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  1. BindsThatTie

    Fiancé slowly gaining weight(?)

    Wait until the pressure to look good for the wedding is released. Get her hooked on some good TV series, find out what she loves to snack on, make sure it's stocked in abundance and simply watch her grow and grow. 💍 📈
  2. BindsThatTie

    Do you think you were born with this fetish?

    No, I don't believe I was. It was something that definitely developed later in life, after 30. And frankly it seemed healthy. I mean, how long can you obsess about model-thin 19 year old girls? It should start to feel damn creepy at a certain point in your life. And the shear majority of women gain weight and become more curvy as they age.
  3. BindsThatTie

    Office Girls Porking up

    Right now she goes to work with the top button undone! She lays on the floor and needs my help to get them on. Frankly, it's a scary thing to me. Nothing can randomly spawn thoughts of a diet like having uncomfortable pants/having to buy new pants! Been down this road before! I got over the whole tight pant humiliation schtick a long time ago; the looser the fit the quicker she fills them out! I want the loosest, slobbiest pants she's willing to wear because it's a "build it and they will come" reality: they'll fit in no time. I think it's a mental thing for her: learning the new pants number, seeing what she can't wear, facing the growing sober reality that you know you're going to get even bigger if you maintain the lifestyle you're living.
  4. BindsThatTie

    Office Girls Porking up

    My wife has had two desk jobs where she was on teams, all women and they simultaneously gained weight - the women, not surprisingly, emboldened each other's weaknesses with gluttony and bringing in snacks, etc. That said, on each of those teams all of the girls talk(ed) some level of shit about the others behind their back about "plumping up" or being "the worst" of the bunch, lol. Even my wife makes remarks about some girls and she's always put on probably 2x the weight compared to the person she's talking about. 🤨 Piggies humiliating the other piggies – the greatest part about it is they easily give into getting much fatter because they're always thinking "well, at least I'm not slobbing out like ______. Did you see her plate? Now SHE'S just out of control!". 🤣 That was my wife's canned response when I gingerly brought up her weight gain "Me? A lot of it's Lauren's fault for always wanting ice cream after lunch. You should see her weight gain. It's really getting ridiculous at this point."
  5. BindsThatTie

    Girls talking about their weight v2

    My wife hosted a party this weekend with her new coworkers. We have some framed family photos up and one of the girls points and says "Oh, is that your sister?" My wife doesn't have a sister; it was a picture of her ultra-skinny from just two years ago. They couldn't even recognize her. My wife says "no, I'm just fat now". They all broke out laughing at her; they're all a bunch of huge fatties. They then plowed through 3lbs of spinach dip. 😆
  6. BindsThatTie

    Spouses and weight loss / gain

    Once my wife gained around 80lbs, she started to lay around all the time and when we had to do activities, her joints started hurting. When she went bare foot, her arches weren't accustomed to the added weight and this ultimately led to her injuring a tendon in her foot. She was couch bound for months which really helped pile on even more weight. But she now tries to exercise regularly to avoid the plagueing issues of a sedentary life. That said she has steadily gained over this entire period. She may go burn 200-300 calories in the gym, but it's really nothing in the big scheme of things - she then comes home and pigs out more than ever. So the exercising doesn't anger me like it used to. And there's a guilty part of me that enjoys her working out with these massive 300lb women at the office gym who also continue to gain and "just can't seem to figure out why". They take my wife out to Mexican restaurants for lunch and stuff her silly and then get on the treadmill for 20min after work. 1,400cal lunch in... 200cal workout, do the math. 📈📈📈
  7. BindsThatTie

    The gaining "C U R S E"

    Looking at your diet, you're clearly not getting enough fats. Olive oil, peanut butter, heavy cream, cashews/nuts. Fat is 9cal per gram compared to carbs and protein 4cal per gram. Like a bodybuilder, when you make your shakes, add peanut butter and olive oil to them. There are 954 calories in a half cup olive oil and you can't even tell once blended in a large shake. 376 cal in 4Tb of PnB. A few shakes a day and you can see how dramatically more calories you'd be consuming. If you're not gaining, you simply need to be eating more. Guys go through the same thing when trying to put on muscle, they're often shocked how much you have to eat to gain a large physique. As famous bodybuilder Kali Muscle says to skinny guys constantly whining about the scale not moving: "There aint nothing fuckin' complicated bout putting food in yo mouth."
  8. BindsThatTie

