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  1. bgilroy

    Female wrestlers

    The Road Life. 2015/16 to Now
  2. bgilroy

    Christina Aguilera

    What would make this video better if she was wearing the same outfit from the Dirrty video in her current form. One can only imagine
  3. bgilroy

    Rhea Durham

    One can only hope, however unlikely that she will be the new Keely Shaye Smith
  4. bgilroy

    Mariah Carey

    I doubt the legitimacy of this story considering the source, the daily mail is the poster child for fake news
  5. bgilroy

    Amanda Fuller (Last Man Standing)

    Unemployment suits her well
  6. bgilroy

    Kelly Clarkson

    Her new song is called Love so Soft, I love that she is so soft
  7. bgilroy

    Local news and weather babes with more padding

    Chivon Klepfler
  8. bgilroy

    Female wrestlers

    Nia is supposed to be on Total Divas, its a crap show but getting to see her in normal clothes that are not holding everything in to look "slimmer" will hopefully make the show worth watching
  9. bgilroy

    Chanelle Hayes

    Funny now earlier in her pregnancy she claimed to have lost weight
  10. bgilroy

    Nelly Furtado

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4639352/Nelly-Furtado-dons-bralet-star-print-jumpsuit-Pride.html not getting thinner
  11. bgilroy

    Female wrestlers

    I think it's just the angle plus a selfie makes things look slimmer
  12. bgilroy

    Emily Deschanel

    I am waiting to hear she is pregnant again. She was certainly thinner post baby 1 & 2 so the recent gain is unexpected and welcomed. I guess she is embracing unemployment hopefully she doesn't fade from the public view once Bones ends in a few weeks
  13. bgilroy

    Katy Mixon

    She's hot, unfortunately the show isn't that good
  14. bgilroy

    Female wrestlers

    I don't think the WWE would be rude, because they wouldn't want to upset her cousin the Rock. Because they want him to keep coming around they will play nice
  15. bgilroy

    Female wrestlers

    Especially with women on the WWE main roster they will always be somewhat soft as a consequence of spending 5 days a week on the road. In NXT you never went to far so you could always get a workout and stick to your diet, on the road not so easy