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  1. Looking like Hermione Granger after a botched weight spell
  2. A little yoga before her next meal 😉
  3. Some stills from her latest stuff
  4. Twinkle twinkle tubby star 😍
  5. Always nice to see her next to a thin girl, together they make the number ten 😉 Thin girl thoughts: It’s just a kiss 😘 she might be starving but no way is she eating me 😣
  6. Ready for her first day of school, uniform and all. Considering the size it had to be special ordered so Loey would have it in time. 😒 Clique: The fat kids group, teased by the popular girls and ready to eat her feelings. She’ll try out for cheerleading but Loey is definitely a base pyramid girl. 😍 Who knows maybe a spot in band will open up and she won’t need a drum given her belly or the school may need a new mascot. 😉
    I don’t usually buy these videos but the description pulled me in and I have no regrets. Lauren is sexy from start to finish with her embarrassment and anger at her boyfriend. She’s more than happy to prove her point by showing off everything and changing her mind about the situation. This is one video of Lardass Lauren you do not want to miss! 😍
  7. Diana smiles for 3 reasons: They had the outfit in her size 😅 She didn’t have to be Mrs. Claus 🤶 Unlike the other girls, she can sit down and avoid flop sweat 💦
  8. Barely fitting all the girls, thank the photographer for a wide lens
  9. Still a bbw and who says you need new pjs? They still fit
  10. Caption Idea: Director: ”Quickly ladies! Diana up the stairs please!” Diana: “Can’t I just be in front? 😞” with a whiny tone Director: “No we’ve been over this! You can’t block the other girls!” *Other girls laugh while Diana waddles her way up* Diana’s thoughts: “We’ll see who’s laughing after I lose the weight 😒......hope the buffet is still open after this it’s been an hour since lunch!”
  11. Caption ideas: ”Guys I have an announcement“ “I’m really excited to say....” “I’ve decided to become the future Mrs. Blubber!”
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