the short Ironwood blade at her side. “He-hello?” she ventured, nearly tumbling over herself in exhaustion at the bottom, kicking up moulding leaves in her wake. “Is someone there? Please, help me! I’m stuck!” the voice cried again, now clearly from the otherside of the dead bear. Marigold took a moment to catch her breath before tip toeing around the big animal, ironwood blade now drawn. The site before her was in fact a human woman! At least the top half of one, the rest was pinned beneath the bulk of the bear. A glance to the side showed one of the strange human weapons she’d been told of before, like a bow with extra bits, a crossbow maybe? “What happened?” Demanded the Nymph, weapon lowered, but not relaxed. Grimacing in pain, the woman clawed at the ground as she looked over at her. “You’re a Nymph!” she exclaimed. Dirty brown hair filled with bits of leaf and twig partially obscured the pretty face of the young woman. A leather jerkin over a simple spun wool shirt marked her as likely of peasant stock, but the distinction was likely lost on the forest dwelling demi-human. “I am,” Marigold responded, feeling almost silly for pointing a weapon at her. Even with the blade, the nymph didn’t feel very intimidating. Her leather wrapped top and hide skirt hung loosely on her like a sproutling not yet reached to her full growth and felt like a child playing warrior. A bit spitefully perhaps, Marigold tried to recover some perceived pride as she sheathed the weapon and said, “Why did you kill that bear? It is too much meat for you, a waste.” The pinned human looked like she’d been slapped, “That’s what you care about right now? Share it if you fucking want! It attacked my camp, I didn’t hunt the bloody thing. I’m lucky I killed it before it killed me!” Futily, she pushed again on the furry mass on top of her, groaning in pain again. “Then it fucking collapsed on me in its death throws. I think I broke something.” Pondering for a moment, the Nymph nodded, “I accept.” “What?” replied the woman, confused. Without another word, Marigold crouched down by the fallen huntress, placing both hands on the side of the bear, very large with quite a bit of meat regardless of the winter hardships. “Probably not from around here then,” she mumbled before heaving forward, straining every one of her hunger weakened muscles against the bulk. ((Marigold rolls Athletics 65 (38) Success!)) With both women groaning and straining, Marigold managed to just start shifting the great bear’s weight to the side, rolling it little by little as the human woman screamed in agony and pulled herself eventually coming loose and dragging herself out from under the corpse which quickly dropped back in place as Marigold collapsed from exhaustion. “By the stars that was hard,” the Nymph complained, looking back to the human she’d just rescued from being crushed by flesh. For her part, the huntress was whimpering on the ground, looking at her right shin which definitely had several more turns in it then it should, “Oh shit, I knew it. It’s broken!” The Nymph approached, brushing strands of her wavy wheat blond hair out of her eyes as she kneeled by the huntress. “What is your name, human?” she asked, placing a hand on her shoulder in an attempt of comfort. “Kiaya,” she grimaces, hands still digging into the dirt around her. “My leg…” she whispered, nearly pleading. Marigold looked down at the damaged limb, bruised and battered, straight line of her shin broken into different fractured lines. “This is a bad break, but… maybe if I could call on the forest to heal you…” “Please…” begged the pained woman. She had a lightly freckled face and deep blue eyes red with tears of pain. Marigold found that while a bit plain compared to her own ethereal visage, this human had a certain earthen beauty to her, something with saving. “Then you must wait, I require energy,” the Nymph said plainly. “Does that mean you’ll leave me here!?” Marigold should her head, smiling, “Your gift to me will do, I must eat.” She pointed over at the large corpse still just a few yards from the pair. “W-wait, in my bag. Please bring me the glass bottle.” “My magic will work better than your human medicines.” “Please, it’s for pain while I wait.” Nodding, the Nymph rummaged through the wrecked camp, finding Kaiya’s leather pack, within was a glass stout bottle of strange brown-orange liquid. “This is the potion you wanted?” “Yes, Brandy