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  1. She must be pushing 280-300 by now. I love it.
  2. Yes! Hottest Brazilian plus size model I've seen in a while. More, please.
  3. I like her subtle love handles. She would look amazing with another twenty pounds or so.
  4. Pretty face and a very impressive ass. *Thumbs up*
  5. She is as hot as she's ever been IMO. Love how the extra weight accentuates her hips. Beautiful face. One of the top plus size models.
  6. I hear you. I do wonder what this means for what pictures we post on which forums, though.
  7. I've noticed that this forum (Plus Size Models) is becoming harder to distinguish from the generic forum (Curvy Women Pictures). Back in the era of Mode Magazine, when the industry was first taking off, there was a clear distinction between what plus size models like Barbara Brickner and Kate Dillon were doing and BBW porn stars in Big Butt Magazine, or later XL Girls, Bodacious Magazine, etc. Although that is still true to some extent (nobody would confuse Ashley Graham for Sofia Rose), there is now a large gray area opened up by Instagram. We now have a lot of "plus size" modeling that isn't clearly tied to a particular modeling agency or clothing line (although most of the women we post about on this forum do work in modeling in some capacity). For example, isn't this woman (https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/41145-dominican-american-feedee-babygirl55/) essentially doing BBW porn? To be clear, I'm not being moralistic here. I think both plus size modeling and BBW porn are great. But it seems like "plus size model" becomes meaningless when it encompasses everything. I propose the following distinction: 1) Plus Size Models Fashion models who are at least a size 10 or larger. (Admittedly, this is based on the industry's fat-phobic standards. Maybe we should say size 12. But whatever.) Most of these women are professional fashion models, i.e. they work for modeling agencies and they promote specific clothing lines and/or beauty products. There are also women on Instagram who self-identify as plus size models, and who like to wear plus size fashion, but who aren't doing it for money. I guess we could also call them plus size models, but it seems like the decisive criterion is that fashion is involved (i.e., it is not only about their bodies, but also what they are wearing). 2) Curvy Women Pictures All other curvy/fat/BBW women, however we want to define that. This includes women who post sexy photos of themselves online, but who are not doing professional fashion modeling. This could include porn stars, but it could also include all types of amateurs and Instagram users. What do you all think? Does this make sense?
  8. She looks amazing in that pic with the wine glass. Hottest Asian plus size model (or plus size model of Asian descent, whatever) out right now IMO.
  9. I usually don't go for blondes (don't take that the wrong way). But she is easily one of my favorite plus size models. Beautiful face and extremely arousing body.
  10. She looks very appetizing in that pink dress.
  11. Her name is Laura Lee. Here is her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/misslauraleej/
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