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  1. You look fantastic with the added weight! Absolutely plush 😍
  2. This is amazing. Welcome, and thank you for sharing! She’s beautiful!
    Beautiful, fun, bigger. Thanks for putting together another great video ladies. DH has a ways to go to catch up to CC, but, she’s definitely on her way!
    This was a fun video, two beautiful women and a bunch of candy. Keep at it DH, looking softer and softer!😍
    Candii is just too damn fine... somehow, I fully believe she wakes up this beautiful. Thanks for sharing your incredible jiggle and shake!
    DH is growing, and her excitement is really brought to light in this video. Beautiful woman, beautiful gain thus far! Excited for the road ahead!
    Candii’s videos never leave you disappointed, and this one is no different. Beauty, softness, and more and more jiggle comes with each video. Highly recommend!
    She eats with such determination. It would be great to see her plump up a little (or a lot!), great looking too!
  3. Candii, you’re looking absolutely stunning.
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