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  1. God, why can't Kimber have this body back?! I love her spare tire and her belly rolls.
  2. Shame Deonna has her gut covered up.
  3. (Hey guys and gals, I haven't been having the best days recently, I feel like I keep breaking things and all that and I'm just frustrated with myself, so I'm going to just do some writing and clear my head a bit. So here's another chapter added to Victoria's story and I got the idea from this image of her where she looks pretty damn big and adorable, also I'm lowering her weight a bit because she's still got to be a decent wrestler, so she's 5ft3 and 200lbs, so still pretty big and rotund. XD This won't be a long fic or anything, just something for me to write; even if you might have heard it all before and, for that, I'm sorry if I cover ground I've already gone over. I didn't really have any plans for what happened to happened, but I guess it's me just putting how I'm feeling onto Vic.) There was almost nothing that Victoria loved more than wrestling; maybe it was because she enjoyed the thrill and the pop of the fans? Maybe it was because she found it as a way to help be somebody that was infinitely more interesting than who she was behind the scenes? She even speculated that, because of her autism, this was one of those things that she had a passionate interest in to the point where she made it her profession? But, now that she had embraced her own weight gain and actually found her fat to be sexually arousing for her; the now 200lbs, 5ft3 Geordie butterball found that she loved the feeling of her fat wobbling, especially her belly as she had taken a selfie of herself backstage after a match; she was actually glad that her weight gain had stopped her from doing all those insanely and overly long indies matches; Vic had never understood the need to have an hour long finisher kick-out and superkick fest in front of barely 100 people in the middle of nowhere. Sticking her tongue out, slightly, Victoria started to undress her ring gear, as usual, she felt that pleasure wash over her as she felt her own meaty arms jiggling, while Vic had prided herself on being in good shape despite her rotund and bulbous body, she could even do a pretty damn good bridge despite her spare tire of a stomach, she didn't want to lose her fat; the idea of her being slender again was one that actually filled her with disgust. She was just lucky that people had actually appreciated her size, probably because it hadn't effected her ring work all that much, apart from her being a bit slower, but even people who she thought would be disapproving of it, like her parents, had eventually come around to it. Vic had found herself to be enjoying the feeling of removing her insanely tight and snug bodysuit from her sweaty body. The 24 year old Geordie didn't take it off, she slowly peeled it off, the feeling of the bodysuit getting peeled off from her sticky, sweaty body was pleasurable. Vic moaned and shuddered a bit as she started to slowly take her ring gear off, going intentionally slowly so that she could feel all the pleasure hit her, her breathing quickened as she started to feel her gut jiggle and ripple due to her increasingly quick and husky breathes. Placing her hands on the wall to steady herself, the English indy wrestler caught her breath as she flashed a wicked smile, her white teeth contrasting from her glistening, sweaty flesh that was slowly displaying itself. "If this is wrong...I don't want to be right!" Vic admitted to her reflection in the mirror as her round, plump face showed off her slight second chin as she continued to undress herself from her gear, even for someone of her bulk would have gotten it off by now, but Vic's fetish for her own fat meant that she was really taking her time, as she slowly shuffled her bodysuit down her body, Vic felt her breath hitch in her throat as she saw that belly that she was so proud of, some would say obsessed with, on display. "Oh my fucking god!" Vic breathed out, seeming almost in a trance as she started to instinctively play with her belly, digging her own fingers into the doughy fat folds and had fantasies about her being so obese that she could hide things in her belly folds; but Vic knew that she'd never want to get that big, but it'd be a nice, sexual thought to keep her company while her girlfriend Yuu was still back in Japan. Vic then went from feeling sexually proud of herself and engaged with playing with her own fat to pleasure herself, to feeling a sense of pure loneliness hit her like a truck; she missed Yuu and the feeling that she couldn't see the love of her life had been slowly eating away at her; the Geordie's sexual moans turned to increasing upset whimpers as all the loneliness had been bubbling up until the young woman couldn't take it anymore. With tears rolling down her face, Victoria just started to cry, she wasn't crying hysterically, but she was obviously crying as her fat instinctively shook thanks to her shaky breaths as she tried to compose herself, she hadn't been in contact with Yuu as much as she would like and that killed her, she was just scared of what would happen; she was honestly sure that it was too good to be true with her and Yuu. "You...you have to talk to her." Vic looked at her own reflection and choked the words out, not focused on her sexual pleasure anymore, Vic quickly got her gear off and got back into her street clothes of an extremely snug black 'Pro Wrestling EVE' t-shirt that was starting to show more of her belly flesh underneath and her big arms were getting a bit too big for the short sleeves. Vic also pulled on, with great difficulty, her tight blue jeans that she struggled to do the belt of thanks to how her spare tire kept getting in the way as it also clung to her ginormous rear end. Still shaking a bit, Victoria tried to compose herself as she grabbed her phone up and, so not to worry Yuu, she posted that selfie that she posted to her fellow rotund Japanese girlfriend and gave her a quick text of "Hey, babe, I miss you and your fat ass; always thinking about you" and, with that, Victoria got her stuff ready and headed off, still feeling pretty upset with herself, she decided that the best thing she could do was to go and stuff her face with some unhealthy fast food and try not to worry too much about things, even though that was easier said than done.
