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  1. So, here goes. First time poster and thought I'd finally tell you about my girlfriend. We've known each other around 7 years and been going out for around 5 years. When I first knew her she was around 8 and a half stone (119 lbs). She was extremely shy and very quiet but I always had a soft spot for her but never really had the courage to properly speak to her, only the occasional "hi, how are you". Fast forward a couple of years and we were quite close friends and both seemed to like each other and I eventually plucked up the courage to ask her out - to my amazement she agreed. At this time in her life she was a little heavier than when I first knew her - she was around 10 and a half stone (147 lbs) and had developed a pot belly and muffin top with a small hint of a double chin which was extremely cute. I loved this extra weight on her but felt embarrassed to make my feelings known and she never mentioned her weight either - it was never brought up in conversation at all. We used to go out eating a lot and although she seemed to love her food, she would never over indulge when with me. Her weight remained steady for the first 6 months or so since we started going out. However, things took a massive change around this time. As with most of the stories I read on here, I always used to frequent sites like this, **, fantasy feeder etc. But I didn't realise that at the same time, so did my girlfriend. It was just by chance that around the same time, we happened upon each others internet search histories and found out we both had a fat fetish. I loved girls weight gain and she loved girls getting fatter too - we were both shocked to discover we both loved the same thing but were far too embarrassed to previously bring this up in conversation. We talked about our true feelings one night for hours on end - how I secretly loved watching girls who started out really skinny and then balloon, and how she wished she had the courage to just let go and get as big as she wished. I asked her why she just hadn't and she said she was too scared about what friends and especially family would say. After a lengthy conversation she said she felt so happy to have finally told someone her fetish and that as she felt so happy with me and that she now knew my true feelings that she actually wanted to "be free and let go and live the life I want to live" and to put some weight on. I was over the moon, but at the same time, still felt weird about as I too had never let on my true feelings to anyone but her - and was worried about what my friends and family would say seen as they had only ever known this fairly skinny girl I had been seeing for 6 months. But no matter how scared we both were, the idea that we were both finally getting to live our dream overtook the fear. For the following 6 months or so, she would just over indulge and eat plenty of fattening treats, have seconds and thirds when we ate out, eat tons of sweets and cakes at home and the weight started to pile on. She went from around 10.5 stone to just over 13 stone in the first 6 months. I couldn't keep my hands off her and she loved her new body too. To our surprise, during the first 6 months, although both our families and friends obviously noticed her weight gain, there was nothing but positive comments - her family especially seemed to think the extra weight suited her - she had filled out everywhere - she was certainly not what I would call fat, just curvy and it seemed to suit her. Only me and her knew she was gaining intentionally, others just thought she was comfortable in her relationship and was just enjoying herself. Little did they know what was to come. The following year, we agreed to move in together and this is when she finally let loose. We discussed if she had any weight gain goals and how big she wanted to get, at the time she said she was just having fun and definitely wanted to keep going until she felt she was big enough (whatever that may be). Now she no longer lived with her parents, her eating habits went mental. She would have take out at least 3 or 4 times a week, always have fattening foods, pizza, chinese, indian, tons of cakes and sweets. She works from home and when I'd get back from work the bins would be full of sweet wrappers and empty boxes of cakes. She would tell me in detail what she'd eaten that day and that she was still hungry and wanted more. Her belly was really beginning to balloon, she was getting stretch marks, cellulite on her legs, and her double chin was extremely noticeable now. The bigger she became, the more into it she became and the bigger she wanted to get. 1 year after living together, her weight had rocketed up to 17 stone (238 lbs). We couldn't keep our hands off each other. And now the comments from family / friends were not as kind. Her family were definitely concerned and used to take me to one side asking if I thought she should start dieting and would I consider signing us both up for the gym. I didn't know what to say - I didn't dare tell them we both loved her getting bigger and that she had no intention of dieting and that she wanted to get bigger and bigger. We both used to just listen to everyones concerns and just say that I loved her no matter what size she was, and that she was just probably comfortable in the relationship and that she may start watching what she eats. We would then go home and she would just gorge on fast food. It was around this time that she told me she had never felt so good, felt so liberated, and that she didn't care what anyone else thought and that as long as it was OK with me, she wanted to keep going and that she had no weight goal, and that she wanted to get as fat