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  1. Best guess is that she is a relative of the brunette who comes to stay and learns more about the family curse. The pyjamas she's wearing look to be the same as the ones worn by the main character in the first episode and she seems to be sleeping in her room as well so I'm thinking she's somehow affected by the same curse, albeit in a slightly different way. This is all just guesswork tbh as I've never been able to find the episodes with English subtitles or a detailed plot description online.
  2. The series is called "Angelica"; basically the plot is that the brunette is an overweight girl who wakes up one day thin and throughout the first season changes from thin to fat at random, she discovers that it is a family curse passed down through the women in her family and she must find someone who will fall in love with her no matter what she looks like. The prosthetics they used for her are pretty good, there's behind the scenes videos on YouTube. It's been featured on here before, the entire first season is on YouTube as well, no subtitles unfortunately.
  3. From Jay-Tee FAArtist on DeviantArt. Can you imagine if the show had continued but Melissa McCarthy and Katy Mixon were at their current weights? There'd come the inevitable episode in Season 8 or 9 were Victoria and Molly are the same size or even that she becomes the bigger sister.
  4. In episode 5 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina "Dreams in a Witch House", there is a scene with Zelda (Miranda Otto) wearing a fat suit and facial prosthetics. I'm not going to spoil what happens in the episode so I won't post screengrabs. Caution; the scenes are brief and since the show is a horror, be wary.
  5. The only parts worth watching are literally 2-3 seconds long in each video and the "effects" are about as effective as shoving a pillow under your shirt. They're not worth watching unless you've got 5 minutes of your life that you don't mind losing
  6. No record of the play or the playwright online
  7. Trying to find a show that had a scene featuring weight gain/body expansion using prosthetic makeup. The scene was on YouTube for a minute before being removed; I'll do my best to describe the scene. The show is Russian, Polish or Western European. The scene takes place in what looks like the food court of a mall. A blonde woman in a pink sweater is having lunch with a bald guy. She takes a bite out of her fries and suddenly starts to blow up with particular emphasis on her face. A quick cut to the guy and back to the woman who is now twice the size and was before. She gets up from the table and runs off. Any ideas on what this show was called?
  8. Well to be fair she is pregnant and they obviously couldn't put her in a full fat suit, that would put too much strain on her
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