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  1. Always love your updates ! So does she eat quite a bit more than her friends when they hang out ??
  2. Would you be willing to describe more about her ? And what are some of her favorite things to eat or snack on as is ? Peanut butter is high in calories . I believe she can do light coconut milk which is very fattening.. And pasta pasta pasta . Lots of olive oil while cooking
  3. Great descriptions , great start. I liked it a lot ! You asked for some ideas , so here's a few basic ones I thought would be great . She tricks her sister into gaining weight also. (Maybe by wearing the corset , and claiming she lost weight by drinking "special shakes" or etc.. ). Or her sister just starts accidentally gaining on her own . She has to get weighed somewhere , either at school or dr office or something , especially since you haven't said a weight for her yet ☺️ Since she's been eating more, she notices at the next family night that she's not even very full after the same 2 pizzas she stuffed herself with last time . Idk just figured I would throw some ideas out there ! Keep up the good work Cheers mate !
  4. I liked the descriptive breakdowns . Real or not ,I was really enjoying reading it . And I like to think it's real ☺️ and I also liked the pictures for comparison of each section
  5. What did I miss !? Was there an update ?? Lol
  6. Thanks for the updates! Maybe she realized that food is just too good to diet ☺️ lol
  7. @Bigfrench hope all is going well ☺️ looking forward to an update
  8. Any update on when she had to ask her sister for the larger pants back?? Thanks again for sharing
  9. This thread is basically one of the only reasons I check the lifestyle discussion forums ! Always love it when you update ! Wish I could get a better mental picture of the sister though .. but it sounds like you’ve got yourself in one hell of a lucky situation there buddy
  10. Would you describe what they both look like maybe ?? Pretty facial features ?? Body types? I wonder if the sister is out of shape now then ?
  11. Welcome ! And You should start a thread you'll fit right in with all the rest of the beautiful women here. And I know I'm not the only one that would love too see more
  12. Awesome thank you for sharing . Would love to see more if you don't mind
  13. Right next to that bell at the top used to be my messages . Now I can't find anywhere that lets me turn them back on .. not in my account setting or anything. Maybe it's because I'm on mobile ? But if it lets me disable them from mobile you would think it would let me turn them back on from mobile
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