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  1. O/A can we agree it's okay to hope for further WG because that's what we're (I'm) into, yet support and admire her for doing what she feels is right for herself? Of course she's still gonna be awesome and beautiful at whatever size, but I'm here because I like to see big, soft, round gals get moreso. I don't see a contradiction.
  2. mal57

    BC Ash

    Not looking for lunar satellites or small bodies of water, but after the 7th or 8th two-minute, dimly lit, visibly bored belly rub close-up I wonder how she can still charge fans money with a straight face. Walk around. Put on an outfit. Change the camera angle. Talk. Something. Her podcast and insta shows a charming, engaged, thoroughly lovely and beautiful person. Her BC is like someone being held hostage.
  3. mal57

    BC Ash

    Her BC content is frankly not great (being kind) but every once in a while she drops these stunner pics on Instagram.
  4. She's saying on Instagram she's lost weight...? https://www.instagram.com/p/COVvFzTHbSx/
  5. Those arms!!! What a lucky hubby she's got.
  6. Yet half a dozen people were discussing it so I guess it was interesting to somebody, right? This thread is about Tess. She has a lot of tattoos. We talk about her tattoos. We know it's her choice. Take a Xanax.
  7. God forbid people discuss stuff he's not interested in because it's so hard to just keep scrolling.
  8. Basically what the other guys (I assume they're guys) said, that I find a woman's bare skin sexy and I'm not into anything that covers it up. All respect tho to women who want to tattoo themselves wherever and however, I'm all about doing what you want with your body. Just my personal preference.
  9. I don't like ink on women so I mourn every new tattoo she gets, but this video is a nice consolation prize: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNqMousn810/
  10. Nice find! She looks great, I wonder how she's doing now...
  11. Crazy counter-theory: He's not an FA and tried to control her eating and body (if unsuccessfully) and this is her revenge... Or He is an FA who tried to control her eating and body, which sounds counter-intuitive but that's the kind of shit toxic dudes do, whatever their preference.
  12. Yeah, a huge letdown! Oh well, she rarely disappoints for long...
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