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  1. No. But lots of bellies to ogle at Bdubs and Olive Garden whenever I go. Just watched a girl eat two baskets of bread sticks all to herself and leave the restaurant mouth breathing. 🤤
  2. I've ran into some feeder moms on FF that are "proud of their fat daughters" – but this is a whole other level. 😧
  3. While I had these feelings as a child and teen, it really bloomed during my wife's pregnancy since she was so ravenous and gained a lot of weight. During pregnancy, I love how the woman quickly accepts that gaining weight is a "rite of passage" and a good thing, "eating for two now", embraces the gluttony with glee...a fat mom is a good mom. But the entire themes of fertility, goddess, voluptuousness, motherhood all became permanent mainstays after that pregnancy. And I love how my wife's nipples and breasts endlessly get larger and larger as she gains for the same reasons.
  4. There are no direct evidences of weight loss currently found with maca. It does regulate blood sugar levels. But the bottomline will always be calories in-calories out. If she's acquired habits of overeating to the point she's 250lbs, there's no weight loss supplement that is going to have a dramatic impact. She needs to change her habits and diet. If there was a magic pill that could shed fat, it would be the most popular and marketed pharmaceutical or supplement ever. The only one created is DNP. And it's illegal and highly toxic.
  5. Wow, triggered. I like how all of the furious BBW's are like: YOU HAVE TO LIVE THE LIFE.
  6. I think the majority of folks here can attest to their definitions and tastes being fluid and constantly progressing. Years ago, I remember thinking of this one particular girl in my office building as overtly "fat", had passed the line into slobbish territory. She was probably around 165lbs, 5'3". Now I pass her and am stunned because I perceive her as being just slightly thick, she's actually pretty active. Now 'fat' to me is having a belly apron of some size. 🤷‍♂️
  7. To have hips and belly like that but almost no double chin. Genetics lottery winner.
  8. With my wife, the shock, tension and internal struggle was the constant reactions of the people in her life seeing her look almost unrecognizable. But now it's been a couple years where everybody knows her as fat. And so mentally for her it's not nearly a newfound "problem" any more. It's becoming the new normal. And at times she's become self-depreciative joking about her diet and appetite around friends and family. And that's what I love to see, is when she actually takes pride in owning who she is "yup, I love beer and fried chicken, am a total fat ass, and that aint going to ever change."
  9. A few feet outside my office window are three tables where women eat their lunches. I think the real heavy hitters like to eat out there because they're embarrassed to take their giant McD's bags back to their cube for the whole office to see and smell (💭 "no wonder she's getting so fat."). We also have a food truck every Friday. Amazing to see what they plow through. I often wonder if they would order less if there were guys in the group. Get 3-4 heavy chicks that are close to one another and they place their orders like it's their last meal on Earth.
  10. Now that's the Body Revolution infomercial we're looking for! 😍
  11. I've never had a bad experience. But I'm also pretty experienced with very strong psychedelics, used to grow shrooms, etc. Those that deal with anxiety and have never even smoked weed before can be pushed over the edge with edibles. Have seen it happen numerous times, especially if it's a strong sativa.
  12. Just the fact that edibles last so much longer, if she doesn't like it, she's in for a loooong bad experience.
  13. Do NOT give her edibles for her first time, lol.
  14. BindsThatTie

    Too-small clothes

    These two are really great because of the chemistry between the two girls: two pornstars that are friends and really piled it on, especially Lexxxi Lockhart. Nice teasing, laughing and side stories. Track down Lexxi's old videos to compare her figure: https://m.xhamster.com/videos/chubby-girls-got-fat-and-try-on-clothes-9586137 https://m.xhamster.com/videos/wollen-mal-messen-10782505#mlrelated
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