Potion, Give it to me?” Kiaya grunted out, still trying her best not to move. The bony Nymph brought it, handing it to the thankful huntress before pulling her ironwood blade free again, kneeling by the thick belly of the dead bear. “Thank you for your nurishment, the forest is thankful,” she whispered, plunging the blade deep in, spraying blood as the supernaturally sharp and tough wood sawed back and forth, liberating a chunk of raw bear meat from the corpse. Kiaya drank several mouthfuls of the brandy, trying desperately to not think about her leg. Such a strange day of ups and downs she’s been having. Looking for dinner and instead almost finding death, making the biggest kill of her life and suffering her worst injury, and of course meeting one of the aloof Yarra Nymphs and, “Oh my gods,” she mumbled as she watched the Nymph open her mouth, teeth more pointed than she’d expected, and tear directly into the raw meat, spreading blood all over her mouth and chest. Apparently Nymphs didn’t care for cooking. She took another deep draft of the brandy, hoping to maybe make the memory of seeing that less permanent. With how quickly the buzz took her, gods blessedly dulling the pain some, she nearly jumped out of her skin when Marigold appeared above her again, face, chest, and arms covered in fresh drying blood and her belly stuck out several inches like she’d eaten an entire farm chicken to herself. “I’m full now,” the Nymph stated plainly, like she didn’t have the appearance of some pregnant bog which come to eat Kiaya alive. “O-okay, you have some uh… blood,” the Huntress stuttered. Marigold touched her sticky cheek, looking at the blood covering her forearms and hands and shrugged, “I will clean later, first your leg.” She kneeled down again, looking over the leg. “Did you really just eat a raw chunk of bear?” the now tipsy Kaiya asked, still squinting at the hard packed blood covered gut the Nymph suddenly sported after her feast. “You are a hunter, you eat animals as well,” the Nymph said, gingerly resting her hands on the huntress’s shattered leg. “We normally cook it first, Oh FUCK!” she suddenly exclaimed as emerald magic flickered into life around Marigold’s hands, shooting around the woman’s shin, like a verdant spiderweb wrapping in a tight cocoon. ((Marigold has overeatenx2 on raw bear, and can therefore cast a single nature spell with Nature’s Child. She will attempt to heal Kaiya’s shattered shin!)) ((Willpower 15 (08) Success somehow!)) Green flowing nature magic became solid twisting vines and moss covering over Kiaya’s busted leg, sealing it together in a healing shell. The secondary effect of killing her pain left the huntress feeling suddenly much more affected by her Alcohol than previously, and as she tried to sit up and look at what the stuffed Nymph had done, she quickly thought better of it and lay back, looking up at the tree tops. “That was some of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced,” she said, gently setting down her brandy bottle beside her. “Well, I’m actually almost surprised that it worked, I wasn’t good with the magic of the forest even before the drought,” Marigold murmured, sitting back and giving her tummy room to breath, placing a bloody hand on it. “It’s been a long time since I had such a good meal, maybe it helped.” “Wait, you weren’t sure it’d work, and you did it anyway?” “Well…” ((Con 15 checks with disadvantage to avoid gaining (20)(37) (24)(61) 2lbs gained for Mari already!)) Time for the next Choice! Remember you can vote with reactions or comments. [Like] Incomplete Recovery: Marigold was able to heal the wound, but it will need to be checked constantly for a few weeks during recovery. Kaiya and the Nymph will have to stay in a nearby town on Kaiya’s meager coin until the Huntress is considered well enough to go her own way by the Nymph. [Love] Bed Rest in the Bushes: Not the best at Magic, Marigold is going to need to try to cast her spell over several more days and maybe even weeks to fully cure the injury enough for Kiaya to walk. Fortunately they will have a stupendous source of food if Kiaya can help Mari smoke it correctly. [Thanks] Strangers in need: This close to the edge of Forest, Kiaya points out that it makes sense to check for help nearby. Perhaps a nearby elderly couple can look after the huntress until she recovers. Of course Mari would accept their offered hospitality for the same time.
