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    Getting more curvy. And my belly stuffed! Cook Vegetarian dishes.. travel.. Yoga. Organic farming.

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  1. Sorry I never showed you guys how I looked at my highest weight gain, I was a little bit conflicted with my new body and that’s when I decide to start losing all that weight.

    I hope at least you get to enjoy it....


    soon that same video clip!







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    2. giakom


      WoW! You was amazing... lovely fat belly on skinny body! 

    3. Prize


      So any heads up on the video :)

    4. Cicada


      Late to the party. I'm still optimistic. 😊

  2. I couldn't resist eating a lot today!


    I noticed that my belly can expand so much after got a little bit big last year...You can see how I coming back to my body tho...

    But once in awhile I'll stuff myself till can't anymore!.

    Makes me feel so warm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    I'm eating pizza,pasta, raspberry chocolates and playing with slime 


    Much joy, food and orgasms for you all 💓💥


    PS: if u want me to send you more pics eating pasta or playing with slime or myself tell me... 

    I'm burning 🔥🔥🔥


    Can't control it.



    Happy new year by the way 🙏💓💓💓







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    2. Dh123456789


      Love to see you start gaining again😍😍🔥

    3. Rainbow Flavor

      Rainbow Flavor

      I stopped the gain weight..

      once in a while I do stuffing and if I feel like I share...

      But definitely I'm coming back to 125 lb

      I'm in 155 right now..

      In curvage I got on to 180lb

      I feel I'm like a snake because I can be very skinny and ate more than a fatter person.... 

      Then I'll just fast for 1 or 2 days

      I've fasted actually for 6 days just water.... And feels awesome!



    4. Chunky Monkey

      Chunky Monkey

      I would like to see you eat a whole causa, stuffing vegetarian would be awesome to see. All messy plump and fresh. 🍑

  3. Do you still remember me??? 

    In July I did my last video... You won't imagine how I got so BIG


    from Feb starting at 125lb and finished in July at 180lb

    Get my videos so you see my amazing progress 😮


    I was doing this for my husband, he loves cuties.. 


    In the final I realized that I was just hurting my body been unhealthy but I tried to satisfy him..

    And he kept watching other woman bigger and not even pretty so I stopped because I felt he didn't even care all what I did...

    Anyway! I'm coming back to my original weight now I'm down at 150!!! I'll try to do 125 as I was before curvage...

    HOLD YOUR PANTS YOU WILL LOVE MY LAST VIDEO!FB_IMG_1523549339801.thumb.jpg.0b6a92b8afb7b82a3bf80f58af1ba5ff.jpgIMG_20180208_195559.thumb.jpg.97798303c5eff3d48714c13e31ca5857.jpgPhoto_1523550697335.thumb.png.e0593a1e285f3d6ea717e33282e033b5.pngPhoto_1523310538128.thumb.png.9b5067f671df9e99fea864a7e700b27b.pngPhoto_1523550584949.thumb.png.01e1a0f20639a99c997dc4125fb87a29.pngIMG_20180329_155455.thumb.jpg.bea0fa30f91b57463191a8cdf9968699.jpg



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    2. mrfatfatfatlover


      You look great at any weight girl ! But we surely all prefer you with a bit more meat on the frame ! ;)

    3. Rainbow Flavor

      Rainbow Flavor

      Soon my last video... I am going to edit it good for you all,... I want it to be the best one!

    4. techzilla


      Excited to see it,

  4. I just got my husband watching big cuties again...

    I feel that I am not enough for him... 

    I did this for him and he still likes super big woman, ..

    It's fine.

    It's just that I don't feel enough for him... 

    He has me sleeping naked next to him and he watching other women...

    I just told him that I want a break from him...

    I don't know why but it really hurts me.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. JesusofSuburbia


      I'm sorry :( This puts things in perspective for me as well...

    3. PreyToGod


      this feels oddly like a free verse poem based on a hypothetical, but if not, sorry to hear that. Don't let him coerce you into gaining any more than you want to gain (And you seem to have reached that peak already). There wouldbe more than enough guys who will gladly accept you as you are. 

  5. 🌙 enjoy 🌟🌬️ 





    1. grateful


      Thank you Rainbow   :)


      For me, fat, like clothes, doesn't make the woman great.

      A great woman makes the clothes look good and curves look spectacular.



  6. Before




    I'm going to stop gaining weight, just some stuffings here and there because it turns me on , but I'll stop eating unhealthy because no one of u are going to pay my medical bills, very little people bought my videos, I didn't feel more inspired... 

    Have a beautiful day!








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    2. extra_m13


      well that was fast, thanks for sharing i guess. 

    3. obi


      medical bills? what medical bills? I'm Canadian and iv never encountered such a thing... :P 

  7. Now I'm fat, I think I reached my limit...

    Now I weight 162 lb

    I started curvage with 133

    Before that 2 years ago I was 125.


    Soon new photos with my new body.

    And before and after pictures too

    Enjoy your beautiful day




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    2. grateful


      Beautiful! Thanks for sharing...:rolleyes:

      I bet your hubby is always sneaking looks at you while your doggie is waiting for some food to fall on the ground! ;)

  8.  Hello eternal souls 💐🌈🌬️



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    2. fastandslow



    3. gingyt


      The easter bunny was good to you it seems you ate so much your belly is becoming egg shaped now :D looking fantastic don't let up soon you'll be exploding out of those jeans ;)

  9. Hello humans!

    Well this is a long process

    Thanks for supporting my fantasies

    I hope your beautiful eyes enjoy watching at me

    This is for you.


    All good in my side of the universe, planning on my grateful dead tour, and final destination probably Oregon for the 420 October season .

    Right know just working and chilling .

    How about you? 🤺

    Share some music that you like please! 







    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. taco434343


      Been stuck on Hippie Sabotage lately. Their stuff has a really chill vibe.


    3. Rainbow Flavor
    4. hateobesity


      lately ive actually been enjoying blackbear, although i used to listen to a lot of grateful dead. check out The Waifs you'd enjoy them :)

  10. I think I have a 🍩 addiction 🐯

    Good night!




  11. Watermelon....and banana pudding? What do you think, it may be fun. 

    1. Rainbow Flavor

      Rainbow Flavor

      Yeah but not together.. first one and then the other yummy! 

    2. Rainbow Flavor

      Rainbow Flavor

      Yeah but not together.. first one and then the other yummy! 

    3. Chunky Monkey
  12. ❤️ my husband and I already are getting in love of you! Beautiful curves, thanks for share and inspirate😻
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