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  1. Actually not from my weight gain! They were all there before already definitely been stretched out a bit more now.
  2. All the love and touching and adoration 😍😍 And snacks.
  3. And when I started gaining in May I was about 145lbs and now I am 188lbs
  4. This was basically my size when I was working out and I had a 6 pack 🙊
  5. Thank You, everyone! 🤗 Probably one of my favourite things about sharing. I love the confidence boosts! 😍❤
  6. I actually knew nothing about any of it until May last year. My now fiance felt brave enough to tell me 3 months into our relationship that he was a Feeder and has been obsessed from a young age. I was taken aback at first but he anxiously showed me his Tumblr and I just kind of scrolled through and ended up making my own blog right there. He's pretty great, and I love snacking. I used to be very athletic and run myself ragged trying stay In shape and now I'm never been happier.
  7. Just some content I was sharing from my Tumblr blog 🙊 Photo cred 📸 my Feeder ❤
  8. 😍😍 Hubba Hubba 

  9. Tumblr wasn't really helping my self esteem. More of just porn and such. I mean I love the sexual aspect of Feederism too and dont mind sharing a litte, but I needed more than that to feel comfortable in my everyday life too.
  10. I've moved over from Tumblr! My Feeder talked me into trying this site out as it's more of a community and I'm very excited to share my gaining here[emoji178]
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