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  1. Daaaayyyuuuummmmmm fat as everrr 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
  2. Lmao. It was from a facebook post. Chill.
  3. These are a lot better than morphs I think lol. They all look hot bigger. http://likes.com/celebs/what-celebrities-would-look-like-with-extra-curves?utm_campaign=ml&v=54bKqJDe8611IS0ArxxdYG851ywLPT74uQw&utm_medium=ml&utm_source=ml32&utm_term=3331516&page=1 Have fun
  4. julz1356

    Anyone recognize her?

    With all the weirdos these days that could be anyone but she does type like imogeneize. Looks like her face in the dp . Hopefully she's back!
  5. julz1356

    Who's this? Fat Merill?

    i think it is chubbyheartbreaker
  6. http://bigcuties.com/ im surprised.
  7. julz1356


    she will eventually pop by if she's lost the centre of attention in her real life.
  8. julz1356


    i knew it was a name like that lol do you have any old videos of her?
  9. julz1356


    http://fantasyfeeder.com/cms/infusions/profiles/view.php?lookup=114508 if anyone knows who this is, please do tell me if you have any of her older/newer videos..
  10. julz1356

    fatfrogco88.. wow

    you sir, are a hero.
  11. julz1356

    Jessica Simpson

    i saw in a magazine about her rapid weight gain, it so happens that she is 189 lbs at 5'3....now..thats just pure sexiness no?.. lol
  12. julz1356

    fatfrogco88.. wow

    the one who had a tattoo on her hips right? she gained a lot of weight on youtube too! sad to see her gone
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