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  1. Y'all I forgot to post the link to my new video lolol!!!! Come watch me attack this burger!!!


  2. Sad News! My video didn't record with sound so I got creative, here's a little teaser...


    1. Chevalier


      quite a mouthful I must say 😎

    2. G100


      Yummy yummy lookin good 😍

  3. Sad News! My video didn't record with sound so I'll have to get creative with what I have. I'll have something else for you all soon! :(

  4. Im about to film a new video! Should be up by sunday night!

  5. Version 1

    The more I play with my soft, juicy belly, the more i love it! I wish you were here to lotion her up, though....


  6. Honey and my big old belly go well together!

    honey belly gif.gif

    1. Chevalier


      should be added to that preview, very lovely 😀

    2. demidev


      i know!!! i didnt get the gif until i already uploaded!

  7. I literally just uploaded my first video. Go check it out! 


    1. cai man

      cai man

       You look magnificent.😍

    2. demidev


      thank you! I'm definitely gonna get back into making videos again. I forgot how much i like it!

  8. Version 1

    Demi's big beautiful belly + Honey = a great time for you!!


  9. I just starting filming a video (first time for everything!!) and I got one word: honey. BTS pics to follow!!!


  10. Version 1

    I'm back, y'all! It's been a while but I'm back showing off my lovely curves and crevices for your viewing pleasure!


  11. I've been gone for a minute but....I just finished a shoot and I can't wait to show off!!!

    Here's some cutting room floor stuff as a teaser!

    pinup 1.jpg

    pinup 2.jpg

    1. Chevalier


      Love your lips and hair. Just happy every time I feel I've been around the block I see something so noteworthy. Just 1 more is a way of life lol. Hope you're here to stay this time 😊

  12. Version 1.0.0

    Demi got new lights and decided to take some test shots. Once she figured them out, she happily jumped in front of the camera to show off her luscious, nappable belly and soft breasts! Seems like she got over being shy about her sweet, sweet belly....lucky you!!!


  13. while going through my test shots, I found enough pics for a cute little mini photoset. I'm editing and water marking as we speak!!

  14. I know I've been gone a while but I just got some new lights in and I am shocked at these test pics. I can't wait til my video camera comes in so I can enjoy my burgers and fries for y'all!

    test shot 1.jpg

    test shot 3.jpg

    1. Chevalier


      Nice thighs and feet 😋

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