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    Absolutely MESMERIZING video! Wow. I could watch Kitty's sublime ass all day long -- what a great fetish video! And such tight leggings -- hope you will consider more booty videos, Kitty -- and keep those leggings as you gain!
    Casey is back -- with a vengeance! Daddy's piggy has gotten SO MUCH fatter, she's out of breath just talking about how fat she is while she smacks her huge belly and shows off her amazing gain. SOOOOO proud of you, Casey! You are such an irresistibly sexy piggy! Your belly is sublime! Cant' wait to see more as you continue to stuff yourself silly -- such a good piggy, so proud of this enormous piggy!
    Fabulous first video from this exceptionally hungry, sexy Kitty, who shows off her bulging growing body as she has a little 'snack' on camera. Great shots of her sexy soft belly , sitting on her massive thighs, and great conversation to go along with it. Hope you will make more videos in this outfit, Kitty, as you continue to gain. Love every shot of you here -- thank you!
    Sublime. Bella's belly is out of control and really almost beyond description. The profile shots here are just too sexy, especially while listening to Bella talk about how much greedier she is becoming now that she has embraced her gluttony so entirely. My favorite bikini ever -- and can't wait to see it rip at some point. It's not simply that Bella is a beautiful fat pig, but that she LOVES being such a sensuous glutton. She really redefines what it means to be a sybarite -- in this case an out-of-control feedee who needs more and more and MORE. Thank you, Bella! (Now to watch this AGAIN!)
    Bella is sexier -- and FATTER -- than ever. It's not just her sublime belly and sumptuous tits, but her entire body. She's bulging everywhere, swollen in the sexiest ways imaginable (even her wrists!). When you get to the end of this incredibly HOT video, you will wonder how Bella ever stuffed herself into that too-tight dress out of which she pops and oozes and rolls. Her body takes over the entire frame -- irresistible viewing (including, for this admirer, some great shots of her full, round face -- totally designed for stuffing). Always love watching Bella stuff herself! Please keep up the gluttony!
    Spectacular! Bella has become Bellissima! She is so (over)stuffed here that she can barely move. By her own admission, she waddles now, grunting and belching and straining to breathe ... so sexy! Bella's enormous fat K-cup tits can barely be contained in her overstrained bra, and her belly has simply become sublime. The camera loves her huge soft belly, which beautifully threatens to take over various of the shots, swelling into all corners of the frame. Particularly sexy is the shot when Bella fondles her fat ass and her entire body begins to jiggle. Another must-see video from Bella, who just gets sexier the bigger and fatter she becomes. And you know she can't stop stuffing herself, so there will be more! Thank you, Bella!
    Another over-the-top sexy video from Bella! She is visibly bigger than ever, and the close-ups really show off how massive her belly is becoming (so round and heavy as she leans back on the bed to support herself). She's bursting out of her clothing. Can't wait to see her pop those buttons! The video begins with Bella already stuffed -- she admits that she has totally overdone it. But she can't stop. She is such a greedy, hedonistic pig that nothing matters other than stuffing herself more and more and more. So she continues -- because she simply can't stop -- and shows off her huge, voluptuous belly, her luxurious breasts, her massive thighs, and her full, round, voluptuous face (which really betrays how much she has overdone it here). Enormous belches and groans tell you how overstuffed she is. What a sexy, sexy fat pig Bella is becoming. Thank you, Bella!
    Bella's two-part drunken party spree really shows off what a greedy, hedonistic pig she is. She loves flaunting what she calls 'the body I've always dreamed of having' (which is of course the body of hers that we all dream about!), as she knocks back her first bottle of champagne and loosens her magnificently tight, too-small clothing, to show off just how big and fat she's getting. Her thighs are amazing, as is her growing belly, and those voluptuous tits that she loves to share with the camera. How exciting it would be to ply her with another bottle of champagne and learn just how slutty she needs to be. Thank you, Bella!
    INCREDIBLY sexy new video from Casey! She is bigger and sexier than ever, and the sexiness is both her gorgeously fat body AND the great pleasure she takes in telling us all about her embarrassment (and in some ways her unembarrassability) as the sexy fat piggy she has become. Every one of her embarrassing moments is incredibly hot (!!! -- would love to have been on that plane!), and Casey clearly loves reliving all these moments, as she caresses and fondles her sexy sexy body. Casey loves her life as a sexy piggy, and loves sharing the details as well -- thank you, Casey!
    GORGEOUS video! Bella is fatter and sexier than ever, a totally hedonistic fat slut who can't stop eating, drinking, and flirting. Her belly has gotten huge and her tits threaten to fall out of her ridiculously small bra every time she moves. On the floor on all fours, she shows you just how happy she is with how fat she is getting, and how much bigger she will inevitably become as she wantonly stuffs herself. Great audio too, as Bella flirts with the camera and tells us all about her out-of-control hedonism. Thank you, Bella! Can't wait for you to get drunk again soon!
    Incredibly, over-the-top sexy -- a tremendous addition to Shar's Barbie series. She's bigger and more beautiful than ever, and her clothes fit her perfectly (first exercise pants then white jeans), and her tops show off her boobs and belly in the best way. So much jiggling. Amazing to watch her try to exercise. So erotic! Don't worry, Barbie -- Ken will be back!
    UNBELIEVABLE video! Absolutely amazing! Have been waiting so long for Bella to update us on her increasing gluttony, and this video is soooooo worth the wait. Bella is bigger, fatter, sexier, and more flirtatious than ever -- such a greedy fat pig, loving the encouragement she is getting on Curvage and so ready to go further. She needs to get fatter. And fatter. She needs our help to do so -- to feed her and fatten her up. As Bella says at one point, "This is what being fat is all about." Irresistibly sexy footage of her new rolls, her noisy fat thighs, her huge belly and tits, and her lovely full face. The sexiest pig you can imagine, and so flirtatious with the camera. Please don't stop, Bella! More please!
    AMAZING (and amazingly sexy) finale to Bella's trio of overindulgence! She honestly looks bigger, more bloated and more beautiful than in parts 1 and 2, and definitely shows us more (and more) of her ever-growing body. Gorgeous angles on her big belly of course, but also her sublime ass, in which her tiny thong is disappearing and she jiggles and flirts. And no one flirts with the camera like Bella. A great, great video -- must have (and watch repeatedly). Thank you, Bella! Can't wait for more.
    WOW!!!!! This is an amazing, irresistible sequel to champagne chugging, every bit as HOT and erotic as part 1. Such sexy footage of Bella smearing herself with cake as she continues to chug champagne, showing us what a sexy sexy insatiable piggy she is. As gorgeous as she is in her tight black dress, wait until you see her out of her dress, showing off her big fat ass, her rolls, and her bloated cake belly. Such a sexy flirt. Must see! (I could watch Bella stuff herself with cake all day long....) Thank you, Bella -- for NOT going to the party, and for sharing this amazing video!
    MAGNIFICENT video! Could anything be sexier than watching Bells chug a bottle of champagne, belch, and rub her belly? NO! This is a gorgeous, totally sexy video, showing off Bella's insane curves, all barely contained in her tight black dress, as she flirts (as only she can) with the camera. Please do not go to party -- stay home and eat the cake with another bottle of champagne. Unbelievably sexy video -- thank you, Bella!
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