  10. Hello there everyone! I, like others, have been inspired by the wonderful @Batman76's simple RPG system and wanted go off and create a story driven by said system. How It Works: Simply put, I'll write scenes/chapters and at the end of each, there will be several prompts as to what could happen next. You all vote on which one and I'll hash out the results, rinse and repeat until we have a a whole story! Two other notes: 1. I will be using Batman76's system for the most part, but will do a few alterations for just this one story, so if any of the numbers seem confusing, that might be why! 2. This is ~not~ intended to be strictly canon with Batman76's setting for the system, so just keep that in mind. Moving on, this story will follow a Nymph by the name of Marigold, sent out by her sisters in her grove for a solution to their river drying up and leaving them all weak after a long and hard winter. What will she find as she travels the lands of man, unused to such plentiful food? Only time can tell whether she can solve the mystery and make it back before the influence of civilization has its weighty way with her! Name: Marigold ‘Mary’ Race: Nymph Class: Rogue Age: 100 Height: feet, inches Starting Weight: 130 lbs Current Weight: 100 lbs Hit points: 13 ATHLETICS: 50 +5 +20 -5 -10= 65 CONSTITUTION: 40 -15 -10= 15 INTELLIGENCE: 20 +10= 30 WILLPOWER: 30 -5 -10= 15 CHARISMA: 60 +15 +10= 85 FAT-FETISH 85 - 14 (61) / NORMIE: 85 - 5 (80) FAT POINTS: 15, Underweight. 6 lbs per Fat Point, 6lbs to next point FAT FEATS: (15)Lazy Bones,(20)Bandonkadonk[Inactive] Background: Member of a grove of Nymph sisters deep in the forests hugging the Yarra Mountains, Marigold has lived all her life among wood, animal and stone. As with much of her kind, they live away from the world of civilized races, in tune with nature and sharing in its bounty. They protect their woodlands as the woodlands provide in return, a perfect symbiotic balance. Yet this balance is not always left alone. Civilization demands progress, it does not just live in communion with nature, taking more than is given. Forests are cut down, fields are cleared and plowed, Mountains are hollowed for their contents. In Yarra Forest, Civilization cut off the lifestream of the flowing wildlands. The Yarra river, once a strong powerful current a hundred feet wide that ran for hundreds and hundreds of miles went dry over winter. The Nymphs woke up from their winter hibernation to find new shoots slow growing, and animals going far from home in search of hydration. In their investigations, all they found was an empty riverbed and a trickle of melted snow. The Nymph themselves, normally quite thin at the turn of spring, found themselves feeling emaciated as nature hungered for sustenance around them and their magics weak and ineffective with little lifeforce to draw from the plants. With little other option but to go upstream and discover the source of this misfortune, the Nymphs of Yarra Forest sent their sister still strongest, Marigold, who was also their youngest, having little interaction with the lands of civilized man. It would be up to her to save her sisters from dying trying to keep their grove alive and help it thrive again. Description: Marigold at 100 years is still considered young for many a nymph, and has the curiosity and innocence of youth to prove it. While in human terms she acts and looks very much like a 20 year old woman, her personality veers towards ‘bubbly’. This appearance of innocence is less true than it seems however. Having discovered early in life that being cute and innocent gets people to give you things and do stuff for you, Marigold has kept it up more as an act than anything else. She’d often feign hunger to get an extra apple from a sister Nymph, or hide her perfectly good leather shall in order to get another given to her from a freshly downed deer. Indeed, while she very much cares for her grove and does wish to see it prosper, Marigold is much more so looking forward to seeing what the lands of man have to offer. She grew up on tales of the bounty human towns had, so unlike the little farms they sometimes visited to trade with. The young Nymph has every intention of taking whatever ‘settled peoples’ will give her. As a Nymph of a temperate grove, Marigold has fine light green skin, very much like bamboo, and hair that is wheat gold with the new spring, falling down in rolling waves to the small of her back that compliments her gleaming golden eyes. Normally quite shapely like most of her kind, she has been left emaciated by the recent harsh winter combined with the lack of water leading to a lean spring. Regardless of the bonyness of her body however, Marigold still has the classic Nymph unearth beauty, with an angular and narrow face, as well as pointed ears and prominent cheekbones. Even with her lack of sustenance her lips always seem to be on the verge of a half smile. Her hungering shape is covered by loose fitting rough leather clothes that form a wrap around her chest and a sort of skirt around her waist. Along her waist hangs a short Iron wood blade and a bag, containing her favorite rocks, seeds, etc. Bonds: Nature’s Child: While withered and largely unable to use wild magic due as much to inexperience as a current lack of wild magic, Marigold is still able to cast one nature spell a day if she has previously overeaten that day to gain energy. Apparent Innocence: Marigold is very good at getting what she wants and receives +10 to trying to convince people to give or do things for her, but the innocence is easy to take advantage of as well, and she takes a -10 on any type of roll involved in detecting someone fooling or lying to her. Pact of the Grove: As the member of her grove sent to restore the river to her Forest, Marigold was given a magical blessing by the remaining combined might of her sisters that sends half of her energy back to them to sustain them. This means she gains Half as much weight from any source, but is so hungry all the time that she can naturally eat twice as much per day as normal, including overeating and anything that would magically allow her to eat more. --- Having just been sent on her way, Marigold makes her way to the edge of The Yarra Forests. What awaits her on her first steps out of the relative safety of the woods? Vote for how the story should start based on the reaction listed next to the option! [Like] Sit and Stay a While: Bordering Yarra are many small isolated farms and villages. Marigold happens to stumble upon one of these, a familiar sight from the few times her sisters leave to trade for goods they can't make in the woods. An couple with kids away to the big town for apprenticeships is there to great her, suggesting she stay until a trade caravan can stop by to help her on her journey north. [Love] A Fallen Huntress: The Sound couldn't be clearer, the crying of someone in pain. What Marigold didn't expect was to find a young Huntress trapped under most recent kill, a brown bear that fell and broke the woman's leg! [Thanks] Ruffians in Wait: All kinds live on the edge of The Yarra, some less savory than others. What will a group of vagabond bandits do when a Nymph walks into their camp looking all too innocent to what they are?
