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  1. Hey guys, I got a brand new photo set up for sale! Over 60 photos of me in sexy lingerie. Come check it out
  2. Over 60 photos of me flaunting my huge belly and wearing some sexy lingerie!


  3. Just trying to make my belly super full on a super hot day. In this video I eat a large double cheeseburger meal and 6 nuggets from McDonalds, but it still isn't enough to satisfy my huge appetite. Hope you enjoy!! x


  4. Waiting on approval for a new photoset! Keep your eyes peeled hehe
  5. Sorry for the delayed reply! Yes my face is blurred in the actual photoset too. Sorry! I want to show my face eventually, but for now I need to be careful with my privacy xx
  6. New photoset coming very soon! Just waiting for approval :) 



  7. Over 40 pics of me showing off my huge, chubby belly for you all. Taken in my bedroom in my cute tiny crop top, this is my first pictures of my belly while laying down hehe.


  8. Check out my new photoset of me showing off my huge belly in my car
  9. I stuffed my face with KFC and waddled back to my car and took these pics with my feeder. I was so embarrassed of everyone seeing my huge belly popping out of my shorts!


  10. New photoset of showing my belly off in my car coming very soon! 

    Hope you're keen! :) 


  11. Hey guys, I just uploaded a 13minute clip of me trying on old outgrown clothes and its selling for just $4.99! Hope you enjoy hehe
  12. sailor moon love GIF you're getting so soft

    1. Bigtum101


      Aww thank youu!! ❤️❤️ 

  13. Here is a video of me trying on some outfits that i've overgrown. I used to wear them everyday but due to my belly getting larger and larger, I haven't been able to get them over my fat belly. ❤️❤️❤️ Enjoy x.


  14. Just did a huuge Mcdonalds stuffing and tried on some outgrown clothes!

    Expect a new clip very soon :) 





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