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    Reading, socializing, eating, filming custom clips, binging series and gaming ♥
    Favourite foods & drinks: oreos, pizza, steak, sushi, white chocolate, coffee, tequila ♥

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  1. Let's get messy!!!



  2. Who loves them a Banana Girl? Maybe I'm a gorilla, I'm not sure 😅



  3. 33 Sexy SFW pics of me licking and then messing a papaya all over my sexy pin-up bikini ♥


  4. 31 Sexy pics of me gobbling down a banana in a bikini in a make-believe jungle 😛


  5. I hope everyone had a fun Christmas! I went around eating a whole bunch of mean guys, check it out!


    Elvina The Hungry Elf ♥


    1. herve50


      Sure your belly continues growing :). Nice pictures. 

  6. Twas the night before Christmas and all through the night, a naughty little Christmas Elf was hired to cause fright. The ones who alluded Krampus or grew up to be twats, Elvina would surprise and call them her tasty little "SNACKS!". She rubbed on her belly and moaned of the aches, she'd wobble and trot off to empty her belly of the mistakes. But the bigger the douche, the more she would cry, from assholes to presidents, to the big man in the sky! By the end of the night she's as big a blob, She's burping and hiccupping nonstop - WATCH OUT, SHE'S GOING TO POP!!


  7. I just got MARRIED!! And then I ate him... in my defense he WAS the richest man in the world and a girl's gotta EAT! lol

    Your Hungry New Gold-Digging Bride


  8. This is a custom video, no names are used. "POV just came back home with his blushing new virgin bride, who is just so damn happy to be married to him! She keeps talking about how she can't wait to spend all of his money and then deflects and says she means spend his money on them not her... but she keeps doing it and she can't help herself. Eventually she changes the subject... she knows it's their wedding night and her husband is going to expect some loving, but she's not phased... there's a reason she's been married so many times and stayed a virgin - this pretty little bride is into VORE! She wants nothing more than to gobble her hubby whole... (and run off with his money, but he doesn't really know that yet!) She promises him that she won't digest him and that she'll make sure he's safe in her big belly under all that dress and finally convinces him to do it... but she's a sneaky little one... she left out one tiny detail that could spell the end of her rich husband and her the sole owner of all of his riches..."


  9. Can I be your feedee girlfriend tonight...? 🥰



  10. This is a custom video, no names are used. "So you're on your bed, I want you to start the video off as a girlfriend who absolutely slags off her weight gain, you're in a bikini and talking about how much thinner you were a year ago when you wore it and now you have this belly (jiggle it), thighs, ass etc. Accuse your boyfriend (POV) that he is the reason you've become so big and gained so much weight and then make it as though he tells you he likes it and gets hard for it. You laugh and admit that you actually kind of wanna gain weight because you only find it beautiful when women are either really thin or really fat and don't just wanna be chubby or squishy anymore. Say when you lean over, you want your belly to touch the bed, you want more jiggle in your ass (showing it all off), you want it all fatter and fantasize about all the food I'm going to make your or order for you. Then get super excited and tell me once I've "finished myself off (wink wink)", we will go for takeout!"


  11. This is a custom video, no names are used. "Like in Roommate's Inflation Vengeance - Bitchy Roommate Gets Magically Inflated by POV! you are bullying the POV and then he puts a spell on you which inflates your head, and it slowly gets bigger and bigger, and then at some point you cast a spell which causes your head to deflate and go back to normal size, and just when you think you're fine your head starts inflating again and inflates until the video ends. I would like it to be 5 minutes, where majority of video is the head inflating and you commenting and freaking out about your now big head. Could you use SFX/VFX like you did in the roommate revenge video you did? If there is a way to experiment with multiple effects aka multiple ways for your head to inflate/get big that would be cool, but if only one effect is the easiest go for it. "