  11. Katael awoke slowly, enjoying a dreamy warmth and exhaustion from time well spent with a rather pleasing nymph. Realizing she’d wrapped her new wings around herself for a blanket, the half-blood opened them in a stretch, yawning and craning her thick arms high as she took stock of where she was again. Contented for once, the knight drummed her chubby fingers on a wide belly, considering that she was actually quite hungry. “Jezebel, are you awake yet?” After receiving no answer, she looked around, seeing the hot spring chamber very much as the night before, their sex fueled rampage having been relatively contained. “Where are you, fatty?” she teased, taking a try or two to get to her own fat feet. That’s when Katael realized she didn’t just not see the Nymph, but the Chalice she’d left resting by the water’s edge was also gone. “No…” she whispered, nearly pleading, and began a waddling trot towards the large door, slowed as normal by her immensely fat thighs. “Jezebel!” It didn’t take long to find the plump Nymph, as indeed she was plumper still than even the night before. Back towards the far end of the large underground hall, Katael found her sitting near the largest remnant of the cake golem, a chunk of its body in hand, chocolate covering her cheeks, and easily over a hundred pounds fatter. Katael stopped and gaped at the sight, “What are you doing!?” The already quite rounded woman was positively spherical, looking like she might very well not be able to stand, belly pouring out from between her legs on to the floor, also covered in small remnants of a feast of magical cake. Smiling with chubby jowls at her recent lover, Jezebel swallowed and then winked, “Sorry lover, I got hungry for breakfast and all the food left here is quite fattening as you might recall from your own cake feast.” Katael just stared, turned on all over again, but confused about this nymph making herself near immobile in a day. “How will we get you out of here? It’s freezing and you can barely move!” “Oh I’ve got that covered,” Jezebel responded, reaching behind her bulbous backside and dragging out from behind her the grail, where it scraped on the floor. “Sorry but I’m taking first dibs!” “No, wait!” Katael screamed, already trying to jostle towards her, fat thighs getting in her own way and turning it more into a brisk shuffle than a run or jog. The fattened knight barely covered half the distance before the Nymph had lifted the large grail to her mouth with both hands, drinking deeply. Realizing it was too late, the knight stopped, placing chubby hands on fat knees, catching her breath as the Nymph shrunk before her eyes. The blobby stomach pouring out on the flagstones contracted, rising, shrinking up. Breasts that touched her thighs to either side of her belly perked up and lost volume and size rapidly. Jezebel physically lowered in height as her padded ass and natural couch cushion reduced to nothing. Within a dozen seconds at most, the grail had been drained and Jezebel was once again the lithe, sinewy sex ** Katael had met the day prior. “That’s not for you!” Katael Roared, suddenly angry at her get out of jail free card being at the very least delayed. The crimson naked warrior stumbled forward, trying to lay hands on the Nymph, but Jezebel could not be caught now that she was a third of the Knight’s weight. Setting the Grail down and doing several back flips away just because she could, silver hair fluttering around her, she simply laughed at her returned mobility. “Sorry honey, but I got my gift of life from you now. Last night was fun, but I must return to my sisters. It’s hard to do that when cake turns you into a quarter ton goddess. “B-but…” Katael stuttered, anger turning to betrayal and embarrassment, both at herself for letting her guard down so much last night and for feeling like the nymph and herself had… she didn’t know… maybe at least some bond? Jezebel turned and started skipping away, frollicking in her comparative weightlessness. “Take care of yourself, Katael. Maybe we’ll meet in another hot spring soon, hot and heavy or otherwise.” Left alone with the Grail, depowered for the day, Katael could only sit down and feel bittersweet about her victory for a while. --- Later, the Knight was strapping her sheathed sword to her horse outside the ruins, wary of drawing it again still. “I guess being this fat for another day can’t do too much harm,” she mused, giving her exposed tummy an idle wiggle. At least with all this fat she was insulated against the bitter jotun cold, clothes or otherwise. Still, the fact