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  1. ^^^ She's looking great as always. Love the belly glimpses in some of these.
  2. She was losing weight a while back, and she's clearly gained it all back (and then a little extra). She looks better than ever IMO.
  3. Her facial expression says, "I am having SO much fun eating whatever I want, wearing tight-fitting clothes, and developing a double chin, arms rolls, and a protruding belly! I know I am fat and sexy and I make you guys hard."
  4. One of my favorite plus size models. Wish we saw more of her.
  5. Her fiance lives in FA heaven. A damned lucky man.
  6. ^^^ Nice love handles there.
  7. ^^^ Agreed. Absolutely LOVE her face and body. She's pretty much perfect, IMO. It would be amazing if she would show some more skin.
  8. She's killing it. Probably my favorite plus size model. I have to admit I'm not a huge fan of the short hairstyle, but I'm biased (I always prefer longer hair on women). Nonetheless, her body and face are to die for.
  9. Of all the plus size models, she might have the sexiest belly.
  10. I discovered her myself recently, and she's amazing. An adorable SSBBW who seems to be enjoying all that life has to offer.
  11. ^^^Love the dimples in her butt cheeks. She can still turn heads w/the best of them.
  12. In that last pic, it looks like she's thinking, "You want me to pull these off, don't you?"
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