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  1. Where are my vore / body inflation lovers at?

    I made my own little Thanksgiving Video (even though I'm not american lol) - I hope you guys like it and happy thanksgiving ♥


  2. It's Thanksgiving and Delilah is preparing a feast for her family. It's almost time for them to arrive when she realizes that she'd forgotten the most important element of the holiday - the one thing you HAVE to have when celebrating thanksgiving - the goddamn turkey! She immediately calls the store, but they're out of turkeys, I mean of course they are - it's Thanksgiving! She starts to panic but quickly comes up with a plan... she'll order some rolls from the store and use magic on the guy delivering them and turn HIM into a turkey! The problem? Delilah isn't supposed to use her magic. She hasn't in years. She's rusty and according to magic "law" (whatever that might be), rusty magic has serious consequences. "You know what's a bigger consequence?" She says, "My aunt when she bitches about my Thanksgiving lunch going terribly, so I feel like I can live with the consequences!" The delivery guy arrives and Delilah tries to persuade him to come in, but he won't budge. Fed up, Delilah transforms him (POV) right on her doorstep, into a gobbling, stupid little turkey. She ties him up and seasons him with different salts & spices, and talks all about just how tasty he's going to be before popping him in the oven. When he's finally cooked after a few hours, he's semi conscious, but all he can see is Delilah's big mouth munching at him. Teeth, tongue and a uvula, repeat. After the family leaves, Delilah starts complaining about a belly ache. She decides to lie down but notice something wrong with her belly, it's getting bigger and it's moving in really weird ways. Freaking the hell out, she calls her mom to confess what she did and ask for help but her mom can't save her. Nobody can, because these are the consequences of using rusty magic...


  3. Who loves curvy kitties? I uploaded a really sexy photoset for you peeps to enjoy ;)



  4. Hey babes, did you miss me?? I missed you!! Hope you all have a great weekend!

    My new video should be up soooooon ♥

    Thank you for all the support - i appreciate you!

    2022 Delilah Dee Intro.00_04_47_20.Still002.jpg

    2022 Delilah Dee Intro.00_04_52_08.Still003.jpg

    2022 Delilah Dee Intro.00_05_20_07.Still007.jpg


    Belly Busting joi.jpg

    1. Sweettooth83


      Heeeeeeeey Delilah babes!😍 So great to hear from you again.Such a sexy lovable belly you have there 🥰

    2. Delilah Dee

      Delilah Dee

      Aww thanks sweettooth!! ♥

  5. Belly Busting (With Instructions for Satisfaction) This is a custom video, no names are used. "I would love a custom video where you sit on the floor with your full belly showing in a crop top and shorts. I want you to play with your belly, rub it, finger your belly button, squeeze your belly and talk about how you have a love-hate relationship with it. You punch your belly and drop it, jiggling it and telling me how you wish you could punch it flat, but also love playing with it because it's like feels like dough in your hands. You talk about how I should jerk it for you. How you want me to mess for your sexy fat belly with your belly in full view, then count me down to cum from 5 and open your mouth wide at the end."


  6. Another Kitty Photoset! Gray eyes rarely works well on me but what do you think?! Get this 29 picture photoset with me as a scary but seggsy kitty cat!


  7. It's finally Halloween and you've (POV) organized to meet your latest Tinder hookup at a party. The evening goes well and you end up leaving together and heading to her place. You're so sure you're going to get lucky with this party slut! But this girl seems to have more layers than you originally gave her credit for... She's not going to sex you up tonight or any night, unfortunately. She's going to, in fact, be making a meal out of you. A delicious, scrumptious, carnivorous MEAL out of you! She's been living on earth for far too long to find any kind of pleasure from sexual favours, she gets her kicks from eating human meat! Are you ready to slide down her gut? Are you ready to live in her belly, be extracted and then gobbled up again...? Of course you aren't, and that's why you will taste the sweetest - because resistant prey ALWAYS tastes BEST!


  8. New Halloween Video Coming Soooooon me luvs! Who loves Vore as much as I do? 😋


    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_00_26_17.Still007.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_02_18_13.Still008.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_06_34_09.Still010.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_07_24_00.Still011.jpg


  9. This is a custom video, no names are used. It's been 35 years since that fateful day. The candy witch will never forget when Hansel and Gretel pushed her into the over and left her with fourth degree burns all over her body. Since she's immortal she didn't perish, but once she finally got out of the oven, she spent years afterwards healing and restoring her skin, bones, hair and limbs. It was a gruelingly painful process, but she was fueled by one thing only: Vengeance. Now she's got Hansel back in her clutches, suffering from a life of turmoil, cursed by the very witch he made suffer all those years. His step-sister Gretel had been so bad with hallucinations that she was checked into a mental-health facility. Hansel needs the witch to reverse the curse... but is he prepared to finally give her what she wants? He might have made a very, very big mistake by coming back to the witch because she only wants one thing from Hansel... to go into her gut where he ALWAYS belonged!


