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  1. Have you seen the one guy from your building lately ? That you said always saw you coming back from the gym ? If I remember right, you said last time you saw him, your tummy was already starting to peek out back then ?
  2. It's definitely going to be hard to hide. I'm sure she'll look amazing ☺️
  3. I love how soft her arms look now ! She still has such a gorgeous face ! Just wish she didn't hide her tummy so much
  4. Hey ,Welcome ! Definitely looking forward to more updates ! ☺️
  5. Welcome ☺️☺️ thanks for joining !
  6. Always love your updates ! So does she eat quite a bit more than her friends when they hang out ??
  7. Would you be willing to describe more about her ? And what are some of her favorite things to eat or snack on as is ? Peanut butter is high in calories . I believe she can do light coconut milk which is very fattening.. And pasta pasta pasta . Lots of olive oil while cooking
  8. Great descriptions , great start. I liked it a lot ! You asked for some ideas , so here's a few basic ones I thought would be great . She tricks her sister into gaining weight also. (Maybe by wearing the corset , and claiming she lost weight by drinking "special shakes" or etc.. ). Or her sister just starts accidentally gaining on her own . She has to get weighed somewhere , either at school or dr office or something , especially since you haven't said a weight for her yet ☺️ Since she's been eating more, she notices at the next family night that she's not even very full after the same 2 pizzas she stuffed herself with last time . Idk just figured I would throw some ideas out there ! Keep up the good work Cheers mate !
  9. Thanks for sharing ! Is that 2 flights of stairs this most exercise she gets in a day ? ☺️ Lol And how does that Mickey mouse shirt she bought at Disneyland fit now ?? Or that old swimsuit that was riding up ?
  10. Do you have any stories of her getting out if breath easily ? In public or anything ? Or stories of clothes becoming too tight ?
  11. She must have been eating really well over Christmas !! Looking very soft !
  12. Since it seems she's on the couch quite often , does she get out of breath pretty easily then ? She looks amazing though ! And happy !
  13. I liked the descriptive breakdowns . Real or not ,I was really enjoying reading it . And I like to think it's real ☺️ and I also liked the pictures for comparison of each section
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