  4. Jinny being a Fatonista would be amazing to see!
  5. I didn't see these matches posted, but enjoy it, I love this woman so damn much!
  6. I need more content of this woman! ❤️
  7. I love how young Kaitlyn looks, like you don't often see young women that level of big and I just love her big spare tire, her thunder thighs and her fat ass. Hope that more content of her gets posted!
  8. Really glad to that I gave this a read, it's some really amazing stuff, as usual and I love the different characteristics and the banter between the characters and how not everything is perfect and not everybody gets along judging by how much of an utter asshole Rose is. Really great work, man and I can't wait to see where this goes.
  9. Maybe she's getting too big and they know it? She has been seeming fatter than usual.
  10. Nia looking even bigger than normal, honestly!
  11. (Hey, guys, just thought I'd continue this with another part of Vic being a proud and rotund glutton, this is probably how she got to 230lbs as this is a part based around her having a Christmas feast on her own to cope with not being able to wrestle, see her girlfriend Yuu, see her friends or see her parents. Hope you guys and gals like this as I'm finding this as a good way to keep myself occupied during lockdown, well, this and watching Cobra Kai on Netflix. Vic looks really good in the Christmas spirit, don't you think? xD) Victoria was never much of a cook, she was an indy wrestler and survived pretty much on ** noodles and fast food when she was on the road as she travelled from Newcastle to places like London for Pro Wrestling EVE, America for SHIMMER and Japan for Sendai Girls; that and she had lived with her parents for the longest time and they had insisted on doing all the cooking for her. But now Vic was 24 and living on her own, the 5ft3, 200+lbs young woman was finding cooking quite hard, although this was Christmas and it felt just really lonely for her, she didn't want to go and see her parents, not because she didn't want to, but because they told her that they didn't want to risk her health. Vic understood, honestly, but it was still a shit feeling for her, not only that, Vic couldn't really talk to her girlfriend Yuu in Japan because Vic was sure that Yuu'd be spending time with her family and Vic didn't want to get in the way of that. She was currently wearing a cute santa had on top of her head with a red bra and red underwear, her bulbous belly that she was so proud of was overhanging the waistband of her underwear and on full display for Victoria's own perverted sexual pleasure; she had thought about seeking therapy for her lust for her own weight gain, but she thought that it wasn't really a major issue. But Vic did have a way to keep herself occupied so she didn't focus on just how lonely she was in a time of year that was meant to be about coming together and spending time with the people that you love; the overweight and rotund Geordie had decided that she'd have her own Christmas feast in the hopes that she'd get even bigger; if she ate herself into a food coma, then she'd at least have more fat to flaunt for when she and Yuu had one of their flirty Skype calls. Victoria ran a hand through her doughy gut and moaned in pleasure and panted happily, she had basically cooked a Christmas feast to feed a family of three, but she had no real intention of sharing it, there was a big turkey in the middle of the table, around 10 cans of strawberry and cream cider for her to chug and around 15 pigs in blankets, which is what she'd usual see in Christmas with her folks; 5 for her stepfather, 5 for her mum and 5 for her. Sitting down, Vic let out a grunt of pleasure as she felt her flesh wobble, she was so round and bulbous that she was sure that she heard the chair give a slight groan under her ever increasing bulk. Vic was probably the only woman who say weight gain as a point of pride, so she was actually excited that her fat ass was causing her chair some issues as the Geordie started to tuck in. She grabbed a knife and fork and started to take big pieces of the turkey and place it on the plate as she cracked open her first can of cider and started to pour it down her neck before smacking her lips with glee; she was actually quite nervous about the idea of eating her first bit of turkey that she had ever cooked and, while it wasn't anything amazing, for a first time chef, it wasn't too bad. "I'm gonna be so fucking huge by the end of this!" Vic moaned to herself in a combination of excitement and arousal as she instinctively felt one of her hands glide down to her doughy, soft gut as she started to wobble it, she found more pleasure out of playing with her belly than she did about touching any other part of her increasingly overweight and round body. She continued her feast with ravenous gusto, but despite being on her own, she wasn't a slob. She popped two pigs in blankets into her mouth and, realising that they weren't going down her throat as easy as she first thought, Vic took a huge gulp of booze to get them down her throat, before belching without a care in the world and she went back to gorging herself; she felt her body shifting, wobbling and getting even bigger as Victoria's mind raced with thoughts of how much bigger she'd be after this meal. Breathing through her nose to keep feasting, Victoria powered through, tearing into the large turkey, chugging the cider and chomping down the pigs-in-blankets, she wasn't feeling as full