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  1. There was this one freelancer who worked at my company many years ago. And she was paid hourly but was still part time. So she refused to take a lunch because she couldn't afford to give up 5hrs of pay when she was already part-time. But she started packing on the pounds, though. And even more strangely she mentioned that she doesn't eat breakfast. So she was basically fasting for 12hrs and would go home and binge eat all night. She got quite fat in the year or so she worked on our team.
  2. DoorDash DashPass or other delivery membership to amp up her carryout eating. They also have minimum orders which often make them over order. AMC Theatre A-list membership. Get her into going to movies consistently to redeem points where she's constantly being showered with extra butter soaked popcorn, candy and 44oz sodas on a weekly basis. New TV? Couch? More sedentary activities. Gifts cards for dinners/lunches. I bought a small electric deep fryer last year. And it took an entire year for her to make consistent use of it; but now she's constantly firing that thing up. A lot of the late night foods like pizza rolls, jalapeño poppers that she was making in the oven she can now make in a fraction of the time flash frying them and it quadruples the amount of calories. It's great to make 5lbs of fried chicken for seriously next to nothing and have her gorge on it. I had a morbidly obese coworker that got a bread cooker one year. And she always raved how her husband made two loaves of amazing bread each week for her. Not certain if she was dipping it in olive oil or what, because she gained a good 60-75lbs that year before she left the company. She was massive, 400lbs'ish. That chick loved her bread, constantly talked about it - I always thought she was probably exaggerating and ate closer to 5 loaves a week but didn't want to admit that.
  3. For me it's when it impedes on basic activities in life. I've mentioned my 400lb+ neighbor. She can't even walk around a grocery store to do food shopping. That would be a total no-go for me; when your partner can't even physically do elementary activities that involve walking. My wife's only half her weight and we planned a hike at a nearby national park w/some friends. She had to continually stop and ultimately quit the hike only 45min in. Our friends were all pretty disappointed and annoyed since it was a decent drive there. Another 100lbs on her and I imagine it would only be misery beyond that.
  4. From my experience, all of the stuck up cheerleaders take two routes. The ones that become career-climbing professionals stay thin, active and vicious. The one's that marry money or become stay at home mom's have to buy a new wardrobe each year.
  5. Very rare for a girl to get fatter after a divorce! This girl might get HUGE.
  6. It's her body. But providing a positive outlook, my wife used to also claim being fat "isn't her". But as the years slip by and she keeps growing and actually doubling down on the enjoyment of stuffing, going out to giant dinners and being a slothful Netflix junkie, she's slowly accepted that this "is her". "She's fat now." No hiding it. And as she's changed jobs and met new friends, they never even knew her as skinny – which takes some of that pressure off of chasing the past. She's far from having this kink or being an intentional gainer, but she's started to fully accept that she's never going to be skinny again. The lifestyle needed to produce that body is simply something she doesn't enjoy and can't maintain. If you love the fattie lifestyle, you're most likely going to be fat. And it's purely a result of time that allows that reality to sink in further.
  7. Since my wife was super skinny and now fat, I can remark about both. When she was super skinny she'd always complain about "pounding" during sex. A couple times when she was around 100-105lbs she complained of being bruised. I wasn't even jack hammering her hard or anything. But she was so light that sex that wasn't fairly slow would make her literally nauseous because her frame was so small. You could just toss her around like a doll. Now fat, I can literally 🔨 POUND the living shit out of her in any position as hard as I can for as long as I can and she just ecstatically takes it. That said, I probably have lost a good 1/2" – 3/4" of penetration due to her fupa and pelvic chub. And I can feel the difference. 😕
  8. I'm a strong proponent of allowing them to attempt to lose weight. At least for my wife, each failed attempt gets shorter and shorter. She needs those moments to realize she loves the life of being a fattie and is destined to get larger. There inevitably comes a moment where her gain is scary because she never envisioned herself "this big". But then faced with the clear reality of how much she disdains portioning and how much harder exercise is now, she embraces her size and then continues to become even more slothful and gluttonous as she lets go. As a feeder, it's frustrating having those yo-you chapters, but they're mentally pivotal if you're dealing with a woman who was once super skinny and never envisioned getting really obese.
  9. At home she eats to the point of being stuffed and needs to lay down for a bit. When we go out to eat she eats and drinks to the point of pain and almost throwing up. So, I take her out a lot. 😈
  10. I've taken most of the chores from her. But she still insists on doing 1-2 things while I'm doing other tasks. I actually don't mind it because it gets her out of breath and straight to the couch with a reward mentality, ie. "I loaded the dishwasher so I deserve to lay around for the rest of the night and have some snacks for all my hard work." 🙄
  11. She's played a pivotal role in my wife's gain. They hang out on the weekends now and she's such a great encourager and total glutton. Her husband is an amazing cook and throws the best foodie parties. Just round after round of amazing food. He smoked a prime rib for us the other weekend with some BBQ ribs and smoked wings. 😎
  12. My next door neighbor is 350lbs. And before this summer when they got a riding lawn mower, SHE used to cut the grass every Saturday in a bikini top and shorts. Her giant belly apron hangs down her thighs and would be dripping in sweat, jiggling around as she mowed. When she was done, she'd always then sit on the front porch with her belly out, slam two cold beers and head inside for the day. No shame. Just doing her thing.
  13. She sits with her fingers crossed and forearms resting on it lol. And it throws her entire center of balance off. So she actually walks different when she's stuffed - reminds me of when she was pregnant.
  14. At one of the last small meetups with two of my neighbors, our direct next door neighbor (who is 350'ish MASSIVE woman) brought over this big pan of cheese dip mixed with tons of chorizo sausage, with 3 bags of Fritos. My wife and her were doing some pretty good damage to that, got halfway through the pan together. The game starts and we all head down to their den to watch. 20 min later my big neighbor brings down the pan of dip and sits next to me wife, says "I seriously don't want to bring any of this home. You need to help me". Those two sat there like it was a trough and polished off the whole rest of that pan over the next hour. Per usual, at the end of the game, almost midnight, they were all talking about fast food. My neighbor's husband (who's skinny!) ended up going to Rally's 🍔 for his 350lb wife and mine wanted Taco Bell to end the night. 🌮 I just couldn't believe after they ate a 3lb pan of dip, 3 bags of Fritos with endless drinks and other snacks (cheese & meat plate), that they wanted a fast food stuffing only 2hrs later! The women all egg each other on. While chowing on the dip my neighbor said "now that I've started Metformin, I can eat whatever I want." 🙄
  15. It's almost always after a little cleaning after dinner (loading the dishwasher or sweeping). Never during sleep.
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