    Girls talking about their weight v2

    Totally agree. My wife said almost every week she has some type of doctor appointment. She doesn't pry – but she obviously has health issues that I'm certain are tied to her weight. Nonetheless, she's been such an awesome influence for my wife. She makes sure their both well fed. Always nice to know someone has your back.
  9. BindsThatTie

    New year's resolutions

    @oatmeal That's awesome. I frankly don't know how she could get any hungrier, lol. But I guess we'll see. She just started a new medication that has increased appetite as a side effect, too. Should be an interesting next few months. She's put on a good 10-12lbs since the start of December. I asked her to put on 10lbs in Dec for my birthday and she declined because she didn't want to outgrow her latest clothes. But the greedy girl ended up doing it anyways.
  10. BindsThatTie

    New year's resolutions

    Here's a good story for ya! So the New Year is here and my fattie wife apparently read that Fenugreek is an appetite suppressant. She tried buying some at Meijer on Saturday. I was kind of pissed about it. Luckily they didn't have it. But she went to Walgreens yesterday and picked some up. So... I finally google it and do some reading. IT'S AN APPETITE STIMULANT! https://www.livestrong.com/article/177678-the-side-effects-of-fenugreek-on-the-appetite/ Side effects: Carb Cravings Increased Appetite Weight Gain North African women eat fenugreek seeds to plump themselves up prior to marriage. The seeds also are used in feed for horses and cattle to promote weight gain. In cases of the eating disorder anorexia nervosa, University of Maryland Medical Center recommends taking 250 to 500 mg up to three times a day.
  11. BindsThatTie

    Who was your gateway into this fettish?

    As a teen I had an attraction to feederism and stuffing – but not BBW. When my wife was pregnant and ravenous, it re-awoke those feelings as I realized I was aroused by feeding her. I finally discovered this is an actual "thing" when I stumbled across Curvy Papaya's "Weight Gain Journey" on reddit or ebaums. Wasn't long before my tastes in women's sizes grew larger and larger.
  12. BindsThatTie

    Spouses and weight loss / gain

    So much of it is mental and their perception. My wife doesn't "diet" – she only exercises. And she continually gains while exercising and will say things like "look at my tummy now, how much flatter it is!".... even though she was up 10lbs and clearly fatter. Her hips were simply wider making her gut appear a little flatter.
  13. BindsThatTie

    "Supathick Mami" is no more...

    It aged her by 25 years.
  14. My wife always has weird cravings at night, sends me off on specific food runs at the wee hours of the morning. On New Year's, after a massive sushi stuffing for dinner, at midnight, drunk, she asks me: "Hun, will you cook me up some ground beef." I'm like, "plain....ground...beef? Like a pound... of ground beef?" "YEAH" She sat there staring at Netflix, belly hanging out and just shoveled almost a pound of hamburger from a bowl into her face with a bottle of champagne! Happy New Years!!
  15. BindsThatTie

    Spouses and weight loss / gain

    The exercise/diet rollercoaster is something a lot of us can connect on. It sucks when it happens but atleast for my wife, it's always a good thing. Primarily because it inevitably crashes and burns and she's reminded that she hates it and mentally accepts she's going to be a "bigger girl". And then this mental acceptance that she's never going to be a "skinny girl" anymore leads her to normalize even more gluttony which balloons her weight > to the point she feels her body is out of control with ultimately cues another diet > crashes and burns > and on and on. My wife starting at an ultra-skinny figure needed these cycles to slowly accept her phases: I guess I'll be a "thicker" girl. Now I'm a "chunky" girl. I guess I'm going to be "fat...I'm just not going to get super fat". Mentally she needed these cycles to slowly accept she loves the lifestyle of being fat. With each new phase, new pants, she gives in and eats more calorie dense food and snacks more, lays around more. She never used to eat fast food, but now her belly is big enough that, in her mind, "honestly, who's going to even notice it at this point? Fries sound so good right now." But in reality, she slowly keeps growing and her will and self-control decreasing.