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    Reading, socializing, eating, watching science shows and GAME OF THRONES!!
    Favourite foods & drinks: oreos, pizza, steak, sushi, white chocolate, coffee, tequila ♥

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  1. 😅😍 Felt cute, might delete later! 😋




  2. Get 35 sexy HD images of me as a sexy Hucow, covered in milk!


  3. Hey guys it's almost Friday!!! Have you seen my latest video yet?? Tell me if you like it!! ♥


    Sequence 01.00_00_12_01.Still003.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_00_21_01.Still002.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_00_42_03.Still001.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_00_45_03.Still004.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_01_13_17.Still007.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_01_25_17.Still008.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_01_40_18.Still010.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_02_31_12.Still012.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_03_08_00.Still013.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_03_54_05.Still015.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_04_40_02.Still018.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_06_07_17.Still020.jpg


    1. Funferall


      Damn, you're hot

    2. Rebeljoe


      Your fucking hot as Hell. I want to worship that Ass.

  4. Think my body is sexy? Wanna climb on top of me and worship every single curve of my plump perfection? From my sexy round belly, to my soft hips, my big, voluptuous ass and my sexy big boobs... you can't get enough of it... can you? Then be good boy while I show off all of my sexy curves in these fishnets and whisper softly into your ear. There's no way you'll last...;)


  5. Hey guys!! Have you checked out my hot new photoset? I'm SO in love with my big round belly ♥♥


  6. 18 HD Quality Belly Fetish Photoset taken from the the video Post Vore Big Belly Digest ♥


  7. Who wants to see me chug down some champagne? The bubbles really bloated me!!
















  8. This is a custom video, no names are used. "You r gonna have a date at your place! But u r not happy . Your date is late! He is supposed 2b at yours by 8pm. U keep looking at watch walking up & down looking out the window, Right time is up! he has missed out on a good date! U chug down the champers on the table - 2 bottles! Your clothes r getting tight! U feel your belly growing bigger and bigger, burping and gulping it all down, making your belly grow bigger until you can't anymore, then show off your belly at the end"


  9. Soooo who wants to play with my pretty belly? 😍


    Sequence 01.00_02_57_15.Still001.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_03_58_15.Still004.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_04_06_16.Still005 - Copy.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_05_53_12.Still012 - Copy.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_07_29_12.Still013.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_07_59_18.Still015.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_08_14_15.Still016.jpg


    1. dirk69


      You look like you feel good in your pretty body.

    2. Delilah Dee

      Delilah Dee

      I do indeed 🥰

  10. This is a custom video, no names are used. "I'd like another Quiver Factor video, shot from the POV of the person making you quiver....only have the person focus on you belly and belly button...and areas around it...staying away from you sides...and having you laying down with a pillow under your back...still love the first one you did for me"


  11. My new video is up for all my belly button lovers 🥰💋

    Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend, be good - if not, then take pictures 😅












    Collage 2019-09-20 06_25_35.jpg

  12. This is a custom video, no names are used. "Hello, I am looking for navel video, lots of pinching, fingering poking, jerk off instructions and POV. Thank you" Included in this clip: belly button, navel play, navel fetish, belly button play, belly button slapping, belly button poking, wet belly button sounds, belly sounds, belly button noises, fat belly, deep belly button, deep navel, BBW navel, BBW belly button, navel joi.


  13. Who's ready to start their feederism journey? My Feeding Encouragement for Beginners is in the Curvage store now 💋



    Collage 2019-09-13 18_26_06.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_01_31_18.Still002.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_02_23_05.Still003.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_03_15_05.Still004.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_04_25_16.Still005.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_05_32_06.Still006.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_05_47_17.Still007.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_07_02_21.Still008.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_07_45_22.Still009.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_08_10_20.Still010.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_09_37_19.Still011.jpg

    Sequence 01.00_09_53_01.Still012.jpg

  14. So you're finally ready to become a real man? Ready to eat yourself into obesity? In this clip I invite you to gain as you stuff your face, enticing you with my sexy plump body and sexy voice to keep eating more and more while you use your other hand to jerk for me. I first take it slow, easing you into the process, guiding you along the way as you go faster and faster, both with stuffing and jerking until you're so full that you feel like you're going to burst - but that's not where it ends!


  15. Hang tight everyone, the weekend is upon us!! ♥

    What are your plans for the weekend?


    1. padroid77


      Hoping for an update from you😘

    2. Delilah Dee

      Delilah Dee

      If all goes well you will get one 🥰

    3. padroid77


      Waiting is the hardest part... 

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