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  1. Romekia Brown is a plus size model from Phoenix, Arizona. She is one of my favorite models in the SSBBW weight range. Truly a belly lover's dream.
  2. Good question. The contrast with Mayara Russi really shows how curvy and ultra-feminine her shape is. She's got it all: hips, belly, boobs, and a pretty face. Any more pics with the girl first from left, other than the (also great) one Gourami posted above? Those two are like the perfect XXL bookends to the L and XL girl pair in the middle.
  3. ^^^ The booty shaking around 8:42 is the highlight of that vid.
  4. Lol. She does sound fat (in a good way).
  5. Looking at well-fed, voluptuous women with pretty faces never gets old.
  6. Amazing. Her belly is so round now that she is joking about looking pregnant (see the second video near the bottom). Any guesses on how much she weighs now?
  7. I absolutely love her chubby belly and pouty lips. She looks extremely kissable.
  8. She is so damn sexy and cute.
  9. She must be pushing 280-300 by now. I love it.
  10. Yes! Hottest Brazilian plus size model I've seen in a while. More, please.
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