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  1. Pardon me, I was just trying to establish a timeline.
  2. If it helps I'm pretty sure it was there in October.
  3. Well, you could've just said you're disappointed with her decision but you've chosen to remember her as she was - but instead you decided to make derogatory comments about her/him. Your posts and the comments you've liked in this thread make it difficult to conclude that you're not anything other than you appear to be.
  4. That's pretty much the answer to your dilemma really. If you bring up the subject of her getting bigger, though she probably most likely won't want to, she may feel a sense of obligation to do so to please you or feel in some way she's disappointing you if she doesn't. It sounds like you have a good thing going already, it would be a shame to spoil it just for the sake of a few more pounds that due to her eating habits she's most likely going to gain anyway.
  5. Unlikely. Life expectancy in the UK is falling again.
  6. Please don't be one of the people who gets to ask questions of Bob Mueller.
  7. When it suits your own ends/beliefs at least.
  8. I'm not. She's made millions of dollars out of this weight gain caper. It says so somewhere above.
  9. It's pretty crappy and potentially harmful of people here to refer to someone who may have mental health problems as crazy. She's better off out of this "community."
  10. Her pixels are out of this world.
  11. Regarding the America first approach, I tend to think when Trump makes denigrating comments concerning long established allies, such as those in NATO, rather than strengthening the US position, or putting it first, he's actually weakening it. That kind of behaviour can only be good for Putin and co. The constant undermining and distrust of America's own intelligence services is deeply worrying and strange. That one agency felt compelled to investigated Trump to ascertain if he was either knowingly or unwittingly a spy or Russian asset is staggering - even Austin Powers knows he himself is a spy. I think of all the things Trump has done and said, history will judge him most harshly on his complete refusal to accept or educate himself on the science behind climate change. The US military believe the science and view climate breakdown as the greatest of all threats to global peace and prosperity. It's a reckless man that gambles with the lives of future generations based on nothing more than a hunch. I have enormous respect for you, it's a very brave thing to put your life on the line three times for your country. Maybe something you and I can agree on is that you have more courage in your little finger than the president has in his entire body. I'm not here to change your views either, but you, your country - the whole world, deserve far better than Trump and his administration. It's been enjoyable exchanging views with you in a civil way. All the best - except for Nov 2020!
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