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  1. Thadeus Jones

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    To be honest I never actually thought it would be possible for America to produce another "politician" quite as bad as Palin - but then of course Trump came along. AOC is young and she will make mistakes along the way, but she'll never be the cringe inducing embarrassment that Palin has been. The fact is she has conservatives worried and that's reflected by their continuous attacks and attempts to smear her by nit picking and over reacting to the slightest little thing. When held in comparison to the likes of Huckabee Sanders, Conway, McConnell, Cruz, Graham, Pence, she's a breath of fresh air and it's no wonder the GOP are soiling their pants.
  2. Thadeus Jones

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Lol. It would take a monumentally bad judge of human character to put AOC on a par with Palin. Cortez is nimble, quick witted, sharp, smart and knows how to deflect and play her opponents. I don't even know where to begin with the car crash that is Palin's political career except to say that it appears she is afflicted with the same delusions of her own intelligence and abilities as Trump. The pair of them, alongside Fox News and the GOP, have undermined truth, fact, and respect for America and in the process they have kicked aside common sense and decency, all the things that once prevented the ignorant, unfit and unworthy from gaining access to power in America.
  3. Thadeus Jones

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Yes, I am. The amount of time and difficulty in implementing it is irrelevant if the majority of voters are in favour and believe the current system is broken The UK's NHS has been in place since 1948 and was conceived and developed by a socialist government. Over the years it has adapted to manage an aging population and of course all the advances in medicine. It benefits everyone because treatment is free at the point of access to all, regardless of wealth. The biggest problem it faces is underfunding, almost always by conservative governments who deeply resent the whole concept of health care for even the most vulnerable, they would much prefer to see the UK have a sink or swim system similar to the US. Fortunately the NHS is a treasured institution, and as I said before, most people here are more than willing to pay more tax to fund it properly. If the resistance comes from a vocal conservative minority then they need to be fought and defeated. Something being hard isn't a reason not to try. It always amazes me that people who lead a financially comfortable life object to those who aren't so fortunate receiving basic health care at no cost. I agree. There currently aren't any politicians in the UK who'd have the talent and vision to create the NHS today. Brexit is a shambles and our parliament is made up of low energy, low intelligence chancers. Our election cycles are every five years, unfortunately governments instead of planning for the long term plan only in terms of being re-elected again much to the detriment of us all. Many of your ideas have merit and it's not my intention to hold the UK up as some kind of example of excellence to other countries. We obviously have very many problems as well, fortunately healthcare and gun control are not among them. I share your frustration with politicians and if I were leader of the UK I'd make at least seven major policy changes on my first day. A lot can be done when you don't have to cram in numerous rounds of golf each week.
  4. Thadeus Jones

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I don't think you actually believe that, but whatever - we shall see.
  5. Thadeus Jones

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    You're mistaking admiration for hero worship. Anyhow, perhaps America could look at how health care for all works in European countries? It's extremely popular with sick people with little money, but it does irritate extremely wealthy people who'd rather just pay for their own care. In the UK we have the NHS and it's free at the point of use. Most people think it's a fine system and are happy to pay more taxes to fund things. We won't mind in the slightest if you copy us. Feel free to browse our gun laws as well. You're welcome.
  6. Thadeus Jones

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    First of all I'm not a socialist. However, I do believe that health care for all, including the poorest people in society, is right and proper and should be expected of all democratic and civilised societies. To keep this brief - regarding your concerns about the free world being doomed - if for example the likes of Trump, Sanders and the majority of the GOP are given the opportunity to pursue their insane and ignorant policies on the environment and climate breakdown, then the free world most certainly is doomed. If having faith in science and fact over prayer and hoping for the best makes me appear more socialist than I actually am, then I'm fine with that.
  7. Thadeus Jones

    Alt-right FAs

    Like everyone else the alt-right have their weaknesses. For some it's fat girls, for others it's watching prostitutes urinating on a bed, trysts with porn stars and lusting after one of their own offspring. Fortunately it's rare for individuals such as these to find respectable organisations willing to turn a blind eye or tolerate such inappropriate behaviour...
  8. Thadeus Jones

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    A fairer deal for ALL Americans. Why would you or anyone not want that? Health care for all, gun law reforms that would make America resemble modern and civilised countries around the world. An American politician who finally recognises the devastation that climate breakdown will wreak even on America. Would you rather believe in science or put your faith in prayer like the grotesquely simplistic Huckabee Sanders? AOC is the best thing to happen to American in a very long time and is kryptonite to Trump and the far right because old white men running the show clearly doesn't work.
  9. Thadeus Jones

    Is the President a (Secret) Feeder?

    The orange panda can't keep anything secret.
  10. Thadeus Jones

    who has the best double belly

    Former Bigcutie Leah has a fantastic double belly. In fact the whole package is pretty spectacular.
  11. Thadeus Jones

    who has the best double belly

    Actually if there isn't one already, it would be a good idea for someone to start a double belly thread.
  12. Thadeus Jones

    Who is this milfy pawg?

    She thoroughly gorgeous and those thighs, calves and hips are outrageously sexy. Pity there's not more of her stuff around.
  13. Thadeus Jones

    a true american girl

    It's Kirsten Dunst and you can find her thread in the FatCelebs section. There's no need to thank me.
  14. Thadeus Jones

    Curvage has a new moderator

    Hooray!!!! I like him.
  15. Thadeus Jones

    Diana Sirokai

    Whatever she's doing with that brush is making absolutely no difference whatsoever.
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