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  1. Hi, all. Is it possible to move a thread to a different sub-forum? I'd like to move https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/59277-my-enby-fat-exploration-thread to Your Pictures/Videos (Men). Threads there seem to require the user to be logged in, and I'd like that extra bit of privacy. Gender-wise, I'd probably feel more comfortable in the women's section given that those are the only two options, but that seems to be public. Speaker of gender, the only two options in the profile are Male and Female. It'd be great to have an Unspecified option as well. I wouldn't complain about a Non-Binary option either! Thanks!
  2. Thank you! Mind if I ask what your avatar is? It's super cute and reminds me of Mega Man!
  3. Hi all. I created a thread and later realized the thread is visible to the internet without a login. Is it possible to have a thread require a user be logged in to be seen? What about photos? Thanks!
  4. Hey, all. So I'd like to start a thread to share my experience with fat -- namely my own! -- and what I decide to do with it. I'm not really sure where to put it! I'm not really looking to share pictures, though I may. Hopefully "Chit Chat" is an appropriate place to start this thread! If not, I trust the mods to figure out what to do! I've been thin most of my life, and recently started taking some medication to feminize my body fat distribution. As my trans care provider said, I've got low body fat! I took a few weeks off from exercising because I was stressing myself out over it, but I also didn't restrict my food intake. After a few weeks, my belly and waist looked a smidge bigger, and they definitely felt a smidge softer! I feel a little bit of jiggle over my hips as I walk, and my hand sinks in a bit when I put my hand on my hip. My butt seems to look a little fuller, as does my face! Very exciting! And while I intend to start up the exercise again, I also intend to eat even more. And I'm taking measurements and will hopefully share those at some point! Maybe I'll get chubby despite the exercise, and maybe it'll be in a feminine way! We'll see! Cheers everyone!
  5. Not much more to it than that! I keep my scale under a dresser and slide it out to use it. I took a break from exercise the past few weeks and wanted to see what the scale said, since my waist looks a smidge wider and I feel a smidge softer. I pulled out the scale and put it not in the usual place, got on and ... 138! I was around 130 last month and 127 or so before that. Eleven pounds and eight recently 😍 Then I moved the scale to the usual location absentmindedly before getting back on because I wanted to see the fat percentage and stuff. 132! I knew my floors were wonky. I just didn't know how much! I got takeout for dinner tonight, and it came with french toast. I forgot to say no syrup since I have real maple syrup. So I drank the cheap stuff like a shot after!
  6. I know I'm new in town so to speak, and I hope this okay to ask. Have you found that feederism has become sexual for you as well? No worries if you would rather not answer. I've had two experiences as the initial partner who was into the kink, and both times the other person seemed really into it sexually, one the very first time we used it sexually. I can never ask to know with those two people at this point, but I was always curious to know how much they were really into because they became really into it and how much was because they were really into me and I was really into it. Or maybe they both were into everything and anything and that was just the specific thing I brought them. I know being with both of those partners permanently changed -- or at least permanently expanded! -- what I'm into. In the sense that I now seek out those things. But maybe I'm also just into everything and anything given the chance!
  7. Hi, all. I'm Dee. I've been browsing this community since around 2003 or so (or its previous incarnations). I've even posted a few times under different accounts over the years! Over the pandemic, I embraced my non-binary (trans-feminine) gender. I am taking a medication waaaay-the-hell off label that is supposed to promote a feminized body fat distribution without the development of secondary sex traits (i.e. breasts) or loss of function that T promotes. But, to quote my trans care provider, "you have low body fat." Since fatphobia is much less of a thing in trans-friendly spaces than out in the world in general, and since I'm looking to feminize my physique a bit with body fat, and since I'm clearly into this stuff since I'm here, well, I'm contemplating either letting an unintentional gain happen or even -- gasp! -- gaining on purpose. And I'm not really worried about it at this point! If I do it, great. If I gain accidentally, great! If I actively avoid gaining, also great. There are no wrong options for me at this point. To tell a little about my gender, in my mind and heart, I think of myself as either having no gender or as having all the genders, though I am focused on feminizing since my body naturally did the other thing. I do like having some muscle mass -- I'm not strong in my upper body by any stretch of the imagination, though I do a ton of lower leg work to grow my quads, hamstring, glutes max and glutes meds. I want to add calve work as well. A really full lower body feels super femme to me, and I definitely see that in myself. But ya know, fat and muscle would be more me than just muscle, right? As for my presentation, I wear almost exclusively women's clothes at this point, wear eye makeup, wear a fairly feminine hairstyle, and I shave all the places women typically shave except my arms, which I trim. Arm hair grows back in like sandpaper! I'm kind of nerdy and sciency. I have a fancy scale that does body fat and muscle percentages and a tape measure, and I just bought some calipers, because I want data! Anyway, that's me. I'm not sure I'm going to be an active poster or if I might even post some photos if I found a place here that makes sense for me! But I wanted to introduce myself and open that door. I've really enjoyed seeing this place grow as a community over the years. Cheers!
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