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  1. She was always gorgeous, but she looks better than ever IMO.
  2. This woman is like the goddess Venus, as depicted by Rubens (who inspired my screen name) come to life:
  3. Lord have mercy. She is bursting out of those clothes. So hot.
  4. Respectfully disagree. If you go to bmivisualizer.com and put in her height (5 feet eight inches or 172 cm), she looks significantly thicker than the maximum weight allowed of 275 lbs/125 kg. She is easily 290 if not more.
  5. I'll just say that the sequence from 11:55-12:20 is very hot, especially 12:03-12:06.
  6. Jesus fucking christ she looks amazing in that last set of pics.
  7. Absolutely incredible pictures. She really just gets better and better.
  8. I think you're the one who needs to read the room. Read through the posts on the plus size model forum of this site, and tell me how many talk about what they want to do to the model sexually. Almost nobody does that, because we are here to discuss and enjoy pictures of the models, not read about your fantasies of what you want to do them. Your comment was gross and bordered on a description of sexual assault. Keep that creepy shit to yourself.
  9. Why do you guys need to ruin this thread by being creepy? Show some respect for her.
  10. Erica looks incredible in those pics. The second one in the red dress might be my favorite pic of her ever.
  11. If she said "women shouldn't get boob jobs" and then got one, maybe it would be fair to call her a hypocrite, but she never said that. You're assuming body positivity means she can't change her body as she sees fit, which I think is not called for. She's only a hypocrite if you assume body positivity means a person can't change their body if they choose, which is a huge (and, I think, false) assumption. Also, frankly, it's none of our damned business what she does with her body.
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