that her overly large fur cloak left on the horse still covered her wasn’t unwelcome. Aside from very very ill fitting undergarments, it was the one thing she had to wear until she could return to the Villa, hopefully by nightfall. After securing the Grail in her saddlebags, Katael struggled, once, twice, and a third time to mount the horse all without success. Neighing irritably at the repeated jerking on its saddle, the heavy draft horse was quickly growing tired with her failed attempts. “Oh fine, you stupid tall idiot,” Katael cursed, temporarily removing her heavy cloak and spreading her wings wide. With several mighty heaves, she could just manage to lift the dead weight of her very well fed form into the air, landing heavily in the horses saddle. “I’d barely get use out of these wings if it wasn’t for getting to use that Grail soon. It didn’t used to be that hard.” As if in response, the horse stamped, throwing a small tantrum at the load. “Oh shut it you, I had to leave all that stupid armor behind, it’s only another forty pounds or so and I know you can do four hundred. Let’s go.” With that, the still fat Lady Katael set off back down the mountainside, towards Princess Caspiana’s Villa with a conflicted heart and a painfully empty stomach. ((There we go, that's the main thing I wanted to add. I'll eagerly await your prompts for what comes next with Caspiana!))
  12. Don't worry, there will be another part I intend to finish tonight or tomorrow that will add a bit to what is going on
  13. ((For having picked the Grail of Purity, this scene is not very pure, though I think @Batman76 will finally get something he's been pushing for . There will be one or two more parts after this with some twists and turns.)) Shaking and wobbling, Katael held the Grail in her hands. It’s Golden color and Azure Sapphire gems told well of the power held within. “You’ve chosen the Grail of Purity, Knight,” The Angel entoned solemnly. “It would restore you to the peak of your physical youth. Though what comes after will be as nature intends and may only do so once a day.” Katael nodded, stepping back to the waters, prize held in her weighty arms. “This gift is most gracious, mighty one. Though I wonder why it would rest in such ruins.” The angel smiled, beginning to take flight on her powerful, sextant wings, “It wasn’t Champion. This is merely where you were. This gift of the goddess came to you, may you consider what you truly wish from this point.” “Th-thank you,” Katael murmured, realizing as she looked up from the prize that the angel was gone, along with the other two grails and the vault’s grand lighting dropped back to the dingy half-dark of the ruins and nothing around remained but the steaming thigh high pool, something so warm and refreshing it made it impossible not admit how good it felt. The exhausted knight collapsed into the warm bath, finding it flowed up and just over the top of her belly, with her immensely fleshy and soft bottom half threatening to make her float away from her perch at the water’s edge. She set the grail carefully on the ledge next to her. “I can’t believe I did it,” she gasped in relief. Jezebel was quick to join her, at first trying to waddle through the high water before giving up, flopping forward with a massive splash, and half swimming half dragging her weighty form through the water, blobby form jostling to and fro as she approached the knight. “Oh this IS nice. There’s so much of me to feel the hot water!” Katael looked on, again finding herself lost in the massive curves of the nymph. She’d seen plenty of fat women at this point, but one that wasn’t her so close, so… sensual. Jezebel stopped mere inches from her own bloated form. Gigantic dozen pound breasts that’d be saggy under normal conditions floated happily and perky in the water as the gelatinous nymph sat in the water, also nearly bobbing off with new found buoyancy. “I think you me WE did it, Katael!”, Jezebel said, rubbing her massive mammaries, “And look how I sacrificed my poor figure for you, mistress, I’m ruined!” The nymph rolled backwards in the water, floating up and her massive ball belly breaching from the water like a whale where she grabbed at it with both hands, “The food was soooo good though, I wish I had more of your mortal food.” She slapped the weighty sphere for emphasis, sending a soft splash of warm water off her jostling tum. Katael shook, fully aware that she was dripping wet in a way that had nothing to do with their impromptu bath. This Nymph, playful in the water, a glistening sexy mess. “I-I told you