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  1. ^^^ Those jiggles are adorable.
  2. ^^^ I'm not sure why, but both of those versions of the video stop at 0:42. They cut out the best part, visible at the 0:46-0:49 mark on Instagram. She is bending over to take a shot at a pool table, and her man wraps his arms around her to guide the pool stick. She is so wide that he can barely wrap his arms around her. This is some top-grade FA eye candy,
  3. Now THAT is how you fill out some XXL leather pants.
  4. Gotta love public sex toy reviews.
  5. More evidence of her growing belly. In the caption, she wrote: "Guess what y’all... I GOT BELLY! And I won’t apologize for it."
  6. She looks enormous. Somebody needs to do a "before and after" picture series documenting her gain. Incredibly hot.
  7. She is looking bigger than ever. So sexy.
  8. She really looked incredible at her 2017/2018 weight. Also loved the longer hair. She still has an amazing body and face, although I'm not a fan of the short hairstyle (this has nothing to do with natural vs. straight, I just think longer looks better on her). A gorgeous woman either way.
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