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  1. Hi all 😃 I'm 29 years old, 4 foot 11 inches tall and have gone from 48kg to 68kg in about 2 years. I'm aiming for 73kg but I need some help. This weight gain was for the man in my life but I miss being able to work out. How does Latecia Thomas do it?! She was like me, super skinny fitness chick and now she is a God damn curvy goddess but I know that she eats well and exercises. Can anyone shed any light on her secrets, how she can be so curvy but still maintain a healthy diet/exercise regime? Any tips on balancing gaining the weight but feeling healthy and fit? Thank you!!
  2. Hi All, Long time no speak... and no gain =( Still sitting at 64kg. Hit a major plateau. Any good snack suggestions??
  3. Just made my first batch! Can't wait to give it a try tomorrow morning (currently 10:30pm in my part of the world). If anyone has other great snack/meal/drink ideas that are calorie dense I'd love to hear them!
  4. AliciaKate

    Sweet Tea

    Just made my first batch!! Very excited to try in the morning! I did have to half the recipe just cause a gallon in Aussie metric terms is like 3.8 litres and I don't have a large enough vessel that will fit in my fridge! But if its any good I'll be more than happy to keep making it up! Thanks! 😃
  5. Hi all! Currently at 63kg! Going for 65kg at the moment. It has taken so long, I go through periods where I'm being lazy and not eating as much as I should be or I don't enjoy eating. And during those times my stomach doesn't stretch as much and I can't get a large portion of food in. I do want to keep gaining a little more weight but keeping hitting these periods of lack of motivation. Any ideas on how I can overcome this? The photo on the left is me currently at 63kg, the one on the right was me at 55kg 😃 Thanks!
  6. Yes I have! So I started with wearing jeans that were size 0 (US). I'm now a size 4-6 (US). And I went from being barely an A cup to now a full C cup! I have increased my goal to 65kg. I like to do small gains and see how I feel. Above all, I want to be comfortable. Ah, there have been people that couldnt understand why I was doing it even though I explained to them that its no real difference to a big person trying to lose weight to feel better about themselves. They tend to re evaluate their thoughts then. But my family has been really supportive and like to see me at this healthy weight 😃
  7. Thank you! I source my Apetamin from apetaminvitamin.com 😃
  8. Long time no speak! Its been a funny ol' few months for me and my weight gain journey has plateaued a little. I am currently at 60kg. Here are some updated photos in the meantime 😃
  9. Hi! Any update?

    1. AliciaKate


      Hey! No updates as yet. Been dealing with quite a bit recently so focus on my food hasn't been what it usually would be.

      I haven't lost weight nor gained a whole lot but I guarantee as soon as I have reached my goal (which is now 65kg!) I will post an update


  10. Hi all! Currently sitting at almost 59kg! My first two bottles of apetamin worked a treat but my second two took time getting here from the US so I didn't gain as much the week I had without it. Photos to come as soon as I hit the 60kg and again at my goal of 62kg! I find it so interesting the change in comments from people in my life. When I was 40kg people said they envied my frame and I'm so lucky to have such a fast metabolism. Now, I get some saying I look so much healthier and happier and others who can't believe I want to gain more. I truly appreciate this community who are so supportive <3
  11. My partner really guided me to gain weight because he likes curvier figures and felt I'd be healthier and happier. Plus I wanted to be a bigger girl!
  12. I started gaining weight around August of last year. The growth has slowed a lot since I put on 15kg but the apetamin seems to be helping
  13. Thanks so much for all the compliments! It definitely means a lot to see all your kind words of encouragement! I took these today for my boyfriend and he told me how gorgeous they were so thought maybe they were worth sharing =) Apetamin is going great, very drowsy and a little moody but it has definitely boosted my appetite!
  14. Not too sure at this point how much I'd like to gain. My next goal is 62kg. Being that I only have a small frame, I'll see how I feel once I get there =)
  15. The first picture was taken many years ago but I didn't fluctuate in weight all that much hovering around 40kg. I did gain 5kg once I started crossfit but this was muscle. I wish I had photos from that time to compare! The second one is from December 2017, and the final one is me today at 55kg. I am 4'11. Today is the first day of my Apetamin journey to help boost my appetite and start gaining more weight =) Took guts for me to post this even with my face blurred out =S
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