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  1. She almost looks big enough to make that boat tilt back. *Cue crashing furniture. * Seriously she looks amazing, top 5 plus size model in my book.
  2. My lord, how did I miss this woman? She is stunning. Gorgeous face and SSBBW dimensions. I will be looking for more.
  3. Goddamn, what a cutie!
  4. I love how she not only has a beautiful face, but she is brazen about showing off ALL of her curves, including her round, ample fertility goddess belly. She often seems to flaunt it like a queen luxuriating in a kingdom where fatness confers high social status.
  5. Good lord. I was always a fan, but she is like a dream come true at this weight.
  6. Looking VERY snug in that outfit. Her hips are like the perfect heart shape. Such a beautiful, happy, plump woman.
  7. This latest gain looks so good on her. That belly and slight double chin...*swoon*
  8. If those Lounge Collective pics are recent her gain is very noticeable compared to a year ago. She looks like she is back to her 2018 weight: Whatever she does she will look amazing to me. But of course as an FA I love the heavier Tabria. The extra layer of fat just accentuates her curves so well.
  9. Tabria has achieved the perfect hourglass figure in my opinion. She is one of the best examples of a woman whose body looks toned but plump and well-fed at the same time. It's like she alternates between going to the gym and going to the bakery a few times a day. Incredibly sexy, round but firm womanly curves.
  10. Her belly is about to break the buttons on this dress: https://www.instagram.com/p/CaSuzlosX6L/
  11. Agreed. You can see the hint of a double chin developing. She is clearly eating well and taking it easy on the exercise front. Extremely sexy.
  12. Good lord. https://www.instagram.com/p/CaNTcMPu8X9/
  13. She's definitely in my top five plus size models, if not top three. Very close to my personal ideal of feminine beauty.
  14. All beautiful. I particularly love the last two girls. They are both killing it with those hourglass figures in the red dress.
  15. She finally let her beautiful belly hang out unconcealed. I think the only other time she showed it was that sex scene in that BET show. Glorious.
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