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  1. Just came out to my girl about me wanting her to gain... Rip she doesnt want to gain... Instead she wants to lose it all.

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    2. FlyingmonkeyYT


      She wasnt upset she just didnt feel like gaining maybe I'll come through to her...

    3. PreyToGod


      To be fair, this is a fucking weird fetish and request for her. Don't be too forceful with it, and she might warm to the idea over some time, but don't be setting weight goals or any of that shit.

    4. Dr. Feeder

      Dr. Feeder

      Yeah, if she does happen to gain weight--as people do--she at least is spared the stress of worrying about your reaction.

  2. Started dating this girl recently and she has gained maybe like 15 pounds last month and now she wants to lose it. I want her to gain but I don't know how to tell her that etc. Plus she is always dating sweets like cinnamon buns for breakfast and stuff. Idk cant you guys help?

    1. KFD


      Yeah, find a girl that's already fat, and you won't have to obsess over 15 lbs! 🤦🏼‍♂️

    2. S77


      I recommend just easing into it very subtlety. Provide compliments and make sure she feels attractive. If she says “I shouldn’t eat that” at any point, just reply “ you have nothing to worry about, you’re perfect “

    3. Dr. Feeder

      Dr. Feeder

      Yeah, what S77 said. Wait until she mentions it, complains about having to diet, complains about having blown her diet, etc. Then you say well don't lose those 15 pounds on my account. I think you look good with them.

  3. If anyone has good videos and pictures of hot women with chubby bellies like goddess shar


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