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  1. mal57

    Erica Lauren

    Wow, I love these! You can really see her size when she's not perfectly Insta-posed.
  2. I just googled her and Curvage comes up on page 6. I have a feeling a plugged-in public figure like her would be aware of us. Obsessive as we are, everyone here has been pretty respectful and positive, and she seems pretty confident about her size... So while she may or may not feel "honored" by it, I doubt she loses much sleep over it either. Clicks are clicks these days, right?
  3. Agreed, and she's posing in a way where she's obviously trying to look narrower. If she really thickens up again it just might reaffirm my faith in a benevolent universe.
  4. Latest offering in her Midnight Snack series is short but worthy, if just for the opening few seconds.
  5. mal57

    BC Ash

    The superfithero campaign is the greatest. Dunno about "super fit" but they're heroes.
  6. Lord have mercy... So much greatness in this video, we're unworthy. I should send her a gift basket for taking my mind off this fucking election this morning.
  7. Great find. I'm obsessed with big Indian women lately.
  8. mal57

    Opera Singers

    Very nice — thanks!
  9. Here's hoping she doesn't have it removed like certain other AGT models.
  10. Shhh! Keep it to yourself, she might be listening!
  11. I saw a few clips from last show and seriously thought that was Aidy Bryant, but not... Weird.
  12. I thought the weight-loss coach thing was a joke...?
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