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  1. She had a recent vlog that shows her weighing in at over 288 lbs. She is still plenty big.
  2. She looks like she eats a whole wedding cake for breakfast every morning with a KFC jumbo bucket on the side...and maybe a box of donuts, IHOP family feast, and a Chicago style deep dish pizza drizzled with bacon grease for lunch and dinner, plus a hot fudge sundae and a milkshake for dessert. And as she packs it on she just gets sexier. Such a powerhouse of a woman. I hope she has a lover who worships her like she deserves.
  3. Is she at her fattest yet? She looks amazing in those pics.
  4. I agree. She doesn't try to hide her belly at all. She knows it's hot and she flaunts it.
  5. My favorite part is 10:10-10:25. Sexy profile shot and she grinds her belly into her friend.
  6. God damn! That combination of very pretty face, ample breasts, and big fertility goddess belly is just insanely hot. One of the sexiest women I've seen on this forum in months. 10/10
  7. Look who just got married.
  8. Is this the biggest her belly has been? Either way she looks hot as hell.
  9. She is in the elite tier of plus size models. Her face is drop dead gorgeous, and her thick ass, hips, and little layer of extra belly fat are just off the charts sexy. Surprised she hasn't been wooed yet by some super-wealthy FA to live a life of luxury.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPjH_ikASu-/
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