  12. This is a custom video, no names are used. "This will be a 2 part video spanning 20 minutes. The first 15 or so minutes you’ll be playing the school girl step-daughter wearing cotton panties, a bra, pigtails, and glasses. For the last 5 minutes you’ll be playing the step-mom in black cotton leggings with panties/thong underneath. The premise is you’re a school girl and your step-mom set you up to be in a documentary. You’ve been getting in trouble for sitting on any living thing you see, and they want to interview you to see if they can understand why you enjoy buttcrush so much. The scene opens facing a bench (or the ground, just any seat without a back that will block the shot). There’s a tiny person laying face up (head towards camera) and you see him and giggle and repeat what the camera (interviewer) says. They ask if you know why your here,, and you giggle and ask if it’s because of the mice that were class pets. They say yes and ask you to explain what you did. You keep looking at the tiny man with a innocent but cruel smile, and then look at the camera. You explain how you had an accident and it wasn’t your fault. You repeat the interviewer explaining how the teacher came into the room to find all 4 of the classes pet mice splatted flat, and they ask you what happened. You giggle and turn your butt toward the camera, and say you wanted to try an experiment. You sit down on the tiny man’s face. You explain how your butt keeps getting bigger, and how its super itchy and stinky. You tell them you wanted to see what’s worse, the smell of you’re stinky booty or the weight from how big it got. You act innocent and scared, and explain how you tested this on multiple bugs and explain what happened (role play). They ask if you feel bad for the bugs and you respond (say whatever you want). They move past the bugs and ask about the class pets and you giggle. You explain how the bugs splatted so fast you couldn’t tell if they even smelled your booty and you needed something bigger for your experiment. You explain in detail how you picked up the clas pets one by one and sat on them. Role play about the way you sat down, how they reacted, and make up jokes about farting or hearing them react to your butt. The interviewer asks how it made you feel and you tell the camera why you like buttcrush in graphic detail. They ask if you realized you’d been sitting on a tiny person and you giggle and say no, but I do like hearing him cry out. They dismiss you and call your step-mom in (u in leggings) while the tiny person remains in agony. Your step-mom enters and sits right on the tiny. They tell her what she sat on and she says I don’t care, why did you bring my step-daughter here. They explain how she’s been sitting on tiny creatures and the step-mom laughs and says that’s it? She explains how the woman in her step-family have fat stinky asses and they like to put them to use. She looks at the camera and says, watch this, as she smushes her butt and farts. The tiny man splats and she says oops, my butt stinks."


  13. Part of Delilah Dee's 31 day Bellyween Special Series: (This was filmed before Velma came out of the closet, don't come for me lol) Velma was at home, just minding her own business, daydreaming about Shaggy, the boy she's in love with... when she gets a text from Daphne - her best friend - saying that she heard that Shaggy is in love with her as well! She's beside herself with excitement and rushes over to Shaggy's place. She tells him how she knows he also in love with her... BUT things quickly go south when he flat out denies it. Feeling morbidly humiliated, Velma doesn't take this lightly AT ALL! She tells him that because he humiliated her, she's going to eat him alive and does just that!! Once she's eaten him, she realizes that she has more work to do. Who the hell does Daphne think she is lying to her like that? So what does she do? She goes over to Daphne's to confront her and when she gets there, Daphne tells her it was Fred who told her the lie. Frustrated and hungry, Velma eats her anyway and hunts down Fred who says he heard it all by Scooby Doo! Annoyed, she gobbles him up and confronts Scooby about everything, he tells her that Shaggy did indeed mention that he was in love with her and she says it doesn't matter anymore because he and the rest of the gang are turning to mush in her big expanding belly and before Scoob knows what's going on, he too learns the fate of the other members of the gang. Satisfied with her accomplishment, Velma decides it's time to move on and get a new Mystery Gang to do ghost hunts with, because who the hell needs those liars anyway?!


  14. Part of Delilah Dee's 31 day Bellyween Special Series: Shaggy (POV) tries to hit on Velma, but she finds it soooo funny! Doesn't he know that Velma only likes big men? Shaggy's skinny little ass just ain't gonna cut it. Now, Velma knows all too well that Shaggy is almost impossible to make gain weight (I mean he eats EVERYTHING), but she's sure that if she encourages him to eat and jerk it at the same time, he's sure to get massive! He just needs... the RIGHT encouragement from the sexiest nerd he knows!


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