as she thought she would; but Vic was fine with that, she had no intentions of overdoing it to the point where she felt unwell, she wasn't that obsessed with eating or fattening herself up. However, she was feeling a sense of genuine pleasure from this level of eating, she felt herself getting more stuffed, but she continued, she was breathing heavily, her big gut rising and falling with every heavy breath that the 24 year old butterball took. After around 35 minutes of feasting, Vic was starting to slow down, but she was determined to finish her own feast as she struggled to reach over and grab her 4th can of booze as she winced in a slight discomfort. "Come on, you fat fuck...you can do it!" Vic gave herself her own version of a pep-talk as she cracked open another can, with the table littered with empty cans, Vic's plump, round and beautiful face was stained with grease from the turkey, her breath was starting to smell like a brewery, which she found out whenever she belched and her plump fingers were now rubbing her belly to ease the increasing pain that she was feeling. But the Geordie Glutton was nearly finished her feast and she was many things, but a quitter wasn't one of them. Vic actually had eaten all the pigs in blankets and was so close to finishing the turkey and she was done being restrained with it as she struggled to reach over, her round, packed to the brim belly was actually getting in her way as she struggled to sit up and grab the turkey, but she finally managed to get the remaining bit of turkey in her food stained hands. "I can't believe I...*BURP*...actually did it!" Vic almost ** remarked as she simply put the turkey on her own belly as a makeshift platter, feeling more sexual pleasure from her stomach actually allowing her to do that as well as the slight pain she felt of her tender belly being used as a makeshift table. But Vic steadied herself and lifted the remaining bit of turkey and started to just stick her grease stained, fat face into it, she was finally just making a pig of herself. Despite her own self doubt at times, Victoria finally managed to force the turkey down her as she finally was finished her feast, she was so engorged and stuffed to the brim, she was actually finding issues with catching her breath as she felt the pain hit her like a truck. She didn't care, though, it was worth the pain and the fact that she could barely stay conscious, she threw her meaty arms up in celebration. "FUCK YES, I FUCKING DID IT-Oooooohh!!" Vic's celebration was cut short as she let out a moan of pain as she tried to stop herself from throwing up, she clamped her mouth shut and focused on letting her packed to the max stomach digest, as much as she wanted to fondle herself to celebrate, Victoria decided to just relax as best she could as she sat there, she was in a food coma, she was stuffed to a ridiculous level and she was barely able to keep herself awake thanks to her body trying to fight off the food coma. But Victoria McKenzie was happy and that was all that mattered right now.
  12. (I know it's been ages since I actually added to this, but considering that Vic is like a surrogate for me, kinda, and this is the second (or third) lockdown that England is going through, I'm just trying to keep myself occupied and I hope that this just helps me. Hope you guys like this and I might add more later on? But this is just a sort of What If thing if British Indy Wrestling returned and all that and Vic made her in-ring return while fully embracing her new bulk. xD) (This is what Vic's gear is like if anyone's interested? I'm just really bad at describing things. LOL) Vic loved to eat, she probably loved to eat a bit too much, but ever since she had accepted her own fetish of being a big, butterball, she had felt free and liberated; she was on her own, which sucked, but she had her parents a phone call away and her girlfriend Yuu on the other end of a Skype call and Vic had just lost herself in a world of eating, working out so she at least had cardio and strength and taking photos of herself to pass the time. She was actually surprised when she found out that British Wrestling was making a comeback, she had actually almost forgot that she was even a wrestler considering how long it had been since she had actually wrestled a match in the first place. But the 5ft3, now 230lbs butterball from Newcastle had realised that she could do her true calling and that was to get back in the ring and wrestle, again. She wasn't stupid, though, no indy show in the world was worth risking her health for, so if she was going to wrestle, she wasn't leaving Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and she didn't care how many times people tagged her on Twitter and asked her if she planned to return to Pro Wrestling EVE down in London; the truth was, Vic just didn't feel if she could make that step, yet. But she wanted to do baby-steps, a show in Newcastle first and then maybe, if things worked out, she'd return to EVE and finally get to tear things up with Millie, again. The Geordie glutton moaned sexually as she pressed her finger into her soft, doughy belly, the feeling of her finger actually sinking into the plump and wobbling flesh sent a spark of pleasure throughout her body as she moaned, leaned her head back and continued to fondle her own belly. She didn't care about the hate or the criticism, because despite her rotund, wide body, she wasn't out of shape. She had made sure that she was working out