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  1. What would you think of making a character like this not only fat but nerdy and bookwormish?
  2. In many wg stories about fit gym girls the main character usually becomes a couch potato but are there stories were a fit gym girl gets fat but still likes to exercise?
  3. What do you think of stories where bimbo type girls become plump shy bespectacled bookworms? https://mytransformations.weebly.com/nerdy-girlfriend.html
  4. What would you think of a story where a powerful succubus in a karmic twist of fate has her life force sucked out of her and as a result becomes much older? She also loses her metabolism and much of her power.
  5. Why is it so easy for cute and pretty young women to end up looking like hefty MILFs by the time they reach 30?
  6. How common is this? Body positivity has become very big after all.
  7. Did you ever knew a blonde popular girl who went from this to this?
  8. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/feds-pay-for-drug-fraud-9_b_6966454 If she is a cheerleader she should have never been given that medication! This is a sign of a dying society! A sign of a society that has gone off the rails!
  9. https://web.archive.org/web/20140809215029/http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/privileged-rich-girls-summer-camp If I was born into a family like that I would want to be an pro athlete, military officer, or scientist! Not some father to 8 children! These women don't know how good they have it!
  10. Did you ever knew any popular pretty party girl girls like this who have gotten fat and now wear clothes like this?
  11. Happier to drug? Even if that drug makes them fat? I thought most men wanted their women to stay perfect. Do you think most men secretly love fat women and would be happy to make their wives fat?
  12. One in four American women are on psych meds! I think that is unacceptable! We didn't have something like this in the 50s-80s! What caused women to be this way? Are greedy pharma companies pressuring doctors to push these pills? Are men to blame? Is porn making them more aggressive? These aggressive men are making women miserable? Is it economic inequality? How can we have a society full of women who are happy and live active lifestyles? I believe if we don't change our ways our greed and our laziness will destroy the planet and ourselves.
  13. How did we go from this to this Why did they do this to her? Why can't she be the well dressed popular girl she used to be in the 2000s?
  14. Before after Can a transformation like this happen irl? What would make a girl change this much?
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