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  1. Ana is hot! What's her full name? I want to see more.
  2. Yeah, compare the first photo you posted with her most recent Instagram video. Her belly has become as fat as both of her boobs put together, if not fatter (and her boobs are substantial). Yet she remains as self-confident in her sexiness as ever. Truly a plus-size goddess.
  3. Also, her ass looks incredible in that pink dress.
  4. She's one of my favorite plus size models, easily in my top 10. Really glad to see her with long hair again (not a huge fan of her short style, but then again I have a personal preference for longer hair on women).
  5. Damn! This might be the sexiest new girl I've seen on here in months. She has more curves than the Pan-American Highway.
  6. I'm in love with her love handles.
  7. Absolutely love her ass. Instant erection generator.
  8. Also: Essie Golden. She got huge, and I love every inch. But I rarely see anyone talk about her.
  9. If you mean Jessica, I think it's partly because she doesn't post a lot on Instagram. But I definitely think she's hotter than a lot of women I see getting more attention in a variety of venues. But no doubt this comes down to personal taste.
  10. I agree 100%. And she also has a cute face.
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