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  1. LightBulb

    Becoming aware of fatter women everywhere. You?

    Like 60-80% of a lot of countries are overweight, so like the average person is about 10lbs overweight. Most people just look at obesity which is 30%.
  2. LightBulb

    RIP tumblr

    Well its just groin and nipples you can still find bikini pics and tight clothes and crap on there and I wager people will link their patreons, ect. For those into that sort of thing.
  3. LightBulb

    19 yr old 600 lb ssbbw from reddit loseit

    https://tophealthsystem.com/lose-weight/im-a-600-pound-teen-whos-feeling-empowered-update/ ^ saw this Weighing 640 pounds and making 50k for it seems pretty rough. Developikg type 2 diabetes means they must have eaten cheap sugary foods. Well I guess a good % of you all like immobility but Im defiently not into 600lb people. Cant tell if its real or a person pretending to get attention.
  4. LightBulb

    Jennie Runk (예, 여전히 주위에 shes)

    It was not in korean a month ago must be a gltch lol.
  5. LightBulb

    Jennie Runk (예, 여전히 주위에 shes)

    One of them was dead since 2013 but I guess someone decided to post in it in 2018?
  6. LightBulb

    Jennie Runk (예, 여전히 주위에 shes)

    She has really good posture.
  7. LightBulb

    Thread Deleted

    All her friends are thin wonder who she eats with.
  8. LightBulb

    Local news and weather babes with more padding

    Saw these weather/news anchors trying cross-fit in a rabit hole.