that we can’t…” she stuttered, unable to fully speak. Even now, she could feel that guilt waning. The angel had given her a way out, the Grail could completely fix her weight problem in moments! It made how much she’d guiltily enjoyed the weight feel a little less guilty. Even now, the water lifted her up as it did Jezebel. “Oh, and is the big strong Knight going to make little ole me stop?” The White haired woman teased, turning to show her impressive backside and shaking it, where it jostled and made waves with every wiggle. Katael rose up, feeling water cascade down her own immense curves. Wings restored, she couldn’t help but feel like an icon of hedonism. Her fat pillar-like legs each were easily wider than she’d been after her first plumpening, having taken the brunt of her gain. Unconsciously, her newly grown devil tail caressed one of her big lovely butt cheeks, softer than any bed she’d stayed in. Even her own belly, heavy and wide, was a thing of sex. It was soft, overpowering, enveloping in pleasure, a pleasure she could share. “You’re not little,” The half-fiend said reflexively, waddling towards where the butterball Nymph continued to put on a show of her own fat, flabby body. Jezebel shook with excitement, barely breathing as Katael, in all her crimson devilish glory stood over her where the doughy woman floated on her back. Even the light from the door was blocked, leaving Katael as a massive, fat, naked demonic silhouette, her violet eyes gleaming. “I… I told you a knight owed me a good fuck, after plowing through this place,” she could barely stay coherent, her eyes already starting to roll back in anticipation. “P-please, you’ve been edging me so looooooong, my overflowing mistress, FUCK me!” Katael felt her whole body tensed, somewhere between an orgasm and a panic attack. This was everything she was against, forcing herself on a Nymph who could barely lift a blade, taking joy in that she’d created this fat desperate woman. Katael felt her thighs shaking at just how sexy this size was to her. The Grail, a chance to be thin. It was too much, the knight knew where her feelings lay, where they may have always been. Tomorrow she could be a stalwart warrior of vengeance, but now… The Devil-blood leaped, wing assisted, on to the fat Nymph, plunging them both to the bottom of the three feet of water where their combined fat forms compressed and bounced back up. Katael felt herself losing control as she pawed all over the Nymph, groping, prodding, fingers finding there way between flabby thigh rolls and piercing inside. It felt good, she let go. Jezebel screamed and came again and again Katael soon joining in as they thrashed through the hot spring pool, two massive fatties fucking and stopping to catch stamina they no longer had before launching at each other, to meteors of flesh, over and over. Just as Jezebel began to think she’d had enough, the magical seed of a nature child set within her, she tried to gasp and catch her breath, holding on to the edge of the pool with her plump hands, back to her impromptu partner. “I… okay, we can stop if you want, I… I have,” She cut off, on hearing a scrapping on the stone, Katael had reached out, red belly flopping on the flagstones next to the pool, spraying water everywhere before sliding back in, Jezebel’s Ironwood blade in hand. Jezebel felt her heart leap in her chest, suddenly panicked but still sexed into a daze that left her unable to act. “W-what?” ((Katael roll’s Athletics invoking her [Awakening Blood] Ath 85 (51) Success and 9 lbs gained!)) Suddenly a corona of dark light surrounded the crimson fatty, her eyes flashing violet as she brought the Wooden blade down on the edge of the pool where it shattered in a loud CRACK. Confused for only a moment longer, Jezebel looked at what the Devil-born held. The wooden hilt, rounded on the end for handling, was left in her hand, rounded and smooth and… suggestively shaped. The momentary anger the doughy Nymph felt at the loss of her blade was gone as quickly as her waistline when Katael approached again, for some reason, just a hair wider, bringing the smooth wooden rod down towards Jezebel’s nethers. “I’m not done,” the imposing Bat-winged woman said. “P-please,” the blobby nature spirit said, begging, and not for her to stop. ---
  14. Kind of same, I think about it during work, and at night just kind of roll my face on the keyboard to produce it.
  15. Hmmmm, alright. So the test is which she chooses? I assume there are secret penalties for such boons?
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