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  1. Little pig Little pig let me come inย 

    Let me whipe sauce of your chinny chin chin

    Let me feed you till your face goes redย 

    Then I'll lie you down on the bedย 

    Whilst I cook you another delicious treatย 

    You have an hour and then wake up little pig it's time to eat!!!!!ย 

  2. So. There's four cheesecakes in the fridge that need eating :P wish I had a good little piggy ๐Ÿท too feed them tooย 

  3. Okay so about 7 years ago I slept with a fat girl for the first time and omg the way her huge body felt it was so soft and squishy and her breathing quickly became heavy and she became very sweaty I loved every minute of it. She then ordered 2 large pizzas wings doughballs and cookie dough to my room she gobbled her pizza and her share of wings and doughballs Oh and wedges smothered in sauce followed by the cookie dough and she said she was full but I still had half a pizza left so I said surely you could eat some more she said no but I pressed the pizza against her lips and she took a bite I wanted to push her to the limit she finished my pizza aswell. Wish I'll get the chance to feed someone else someday!!ย 

  4. So I was at tge shop when I looked up in front of me was a girl and she was huge with big round legs and a massive jiggly belly and boobs that were just to big to describe I looked into the basket she was carrying and it was filled with cheesecakes and other fatty teats man I wanted to just put her on a bed and feed her like a good little piggy ๐Ÿทย 

  5. I love gaining women it's just so hotย 

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