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  1. There were times before she took her hiatus where she had a bodysuit on and you could tell how big she was.
  2. Yeah, I'm really hoping that she gets bigger and bigger, like Harlow of old.
  3. Nice to see Harlow O'Hara back in the ring, she really looks great with her new, blonde locks.
  4. Enjoy some Nicole Matthews! And some Kimber Lee when she had a beer belly from a year or so ago! 😛
  5. I love Nia's fat face and how gorgeous she looks, also it looks like that gear can barely fit her ever increasing fat. I'm hoping to see her get fatter and fatter. ❤️
  6. I love Nia's trash talk and you can see her second chin, she's bigger than both Kong and Godzilla. 🥰🥰
  7. Anyone got more pics or GIFs of Nia?
  8. Everything about Nicole is heavy. 😅😂
  9. Nia's probably going to be as big as Yoko before too long.
  10. This is the most athletic thing Nicole Matthews has done in ages.
  11. Some Joshi (Japanese female pro wrestling) stuff with Yuu (on the far left) and Chihiro Hashimoto (next to her); honestly, Yuu's body is so underrated, she's so big and beefy!
  12. Well, if they tried it now, they certainly couldn't do it. XD
  13. Yeah, but now Nia is miles, miles bigger; she's too big for anyone to carry, really.
  14. My fucking god, Nia looks so massive here; I love how she keeps looking bigger and fatter with every passing week! I love her gut, how tight her gear is around her fat and her double chin that's getting more and more prominent.
  15. Nia probably registers on the Richter scale at this point.
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