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  1. She still has a sexy pot belly (even though she tries to hide it).
  2. Her ass and thighs are A++.
  3. ^^^ Love the rolls where her thighs meet the fabric.
  4. How did I miss her? She's hot AF.
  5. Her belly looks amazing in those pics.
  6. Damn. Those thighs could make the pavement shake. Very cute face and banging body. A+
  7. She really seems to have gained. Amazing views of her back fat and belly at 3:34-4:10.
  8. Jesus Christ! Are you sure those aren't morphs?
  9. Yeah, she's smiling in that first pic like, "Sitting down is SO comfortable when your ass is as wide as a couch cushion."
  10. Now that is a real plus size woman! Very hot.
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