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  1. iceBerg93

    Dreamy's Neon Lingerie

    Nice, well lit clip with lots of angles of Dreamy's curves. Great contrast to her earlier clips and images. You can really see just how far Dreamy has come in the past few years. And there may or may not be a bit of thigh-thigh action in this clip. You may have to have this clip if that is your thing. I applaud Dreamy for this clip. 🙄 -Ahem- I'll go now.
  2. iceBerg93

    Crazy for Donuts

    If there is a video of Shar's you want to buy, better make it this one. A bit more risqué than usual, Shar shows off her lovely body from various angles while scarfing down donuts. If your jaw has not already met the floor, it will when you watch this. There should probably be a warning this would happen, but I'm not one to complain, this is good pain. 😲 Thank you Goddess Shar for the shattered jaw. Oh and the video too.