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  1. CurvageLover1234

    Alissa Violet

    Dang never noticed but she has put on a few search out for some more
  2. CurvageLover1234

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Lardass is a correct term
  3. CurvageLover1234

    Female wrestlers

    We need more of Renee Young
  4. CurvageLover1234

    Female wrestlers

    Am I the only person that still remembers when Alexa Bliss became a pudgy girl
  5. CurvageLover1234

    Female wrestlers

    Doesn’t anybody else miss chubby Alexa bliss?
  6. CurvageLover1234

    Female wrestlers

    Alright let’s be honest here, Alexa Bliss didn’t get as chubby as Liv Morgan has, Alexa Bliss chubby phase was brief as for liv shes goin to get fat
  7. CurvageLover1234

    Female wrestlers

    Good lord how does liv get that chubby but yet work for wwe
  8. CurvageLover1234

    Brianna Keilar from CNN

    Dang what a skinny girl turning into a porker
  9. What was yor starter weight and what are u at now?

    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      I don't want to be gross but you may find some elements asking to your first question on her blog over here, instead quote her on an another main page topic (which become sort of redundant) .

      Whom to the second question, she say in the beginning,several months ago, that maybe she desire to weigh 12st/168lbs minimum (whom she just went to outcome recently) or 13st/183lbs maximum, but thought that the way she let herself go is so thrilling like experience she don't even know if she would be capable to stopping her fattening journey hence her goals achieved: this latter thing seem have since then climbing its way through predominance sinc she recently answered a few days ago to someone re-asking the same question than you that she don't have any body weight goals actually.

    2. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

       In April I was about 133 .. I'm 170 now ☺️

  10. CurvageLover1234

    Hayley Mcqueen

    What happened to all the Hayley content lately. Is she not on TV lately? If not she must have sat down and broke a chair!
  11. CurvageLover1234

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Dang she has gotten massive, the reason must be if that if they ever got in bed with she would suffocate him with her massive body. All I want for Christmas is some Hayley McQueen asshots and her body to just keep blimping up.
  12. CurvageLover1234

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Hayley try's so hard to suck it in but eventually her chubby ass just gives up and lets it all hang loose!
  13. CurvageLover1234

    Hayley Mcqueen

    Jeesh Hayley must have just accepted it cause she has a bowling ball gut. Can anyone find Hayley McQueen ass pics or are those to big for a camera.
  14. CurvageLover1234

    Hayley Mcqueen

    She's gotten huge. Her boobs got large, and her gut, and her hips just got big. I am just waiting her dress breaks live. Plus am I the only one that realizes that she hasn't wore the same clothing in the past year like before sometimes you would see her wear some clothing twice but now I think she's just gotten so big she can't wear the same thing twice.