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  1. I am looking for a gorgeous BBW in the UK to do a photoshoot with as I love curvey women and I will pay for the food and location all you need is turn up. I will buy your favourite meal/snack/dessert or fast food, I would love to be able to feed you also with photos (face or not) and massage your belly as you do so. 


    I have done photography casual for a couple of years in the Link/Fetish industry to landscapes and modelling 


    If interested PM me or comment or if our know anyone who might be do the same 



  2. I would love to be able to cuddle watching TV whilst feeding you making your beautiful belly stuffed massaging your belly also
  3. I am new to this site but I am loving being here :)

    I currently need to loose weight due to health issues,

    But I want to still cook and feed people as I am a qualified Chef and love cooking

    I am from the West Midlands and looking to see if anyone loves being fed?

    PM me if you want to chat about anything,


    1. PreyToGod


      Hey mate,

      I'm not a feedee (nor a feeder for that matter), but i'd love to have some home cooked meals delivered to my residence if that's not too much trouble.  I'm moving to the UK soon, and i'm not much for cooking. 

    2. Ols23


      Happy just let me know when and where bud and sort of foods you like in a pm


    3. PreyToGod


      please don't be sarcasm 

  4. Never they fit you perfectly in my eyes and your smile shows it all that you don't care x
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