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    AMAZING (and amazingly sexy) finale to Bella's trio of overindulgence! She honestly looks bigger, more bloated and more beautiful than in parts 1 and 2, and definitely shows us more (and more) of her ever-growing body. Gorgeous angles on her big belly of course, but also her sublime ass, in which her tiny thong is disappearing and she jiggles and flirts. And no one flirts with the camera like Bella. A great, great video -- must have (and watch repeatedly). Thank you, Bella! Can't wait for more.
    WOW!!!!! This is an amazing, irresistible sequel to champagne chugging, every bit as HOT and erotic as part 1. Such sexy footage of Bella smearing herself with cake as she continues to chug champagne, showing us what a sexy sexy insatiable piggy she is. As gorgeous as she is in her tight black dress, wait until you see her out of her dress, showing off her big fat ass, her rolls, and her bloated cake belly. Such a sexy flirt. Must see! (I could watch Bella stuff herself with cake all day long....) Thank you, Bella -- for NOT going to the party, and for sharing this amazing video!
    MAGNIFICENT video! Could anything be sexier than watching Bells chug a bottle of champagne, belch, and rub her belly? NO! This is a gorgeous, totally sexy video, showing off Bella's insane curves, all barely contained in her tight black dress, as she flirts (as only she can) with the camera. Please do not go to party -- stay home and eat the cake with another bottle of champagne. Unbelievably sexy video -- thank you, Bella!
    While it goes without saying that every new video of Shar's is her sexiest yet..., "Barbie Got Fat" sets a new standard! Barbie has never looked sexier -- and neither has Shar. Amazing burps and close-ups of Shar's round balloon face (such a hot look), and so many perfect angles on that huge belly that is nothing other than sublime. What an ENORMOUS Barbie Shar has become -- Ken is sooooo lucky! Thanks, Shar!
    Fantastic POV throughout this incredibly sexy, indulgent video, looking straight at Bella's fat tummy and her big, beautiful fat tits. Love watching her play with her body, stuff herself, and occasionally burp. She really is insatiable -- it's hard to imagine her doing anything other than stuffing herself all day long. Would love to see more of the same as you get fatter! Thank you!
    Another irresistible (and irresistibly sexy) video from the insatiable Bella. Her clothes can barely contain her at this point, and she clearly loves her look in them. The final 30 seconds or so are incredible, as she falls on the bed, then crawls toward you, begging you to feed her more. You know I will, Bella ... absolutely. And more and more....
    Bella is an incredibly sexy, fat, greedy, insatiable piggy. She has no control whatsoever ever over her appetite and desires, and relentlessly stuffs her beautiful face throughout this video. It's amazing that her top and shorts don't simply burst open -- they can barely contain her swelling tits and growing belly, which slips out and rest on her soft fat thighs. LOVE how tightly stuffed she looks throughout. Part of what makes this video SO SEXY is the way that Bella flirts with the camera as she eats, drinks, and fumbles with her tight clothes. Thank you, Bella -- more please! (And don't buy new clothes that might fit for five minutes!)
    Even sexier than you already think -- another Must-See video from Shar. (The ultimate fantasy video.) She is fatter and sexier than ever. Not just the amazing belly and big boobs, but her thighs, her upper arms, and every aspect of her face. Simply gorgeous, and now that she is pregnant (!) she really can't stop stuffing herself. Hope there will be a sequel!
    Casey is fatter and sexier than ever -- a fat fucking pig who is totally aroused by her own pigginess. She loves playing with the fat belly that she has grown (such a turn-on) and talking about how much bigger she is going to get.(Great close-ups of her massive belly, especially as her fat thighs slap together.) But she needs your encouragement -- make sure to watch this video and encourage her to get much MUCH bigger, so she can realize her goal of becoming the biggest piggy on Curvage.
    Casey is back with a vengeance! She is fatter and more beautiful than ever, a super-sexy fat piggy who loves showing off her enormous belly. The scenes of her trying to button last summer's shorts are totally hot, but even more so are the later scenes, in which she tells you how uncomfortable she feels and how much it turns her on. Her fat tummy is unspeakably erotic as she plays with it and slaps her thighs together. Then (as if this weren't enough!) she tells you about her fantasy of going out to eat with someone who will stuff her in public while talking about how fat she is -- ooooooppphhhhh! Thanks, Casey! Can't wait to see more (and more) of you this summer!
    Shar is fatter and sexier than ever -- a greedy, beautifully tanned pig (by her own account) who can't stop stuffing herself. She has never been bigger, and loves showing off her enormous belly as she gets cake all over her face and belly. This video just gets better and better (and sexier and sexier) as it proceeds: the closeups in the final minutes are over-the-top hot (and Shar is so out of breath showing off her body), and the final frame will leave you amazed at just how big Shar is here. One of her sexiest videos ever (period).
    Another spectacular video from Shar, who looks amazing in this wet bodysuit, showing off just how big, fat, and sexy she is here. Great shots from all angles of her big belly, especially some very HOT side angles that show off just how much she has gained. Thank you, Shar!
    What an amazing, super sexy video! (Definitely one of my favorites of hers.) Casey is bigger and more beautiful than ever, and is so dedicated to becoming an even fatter piggy than she already is. Great angles on her fat, soft neck when she raises the bottle to drain it -- and drain it she does! Incredible stuffing, which leaves Casey unable to do anything other than rub her gorgeous belly for you. Thank you, Casey!
    Another MUST SEE video from Casey! So many beautiful, close-up frames of her big soft belly, now beautifully too huge for her top, which can't contain it. She's wearing special panties for Daddy and LOVES playing with her belly for you. Also the sight and sound of the many belly plops on the counter are phenomenal. This is an incredibly sexy video from an irresistibly sexy piggy -- thank you, Casey!
    This is an exceptionally hot and erotic video from Casey. She is committed to growing bigger and bigger for her Daddy, until she is the ultimate fuck pig, stuffing herself all day long as she waits for Daddy to come home and ... stuff her some more. Eventually she won't be able to leave the house -- or the bedroom -- because all that matters is getting bigger and bigger and BIGGER. Wait until you see her on all fours, modeling as a beautiful sexy piggy for her Daddy. Outstanding!
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