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  1. Those muffin top belly rolls spilling over her waistline are sexy AF.
  2. Is that a morph? She is so fat now it's hard to tell. Either way, sexy!
  3. Easily the hottest photoshoot she's done since this one (I think from 2016): https://impishlee.com/morgan/ Anyway, she looks as hot as ever. These new pics get a 10/10 from me.
  4. Those pants flatter her fat ass so beautifully.
  5. She has such a gorgeous belly, ass, slight double chin, and a wonderfully thick overall body shape. Perfection.
  6. She gets my vote for "sexiest boxer of 2021." https://www.instagram.com/p/CKT7lB4jbhX/
  7. She looks amazing in tight jeans. The way her fat ass and belly stretch the denim is so sexy.
  8. Incredible belly views in this video from last month:
  9. How much do you all think she weighs? I'm guessing she is at least 270-280 lbs., if not pushing 300. Thoughts?
  10. She looks bigger than ever and she is flaunting it. Incredible gain and so sexy.
  11. Has she ever shown that much skin before? Either way, I love it. Rolling around in bed with her would be like heaven on earth.
  12. Yes, Lord! I was hoping she would open that robe and she granted my wish. Such a sultry and fat bombshell of a woman. Also, am I the one who sees a slight resemblance to Billie Holiday?
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