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  1. Casey is an unsurpassed hog. So gluttonous, so greedy, so messy (!!!), so irresistibly SEXY! What a pig!
    There has never, ever before been a Curvage Clip like this one. Casey is the ultimate fuck-pig. Such a greedy hog eating out of her trough, getting so turned on as she stuffs herself, getting so messy like the obese, gluttonous sex-hog she has become. As she notes, this is only the beginning -- she needs to be hosed off, and fucked, just to start all over again ... and again and again and again.... Casey is of course our ultimate fantasy feedee ... so insatiable, so irresistible, so over-the-top. This is the clip you will watch again and again and again. Thank you, Casey! Hope this really is just the beginning of your sploshy hog training! Soooooo HOT!
    Incredible ... just unbelievably HOT! A long (long...) time ago, Casey was a pretty little piggy -- Daddy's piggy. And she loved getting ready for Daddy to come home, by feeding herself all day long. Then she was a fat housewife (super sexy!) who stuffed herself all day long at home, getting fatter every day. Now Casey has realized her goal of becoming an obese hog -- such a gorgeous glutton, addicted to food and sex! And such a lucky feeder, who gets to rub her big belly (as long as he is able to get his arms around her fatness). Thank you, Casey, for this sublimely sexy video -- complete with instructions on how to please a greedy feedee!
    Gorgeous! Bella is SUCH a glutton -- so insatiable and so so so sexy! Even though her dress fits perfectly (finally!), Bella decides to take it off to share her sumptuous fat belly and her huge jiggling tits. She loves the camera and the camera loves her -- ALL of her! The entire video is a highlight reel, from the drunken swigging through the dress reveal to the ass jiggling (Bella on all fours!) to the final shots of greedy Bella stuffing herself again. Love this video! Sooooo good to see SO MUCH of Bella!
    Amazing! Absolutely one of the very sexiest videos I have ever seen! The beautiful CurvyBaby just gets bigger and sexier before your eyes as she pumps and pumps ... and pumps herself, until her clothing (already too tight) is completely stretched over her big, full belly. She can barely move -- just moan -- as she rubs her enormous belly. Incredibly HOT! Thank you, CurvyBaby!
    AMAZING video from CurvyBaby, who is so sexy and sensual throughout -- great to see her so inflated and bloated! Intimate fat chat once she is fully inflated (incredibly HOT!), and she looks irresistible in her white skirt (fits perfectly) and top (ditto). Who wouldn't want to take CurvyBaby out to dinner when she looks like this, bursting out of her clothes? With any luck, CurvyBaby will continue gaining and inflating. Thanks for this super-sexy video!
    Total fantasy for any fan of Bella's -- unbelievably sexy!!! Imagine Bella riding you, her huge boobs bouncing in your face as she teases and flirts with you. And those stretch marks! When you aren't staring lustfully at Bella's boobs, make sure to look up at her face -- not just the flirtatious expression, but the double chin. You will watch this short video repeatedly, if not on infinite loop! Just gorgeous -- thank you, Bella!
    Unbelievable. Bella's boobs and belly are absolutely massive now, courtesy of her nonstop gluttony. Simply mesmerizing to watch Bella oil up her gut and huge boobs, and to show off for the camera. Part of what makes this video so incredibly HOT is Bella's expression -- she clearly loves her gorgeous body, and showing it off for the camera. Thanks, Bella -- would LOVE to see more content like this!
    Spectacularly sexy video!!! Cannot stop re-viewing it even now. Beautiful woman, sublime belly, and such an intimate, sexy angle. Make sure to take your eyes off her super-stuffed belly and watch her face, as she responds to her feeder's rubbing. Hot! Would LOVE to see more content like this. Thank you, Ms MnC!
  2. Soooo happy for you, Casey! And thank you so much for sharing your gain, your journey, here on Curvage. (Love that you are now 'Curvage Casey!') I can imagine how turned on you must always be -- you are more beautiful, and sexier than ever!
    Bella is fat. Seriously, marvelously FAT. When she steps on the scale in her outgrown bikini, she can barely see over her cascading cleavage and her protuberant gut. (Her belly is amazing throughout this video, and part of what makes it so HOT is all the time Bella spends fondling her huge tummy.) None of her outfits fit in any way, which is so sexy, and provides any number of shots of Bella's gorgeous (just so gorgeous!) fat ass. She stuffs and chugs and burps, and talks about how greedy she is (she has always been greedy!) and how she just can't stop herself -- which I certainly hope she doesn't do! Thanks, Bella, for another sexy, gluttonous video -- please keep binging and growing!
    Hot. Just incredibly HOT. Bella is fat -- really fat. All the full-body shots show off how much Bella has packed on. Her belly is AMAZING. Wait until you see her staggering down the hallway toward the camera, her belly sliding side to side over her wide hips as her massive boobs bounce and bounce. Then ... when she says 'Feed me.' Oooooppphhhhhh. Explosive. SO sexy. Thank you Bella!
    Incredible. Absolutely irresistible. Every one of Bella's videos is my favorite (it's true!), but this new weigh in video is essential (repeat) viewing. Bella is bigger and more beautiful -- and sexier -- than ever. As she remarks at one point, she's no longer just big; she's now a 'legitimately fat girl.' Gorgeous! Her entire body has just gotten SO voluptuous. And she takes such pleasure in it, fondling her belly, showing off her massive, mesmerizing boobs, and flaunting her huge ass. So many angles here -- including plenty of footage of Bella splayed on the sofa, so fat. Thank you, Bella!
    Sublime! Astonishing! All of Bella's videos are incredibly sexy..., but in this one she outdoes herself. (And it is only Volume 1 -- whew!) She is bigger and more beautiful than ever, chunky and full and on her way (as she notes) to M-Cup 'Big Boobs.' Bella is super sexy not only because of her gorgeous body, but because of the audio -- you need to hear her talk about how big she needs to become. She needs to keep on eating, and drinking champagne (even if she can barely open the fridge because of her massive boobs) -- and we must support her! Thank you as ever, Bella! Sooooooo sexy!
    WOW!!! Casey has made so many fabulous videos already posted on Curvage, but 'Fat Housewife' sets a new standard (even sexier than 'Daddy's Pig Is BACK'!). Totally hot, sexy, indulgent, and irresistible -- you will want to watch this multiple times. Casey has become such a big, sensuous, fat housewife, working so hard at getting fatter and fatter while she waits for Daddy to come home and take good care of his enormous piggy. She looks amazing, spilling out all over, and showing off her sublime curves -- such an amazing belly, and always the beautiful Casey. She makes it eminently clear how much she NEEDS Daddy to come home and take care of her. Gorgeous shots of her enormity, her exploding body, and incredibly hot footage of her eating ice cream with her hands. Just too much -- absolutely a must-see video. One of the sexiest videos ever on Curvage. Thank you, Casey! Hope Daddy keeps you at home to turn yourself into an even bigger, sexier, FATTER housewife!
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