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  1. Just please have her show us her bare belly at some point, even if its after the weight loss in a before-after collage, I'll take whatever at this point.
  2. You're probably more likely to have access to these resources anyway.
  3. Though in all seriousness, to be fair, who wouldn't like a scenario where a stereotypical thot twitch streamer girl starts to get her comeuppance by blowing up like a balloon?
  4. "I'm not bad, I just eat that way"
  5. Anyone wanna post some of it?
  6. I wouldn't have ever really expected her to gain much at all, she looks amazing. One thing I want to ask, has anyone ever noticed a lot of redhead women gain weight in a way sort of like this? A bit bottom heavy, not like the rest of their body is small but it just seems there's a bit more emphasis on their hips and thighs, and not a ton on their belly at the start, like Shannon Purser for example.
  7. Not really sure what you're referring to, but I looked into this and near as I can tell: both of these pictures are from 2013, off of Twitter, so that makes things even more opaque. Though the optimist in this situation could say 'if that's what she looked like five years ago, what does she look like nowadays?' Still, not sure if there are any pics of her from super recent memory.
  8. Wow, she looks amazing, she doesn't look any smaller too, those pants still look painted on.
  9. Yeah, honestly I'm surprised her forum is still idle, she's still gorgeous as ever, and she's had a fantastic gain: (2011) (2013) (2016) (2017)
  10. (Live Version) [Sometimes] Pleasure Heads Must Burn by The Birthday Party
  11. Keep in mind, that's her wearing constricting clothing.
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen: self-gratification and trying too hard (add a couple more gifs sweetheart, i don't think they get it yet). Anyways, she just did a slightly cringy ad with Direct TV, I'll say this, she certainly doesn't look less curvy. Sorry if these aren't high quality enough:
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