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  1. Any Texas ladies in the house looking for a feeder? 😁😁😁👀👀🤪🤪

  2.  Any Dallas lady’s here? I’m trying to feed someone 😍😍😘

  3. Showing my face on here because I wanna stuff my future wify 😘

  4. Any stuffers that have some legging pics?! 😍😍 I’m craving belly’s in tight clothing 

  5. How did some of y’all get into weight gain? 🤔

  6. Any leggings pics ? 😍😍😍

  7. what girl do I have to feed to get some legging pics? 😘😘😍

    1. Loveinthebelly
    2. Loveinthebelly


      And yes, the first pic I have leggings on...I just pull them up so high so they can “hide” my huge belly (NOT!!!)



    3. regbill


      You couldn't hide that belly even if you tried.;)

  8. I just wanna see some high waist leggings and belly’s 😢

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