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  1. I like this one a lot! Got to 12250 points and was about to eat the cake when Becky's parents discovered me!
  2. I've been with my girlfriend for nearly 6 months, I told her about my fetish for bigger girls and bellies early on and thankfully she has been very accepting of it. Last night I was rubbing her belly and managed to make her orgasm from that alone, a few times in a row. I feel like I've heard about this before on this site but having had a search I can't find anything about it. I'm curious to know - is this common? Has anyone else had this experience before? I always thought she was just indulging my fantasies about fat bellies but this makes me wonder if she has a latent/undiscovered fetish herself.
  3. I noticed this too today, and am disappointed for the same reasons. I'd certainly be grateful if someone found a way to recreate it.
  4. Forgive me but is it proven that those murders were specifically because the victim was trans? Is the murder rate for trans people higher than for the general population? Otherwise it's a meaningless statistic.
  5. I thought she was called Kate Smith, but either way it does appear her channel is gone.
  6. todd1841

    Who is she?

    She went by 'invasionofcoffeemonster'. You can find quite a lot of her pics with a Google search of that name. Her tumblr is still active but I think she deleted most of the photos. You might be able to find a few by going back to 2012 or 2013. http://invasionofcoffeemonster.tumblr.com/archive
  7. todd1841


    Awesome, thanks a lot!
  8. todd1841


    Bit of a long shot as this YT channel was only up for a couple of days (but hey if you don't ask, you don't get). Channel was active yesterday with two videos but is now closed, did anyone catch the vids? Wouldn't normally bother but this girl's massive pot belly was the best I've seen for a long time.
  9. todd1841

    ID's Please!

    The first girl's current blog is here: http://maddisshittyblog.tumblr.com/archive, and she used to go by 'madradddicall'. Unfortunately she's deleted most of the pictures but if you google-search the names you can find quite a few them.
  10. todd1841

    Who is This?

    She's had a few threads on here before, under her old name Tayla. Like this one: http://www.Curvage.org/forum/index.php?topic=7030.0
  11. I saved quite a lot of her stuff on my tumblr (back to last summer). Was wondering when she'd be mentioned on here, she has been relatively undiscovered outside tumblr. todd1841.tumblr.com/archive Her gain really was incredible, according to her it was from 180 to 260ish from last March til about January. Stopped posting new pics/vids after that though. Hopefully she'll return one day!
  12. Bob, you're on fire right now. This is the pinnacle of weight gain fiction.
  13. What's the source of these newest pics?
  14. todd1841


    That's not her. The link you posted seems comprehensive, OP.
  15. Absolutely superb, the best story I've read in ages.
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