to keep herself in good enough shape so that she would actually get booked and would be safe to work with. "Ooh...I'm such a damn freak!" Vic grunted in her Northern English accent as she couldn't help but laugh, her wide, round face making her look adorable as she smiled showed how her white teeth contrasted with her increasingly sweaty and meaty body; even the act of breathing quickly was pleasurable for Vic because it involved her overweight body shaking and rippling. The naked young woman ran a hand through her long, black hair and made her way over to her closet to get a set of her ring gear, she felt her gut quaking and bouncing with every movement and her thick, tree trunk like legs were almost scrapping together with every step as Victoria pulled out a set, it was a black bodysuit with green trim and green colouring on the side in tribute to one of her favourite wrestlers of all time, Mitsuharu Misawa. "OK, V, let's see if you can fit into this thing, you fat ass." Vic talked to herself as a way of just keeping sane considering that she was on her own in Lockdown and had to do something so that she didn't just have the sound of silence to keep her company. The rotund beauty smirked a bit, making her plump face look even rounder as she started to slid into her ring gear, she moaned in a sense of pleasure at how tight and snug it was. Just shuffling up her increasingly large legs was more of an issue, being 230lbs at only 5ft3 was a bit of an issue, but for Victoria it was so worth it because of the amount of sheer pleasure that it brought her. She felt her breathing hitch as the Geordie started to finally pull it up her big legs as she pulled the sleeveless gear into her thick, wide arms that, like the rest of her body, shook without any real movement what-so-ever. "Holy shit...I'm so fucking big!" Vic continued to talk to herself as she had to compose herself slightly, her fetish for her own belly was blocking her from actually putting it on, it almost felt like a crime to cover up her bulbous spare tire that wasn't too far off from making it so that Vic could barely see her own feet. She managed to get herself together and put the entire bodysuit on and she just stood and looked at herself in the mirror of her Newcastle apartment. She always loved the side profile because of how big she'd look and, when Vic looked at herself, she felt proud, her gut was barely fitting into the gear and, even though it was tightly packed and confined, there was no hiding how big Vic's prized belly was. There were clear side rolls bunching up and it honestly looked as if Vic's bodysuit was only barely holding in her 230lbs bulk; after completing her look with some kickpads and kneepads, Vic felt like she was ready for her first match back in god-knows-how-long. Later on in the evening, Victoria's first match back since the pandemic. Victoria was honestly so happy to be back in a ring, she just loved to wrestle and it had been far, far too long since one half of the EVE Tag Team Champions with Millie had gotten back into the ring, her opponent was a newcomer, a 20 year old local who had only been in the industry for a year or so; the 24 year old Victoria had been wrestling for a bit longer and had the experiences in Japan and America. The girl was a mere 110lbs and about 5ft5, so Victoria just looked nearly comically rotund as the two were in the ring, but to the surprise of a lot of people, even Victoria, the overweight young woman was holding her own in the ring, her cardio didn't seem to be as bad as people would think looking at her; if anything, Victoria looked like a big bruiser as her strikes hit with the force that she never had the last time she was wrestling in her hometown. There were several spots where the much lighter opponent went for a dropkick on the planted Vic only for her to literally bounce off of the bulbous McKenzie and leave Vic just standing there without even budging; but the two were actually putting on a great little match that was just to see if Vic had any ring rust and it didn't seem so; she felt her belly straining and almost begging to be let out of the bodysuit, but Vic held her orb of a stomach in as she ran forward and absolutely obliterated the poor girl with her running crossbody signature, putting her 230lbs frame to good use. With a wicked smile on her face, Vic lifted the poor girl's lifeless body up and dropped her with her sitout piledriver finisher and hooked the leg with a smug little grin on her rotund and plump face; with her first victory in the bag, Victoria yanked her wobbling arm out of the referee's grasp and looked over to her dazed opponent, before kneeling next to her and giving her a fist bump as a show of respect. As Vic rolled out of the ring, the Geordie actually felt tears coming to her eyes, she honestly wasn't sure if she was going to ever wrestle again and the fact that she was was bringing legitimate tears to her eyes, but considering the situation, the last emotion on her mind was sadness; although she could really go for a Nandos to celebrate her return to the ring and maybe add a few extra pounds to her 230lbs body?
  13. Found this image of Charli Evans and Jessica Troy and just look at how plump and bulbous Charli looks here, her gut looks like it can barely fit in the bodysuit! ❤️
  14. Here's a couple of awesome matches with one of the most underrated wrestlers in the country, Davienne! She's so damn big!
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