as possible. As we were both kind of used to getting comments off others, we just thought, what the hell, lets do it - people already know she's gained a ton of weight since being with me, so why not just continue. I was in dreamland - this was the kind of fantasy I always used to read about, and now this was happening right in front of my eyes. I used to bring her lots of fattening snacks, and then she wanted to start kicking it up a notch and wanted me to feed her. I would buy boxes of doughnuts and in bed would start feeding her them one by one with her begging for more - she would insist on finishing the box of 12 and that no matter how much she would say she would be getting full, that I had to keep feeding her them. She used to get wet with just the thought of what this was doing to her body. The weight continued to pile on - 2 years after moving in together she was past 20 stone (280lbs) and had no intention of stopping. In fact, it just encouraged her to gain more and more. She then said her fantasy was to be funnel fed weight gain shake. I couldn't believe this was happening to me - this was my ultimate fantasy. We bought a funnel, mass gain shake and used to partake in regular funnel feeding sessions each week. She was addicted to this. The weight piled on - 20 stone quickly became 25 stone and we were so aroused - we couldn't keep our hands off each other. Family and friends obviously continually voiced their concerns, but she eventually told them to stop going on abut it and that she had no intention of dieting and liked being that size - mine and her family were disgusted at this and made this known and how could she be happy living like this, and how could I let her do this to herself etc etc. Although we used to sit there and take what they would say to us, we used to then go back to our house, and both say how much their comments turned us on and ended up having the best sex ever, realising how much she had transformed and that everyone else was disgusted with what she had done. We both realised she had gotten way bigger than we ever thought she would do and loved that she was going to continue down this path. We both realised that our families interventions were going to have no bearing on how she was going to live her life. She doesn't go out much anyway, and is more than happy to just chill at home watching Netflix and gorging away. Her confidence increased the bigger she became - she used to tease me saying she would never stop and that she was going to eat herself to immobility. I used to cum there and then listening to this fat talk - I never could tell if she was being genuinely serious or just teasing me - either way, she did say she had no intention of slowing down. Days and nights would just be spent gorging on fatty foods, being hand fed cakes and doughnuts etc, and being funnel fed weight gain shakes. She continued to blow up. Fast forward to today, and my girlfriend is now 33 stone 10 lbs (472 lbs). She has said she wants to be 500 lbs by next March, and hopefully 600 lbs by the end of next year. Our families are now resigned to the fact that this is our life and she is never going to be skinny again - they are appalled by what she has done but they still love her and can tell that she is happy - they just can't understand how anyone could do this to themselves, and they do worry about her health. To be fair, I do also worry, but equally she seems to have no health problems at all, she is still pretty mobile - but as mentioned earlier - she has also continued to mention that she wouldn't mind gaining to immobility. I now think she is being serious with this - I guess we'll just see what the future brings but if she does eventually become immobile then I will obviously care for her - we both agreed to this lifestyle together, and we have never been so happy. Her confidence has shot through the roof now she is this big. Just the other day we went out shopping and she insisted on wearing a crop top showing her more than bulging midriff. I was in equal measures turned on beyond anything, but also a little scared wandering through a busy town centre knowing people would be staring. She, however, loved every minute of it. We went to a Greggs (in the UK this is a bakers shop selling pasties, sausage rolls, doughnuts etc). She went in and bought 3 sausage rolls, and 2 corned beef pasties for herself. As she turned to walk out the shop a customer turned to her and said "do you really think you should continually be eating stuff like that with the size you are" - my girlfriend just smiled, turned back around and ordered 6 doughnuts for herself, then walked out the shop whilst shoving one of the doughnuts in her mouth right in front of the shocked customer. I couldn't believe it, my cock nearly tore through my jeans - I was sooo turned on. We couldn't wait to get home and have "fat sex". I really do think she is serious about immobility now, and really think there is no stopping her now. This is our life - sorry no photos - just though I'd let you all know.
  2. You'll have to let us know if there are any looks or comments from family members that haven't seen you both for a while and how it makes you both feel
  3. This is seriously one of the hottest weight gain progression stories on this site and I would love to hear many more updates / stories you have. Sounds like your girlfriend is massively into this lifestyle. Do you know if she is intentionally gaining or is she just enjoying the lifestyle and everything that comes with her larger size? Also, just out of curiosity - does she know about this site and that stories have been posted and if so, does she enjoy reading the replies etc?
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