  10. I did a Rogue cosplay!! Uploading a pov body inflation video now in it!! I luuuurved dressing up as her! ♥









  11. This is a custom video, no names are used. Rogue is SICK of being a good girl. She has a dark side that she'd like to embrace and she's going to do just that... She's captured you (POV) and she's decided she's going to let her kinky side out, and unfortunately for you, she's picked you to be the bearer of the torment she's going to unleash! You thought when this sexy superhero took you back to her place that you were going to get lucky - but not today. Today our little Rogue is feeling a bit... sadistic. She touches you and scrambles your mind, making you think you LOVE being inflated and that she can control the inflation process right from her bed... oh this isn't going to end well! As you get bigger and bigger, she gets more and more excited - screaming how she loves seeing your body, your cock, your face, your legs and everything grow larger with each second. There's nowhere to run, she'll just hunt you down and do it again if you did, but then again, you don't care because you're mind fucked into believing you actually want to EXPLODE!!!


  12. If you love vore and the thought of being eaten, you're going to LUUUURVE my next video -eeeeep- I'm so excited for you to see this, it was so much fun!!! Available in the Curvage store laaaater ♥

    The Gamer Girl's Prey.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_00_40_20.Still008.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_01_12_02.Still009 - Copy.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_01_41_08.Still006 - Copy - Copy.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_04_44_21.Still001 - Copy.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_05_32_01.Still002.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_05_44_03.Still005.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_06_39_01.Still004.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_07_21_02.Still003.jpg

    1. Submissivefeeder


      Sold 😍

      share kiss GIF

    2. Delilah Dee

      Delilah Dee

      Nawwww thank you! 😂😘

  13. This is a custom video, the name Paden is used throughout. (Does not include toilet talk) You (POV) met Delilah in a vore chatroom and you've been hanging out for the night. Eventually you finish the games and Delilah invites you to her bedroom, but not to get the nook nook... oh no, you met in a vore chatroom, "What did you think was going to happen?" Delilah asks in that honey coated voice of hers, clearly dying of hunger as she checks you out, "See this gut? You're going to be swimming in it soon!" She taunts, teases and lightly humiliates you as she shows off her belly and mouth, telling you how she wants you to go down and stay in her belly forever. She tells you how snug it'll be in there, she can't wait to have you all to herself! But she also knows that once you're in there she'll forget all about you. "Do you remember every meal you've ever had?", she rubs and slaps her belly, "Then how do you expect me to remember you?" she giggles. She's enjoying every minute of torment and you're just trying to find a way to escape, because you never thought she was being serious when you were chatting... Finally before you know it, she gobbles you right up! She then pats and slaps and talks to her belly, shushing you and telling you it'll be alright. That you should stop fighting it and enjoy your new home...


  14. YAYYYYY My new roleplay video is up!!

    Who's excited? I sure am!!!! 😋



    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_00_24_12.Still008 - Copy (2).jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_01_44_08.Still009 - Copy - Copy.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_02_57_09.Still010.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_04_39_10.Still004.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_08_20_07.Still007.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_10_49_07.Still016.jpg

    2021 Official Intro 4k.00_11_07_07.Still017.jpg


    The Gluttonous Neighbour.jpg

    1. Andrew111


      How did i miss you? What a sexy hottie. 


    2. Delilah Dee

      Delilah Dee

      Nawww that's so sweet! Thank yoooou 😋

  15. This is a custom video, no names are used. "Inspired by the Three Little Pigs tale, you play a woman in need of a cup of sugar for a cake she’s making. You decide to ask your neighbor, whose door is made of straw. When you knock, it just opens up! Inside you don’t find any neighbors, just a small meal. You figure if no one’s around, someone should enjoy it while it’s hot, so you gobble it up. Now a little full, you knock on your next neighbor’s door, this one is made of wood. When you knock, it just opens up! Again, inside you don’t find any neighbors, but you find a larger feast. Even though you’re full, you hate to see food go to waste so you eat it all up. Now you’re beyond stuffed. You waddle down to your next neighbor, this one’s door is made of brick. You knock and knock but it doesn’t open. However, when you lean on it, your extra weight pops the door open. Inside you find a feast. You try to resist, but it smells so good and your gluttony wins. When you’ve eaten every last bite you waddle home, but once you're there something’s in your top, it’s the jar of sugar you were looking for in the first place!"


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