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    Well I am not really sure if this is actually an interest or not…but I guess you could say that I just really want to have fun with my partner. Like for example, I am the type of person that would like to take a weekend off and spend it relaxing and drinking while tubing the river, or going to the lake having good food and drinks while water tubing/skiing or riding seado’s/ jet skis around. Or another example would be something like having a romantic night out with dinner, drinks, and maybe spend the night in a hotel or something like that. Or even something like jumping in a hot tub together, having a couple drinks and just relaxing after work. Or even something as simple as playing a board game while getting a little drunk and laughing our asses off!

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    haha..Wow..Just...idono.. HOT HOT HOT!! :P.. OMG!! I am literally just about at a loss for words to try and explain just how insanely hot and increasingly sexy this vid is and just how much even more attractive and sexy you look in this video! like damn girl!! You are literally just overflowing with huge mounds of pure soft and sexy fat just exploding from every which way, like from all over the place, haha like everywhere!! Like no joke about all the food and cream that you just keep eating and stuffing yourself with constantly over and over again with no end in sight non-stop!! haha ..lol because the joke is on you now that you have successfully down right just outgrew literally every single article of clothing that you have in this video!! haha like nothing fits you anymore now that you have intentionally and purposefully forced such huge amounts of pure fat all over your body, in its complete entirety! haha ...Like your incredibly sexy, insanely fat, rapidly growing body just looks completely overrun with fat while you are wearing those bikinis. lol...Like its really actually very very very sexy and insanely hot seeing just how fat your body looks now in those swimsuits!!! hahaha I mean like seriously there is so so so much fat just everywhere its just engulfed all over your body completely swallowing up your bikini bottoms at times that you cant even tell that you are even wearing anything, where on the other hand when you actually do barely catch a glimmer of a tiny bit of clothing it is literally just bulging with fat, like overflowing everywhere with huge amounts of fat busting in every direction, them sometimes just completely exploding out of the bikini as it just cuts crazy deep lines threw huge areas of mounds of pure fat as it literally just just extends and enlarges enormous ares of insanely thick soft flesh out from countless areas all over your entire sexy growing body!! I mean congrats!! lol .. honestly, in my opinion..you look just so insanely sexy and incredibly hot wearing those bikinis on your amazingly fatter body!! Awe video!! Keep up the good work! bc its def showing in a major way!! haha
    In this awesome vid its just so remarkable to see honestly just how much you really love the feeling of stuffing your belly full and feeling bloated and tight! Its really hot to see you enjoy the feeling of eating and stuffing yourself and how insanely excited it makes you as you know and want so so so badly to gain even more weight and grow even fatter as you eat and stuff yourself with more and more fattening foods! I cant wait to watch you really just start blowing up in size and begin and continue to really rapidly gain weight faster and faster! Congrats
    I just love watching you just gain more and more weight as your body just continues to explode with more and more fat! Whats so awesome to see is really just how much you love all your soft blossoming fat and how you can tell that you get excited by and ultimately just are slowing becoming almost like obsessed with your insanely sexy rapidly growing fat that is continuously piling onto your body multiplying and spreading everywhere as you just want to do nothing else but to eat even more food and stuff yourself full of even more calories as you try to gain even more weight and even more incredibly hot pure fat onto your body! Awesome vid! Love how much you just want to gain more weight and become even fatter just so much and how you really want it badly! Very hot to watch!
  1. I have to agree! She is def very sexy!
  2. Just wanted to say Hi! Ive been on this site for a few years now but I guess I never really introduced myself! lol...My name is Grant, I just recently turned 30, I am single, I am from Dallas, Texas, and, Im a feeder and admirer of curvy, fat, and soft beautiful girls! Come say Hi, kik me, or email me! Its been really hard to find a feedee or a girl with this fetish near by me!
  3. ganmark05


    Hey! Welcome to Curvage! I hope you enjoy everyone here!
  4. Hey! Welcome to the site! Cant wait to watch you grow! Awesome first vid on youtube btw!
  5. Hi! Welcome to the site! I am sure you will find many people here that feel the same way about your growing curves! I'm from Dallas so at least that's not that far away and in the same state! lol..oh and I love your pics by the way! Very sexy!
  6. Very awesome start! I would love to help you gain even more! Very sexy gain so far!
  7. I know exactly what you mean! Its been very hard to find someone myself!
  8. Welcome Brianna! And its definitely OK to say that you are a feedee!
  9. Welcome! Very awesome pics! Hope you enjoy it here!
  10. Wow! You look extremely sexy in those pics! The gain looks awesome on you, keep up the great work!
  11. Zarina I completely understand what you mean by that its extremely hard to find someone to date with the same fetish as you. I also have been on FF for a long time and have never really found anyone and especially have never found anyone that was actually near where I live. I have experienced the exact same problems that you have in this area of dating so I really understand what you are saying and how hard it actually is. Anyway I wish you luck and I hope you find someone someday! ps by the way I really enjoy looking at your pics! Very very sexy
  12. Wow! She has gained some and it really looks like she loves eating! awesome find!
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