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  1. Merry Christmas Shar x

  2. Craggers21

    Slutty Susan Part 2

    " Susan Slattery ! My office right now , and do your bloody shirt up for gods sake young lady. Right Susan you are by far the naughtiest of all the naughty girls who have ever set foot in this building. Productivity is at an all time low, cant get the reps out of the office!! turns out the mail Y.T.S boy who was going missing for hours and nobody knew where he was had locked himself in the toilets god only knows what he was doing in there. Youve turned this office into a bloody bawdy carry on film, my wife wants you out immediately and i agree .. Susan what are doing Susan get your hands of mr this instant oooh Susan oooh what was it you wanted a rise , new car oooh Susan you Naughty Naughty young lady..hahaha ( Sid James Laugh) . X
  3. Craggers21

    Dumped by my Boyfriend

    Love your acting Shar ! If i was your fella id make sure to worship your boobs on a daily basis, they would go from peaches to pumpkins in no time Lol X