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  1. Look at how beautiful she is! 😍 she is fattitspregnant on reddit 


  2. How about a vid of you trying all the things you used to be able to do easily or talking about it
  3. You are absolutely gorgeous and amazing! 😍 and i always like stuffing like you always do 😜
    Its amazing to see how much she has outgrown her clothes lots of cellulite and jiggly fat 😍
    Amazing video ! Its so beautiful to see how much she has outgrown her clothes and to see her struggle to put them on and hear her get out of breath so sexy ❤️
    Amazing video ! Its so sexy to see her bloat up and play with her belly !
  4. I’m very happy to see you on curvage ! Welcome 😊
    She is amazing! Its so sexy to see her gorge on those cupcakes and see her show of her ever growing body
  5. You are beautiful! Can’t wait to see more !
  6. Anyone from holland ? 
    hey i am Max from holland i was wondering if there are maybe also other people on this site from holland 😊

  7. Your wife is beautiful! I think there is nothing wrong with her weight gain in fact i think it looks good on her
  8. Maybe you can encourage her to gain again ?
  9. Any female feedee’s on here from holland ? 😊😜

  10. Any female feedee on here who wants to chat with me ? 😅

  11. Hey there if you want to chat with me send me a message or add me on kik my username is Max_kruse.mdr 😊

  12. I don’t know if you could but maybe the happiest scenerio is finding a balance between the fetish and your eating disorder.
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