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  1. Elise Finch from CBS Local News streaming (NYC).
  2. Took my nieces to the last Jurassic Park and I swear she was the only thing I enjoyed in that POS movie.
  3. When you own a restaurant called Butter....
  4. mal57

    Kirsty Alley

    She was super-curvy in her SNL appearance BITD. I still remember her spoofing then-popular diet maven Susan Powter... Stuffed into a leotard, her hips and thighs were huge. Her Showtime show Fat Actress is also worth checking out. It's not a good show on any level besides the fact a lot of the story lines are about her weight (see: title) and she wears some pretty daring stuff. Veronica's Closet starred Alley and another of my all-time fave plus-sized actresses, Kathy Najimy (who's since slimmed down, drat), but they always dressed the two of them in huge, flowy layered dresses that hid all the good stuff.
  5. That double chin is a good barometer, no matter how much clothes she's wearing.
  6. Even at 5'2", 250# is a little conservative, no?
  7. The only highlight! Otherwise a total PoS.
  8. Supercut with slo-mos of that beach scene... https://we.tl/3HgMXHCpbq
  9. It's all good; casual biking around the 'hood isn't gonna burn much and if anything will help boost her appetite.
  10. Chubby chick photo trick #238: Always put one leg in front of the other when facing the camera...
  11. Yeah, I never got why that's a thing here (or on bbwchan, etc). Her personality and personal morality are meaningless to me. Picasso was a shitty person too and I can still like his paintings.
  12. mal57

    Carla Jimenez

    She looks immense in this, love it.
  13. Not to me. Eye of the beholder and all that. Trust me, most of society would consider her unacceptably fat even back then.
  14. Jesus, like something straight out of my fantasies. She seems to get bigger with every video, I feel like she's right at the cusp of full-on BBW status.
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