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  1. Maybe I haven't explain it well. I don't want her to gain her weight back because she wasn't healthy. I'm encouraging her to achieve her goal of losing another 20/25 lbs. I like her also with less fat. I've only told her to not become obsessed by diet and she answered that it would never happen. She said that she want to come back to 185 lbs and I'm ok with it. Concerning the material I peruse, I don't focus on it for sexual arousement... I don't excite myself with it. I only like to watch or read something. Television shows me only thin women, so sometimes I search what I like. As for example a woman could read love romances because she likes those ones. And, as you said, I love to fantasies about me and her. But I don't need to imagine about her to become fatter because I've seen her gaining weight during our relationship. Thank you for your words. I've also understood that I haven't explained everything well, I'm sorry...
  2. I think it's not necessary... I mean, she already knows that I prefer chubby girls and that I prefer when a woman eats without regrets. She doesn't know only the part about weight gain or about the unbuttoning pants. I've always tried to be honest about fat with her but not including every detail... But maybe is just as you said, a matter of vulnerability. I've heard a song that tells "to be vulnerable is a superpower", and I totally agree with it.
  3. Hello to everyone! I've decided to share my experience with you because I don't know anyone like us in real life. I'm a slim and athletic boy in my late 20s. Since I was in middle school I had a preference for larger girls. In particular, I've always loved seeing them gain weight, or indulge with themselves. I remember that during all the years passed at school, I waited the holidays to see some of my female classmates with some extra pounds, and it always happened. Growing up I've understood what I like about women. I think that the sexiest thing is when a girl overeats, indulges with herself and is so full that she has to unbutton her pants and release her belly. Fortunately during my life I've seen scenes like that in real life. I like chubby girls and also obese ones. I'm not really into SSBBW. When I was 20 I started to date my best friend. She was almost 17 years old, 5'7 tall and weighed 130 lbs. I remember that she was thin and had only a very little belly roll and she felt unconfident with it (due to the fat-shaming society we live in...). When she was 18 she had to leave her parents house because of some problems with her stepfather and moved to her grandparents who gave her a help. Meanwhile our relationship continued and she started to come to my house every weekend. My mother is great at cooking and when she has guests she gives them her best in terms of quality and quantity. So my girlfriend started to have lunch and dinner with my family in the weekends and started to overeat. She always accepted the food my mother offered and by time she had to unbutton her pants more and more often, being full and satisfied. Needless to say how much I loved that moments. After 2 years we married and the day of our marriage she weighed 185 lbs. After marriage unfortunately she got sick. I'm not here to explain all her diseases, but all these things made her gain a lot of weight and she ended up a year and a half ago to arrive at her maximum of 260 lbs. So from the very beginning till 2016 she had doubled her weight. The good thing is that I've always worked on her self-confidence. I mentioned before that she was shamed by her little belly roll at her lowest, so I've always told her how she was beautiful, how she had to feel happy with her body and to care less about calories and enjoy herself. I'm happy because she accepted it and also at her highest she wasn't ashamed anymore by her weight. Obviously she always wants to slim down, but she is also confident with her body. In 2017 she found a cure for some of her diseases and lost 45 pounds really fast. Now she is struggling to lose other weight but she found it difficult and she has stated that those 45 pounds where fault of her illness, the other weight she has put on was dued to her overindulgence. Now she weighs 215 lbs. Why am I writing this? Because I don't know anyone to whom I can confess my preference about fat girls, weight gain, stuffing etc... My wife doesn't know everything about it. She knows that I prefer women with more meat on them, that I like when a girl doesn't care about weight and eats whatever she wants. I think it's not necessary that she knows every aspect of this "fat world". I love her at any size because I love her inner self. I don't watch porn or nudes or other nsfw images or videos about other women because I don't want to "betray" her but I like to watch bellies or weight gain like everyone here, in comics and cartoons too. So this is something about my experience. I feel good about the possibility to have told everything to someone. It's so liberating. Thank you for you time
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