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  1. Pardon me, but if I may ask, who is this? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5cf7132ec000d This is one of the hottest videos I've ever seen. I'm sincerely sorry if this link doesn't belong here or goes against any policies, curiosity just got the best of me.
  2. Now THERE'S the kind of answer I was looking for lol.
  3. My last thread had nothing to do with curvage models, sharing or distributing paid content, etc. And it wasn't created to discuss the saving and sharing of that content. I was talking about saving pics such as the ones in "curvy women picture compilation" onto your computer for personal use. You guys completely missed the point, derailed the thread with fighting, and now it's fucking locked. Thanks for ruining my simple question. Just know that it wasn't my intention to start anything or host a heated 'debate' over something I wasn't even referring to in the first place.
  4. I should clarify a little here, for some context. I casually mentioned on another site (similar to this one) that I had a folder on my computer with "fat girl" photos in it. I was ridiculed and told it was wrong and creepy to keep photos of girls on my computer whom I've never met or talked to, without their permission. And the photos I'm talking about are not necessarily paid model photos, but general photos that are found online by people and uploaded on this site. I thought it was ridiculous. I was under the impression that 'porn folders' were of the norm for folks around here and in general.
  5. So saving photos from this forum and others like it: is it morally wrong? What are your views on this?
  6. One time I posted a picture of a girl on here. Later on, met a guy on here from the same area as me and found out we had mutual friends. We would just chit chat about having the same fetish in a manly way, like you had brought up. Nothing homosexual going on there. He had mentioned seeing one of the mutual friends' photos on here a long time ago and asked if it was me who posted it. He also had told the girl about it and told her about morphs I made of her and showed them to her when I had shared those with him in confidentiality. And the mutual friend was someone I had already discussed my fetish with privately in detail. How embarrassing? I said I hadn't posted it. :thumbsup: This is a true story.
  7. I'm an FA, I love the weight gain thing, but I've been pondering about trying to have an encounter with a chubby/good looking older woman, or a "cougar" if you will. How does one go about this? This is kind of a mixture fetish thing lol.
  8. costanza


    Great answer, thank you for the response. Looking forward to hearing more lol.
  9. costanza


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