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    Ok so whatever i write here will not do it justice and the reason it has taken me so long to write it is because well i think 30s was my best in one go, enough said. But everything from the outfit, for me its that bulge in the lower belly in skirt like that that got me into this in the first place and will always blow my mind but is actually exceedingly rare to see! The concept is something many of us can only dream of but with the acting, the outfit the setting it is literally the dictionary definition of perfect, its like finding the holy grail. I cant quite believe it exists but it does, its real and it is INCREDIBLE!!
    I am BROKEN!!! This clip is not fair! I mean firstly there has never been a more perfect belly ever, genuinely unique, breathtaking and just do damn round honestly it looks fit to burst! If that wasn’t enough this time dipping into tole play sends it into the stratosphere. The concept, the playful acting it’s the ultimate fantasy just presented right there in front of you in the most amazing button bursting outfit and the skirt does funny things to me too. I just hope this is the beginning of something very special!! incredible!!!
  1. Omg are you literally trying to kill me?! As if all the stuff before wasn’t off the chart insane, now you throw in a role play.. and a secretary one! I can’t cope just looking at the pictures!! You are literally too much!!
  2. Honestly it’s the hottest thing to hear you describing yourself, talking about your bum and belly like they’re separate entities! Just incredible!!
  3. Oh good lord what have you done?! Honestly you don’t know what you’ve just done to me!! You’ve made my birthday Christmas and new year tight there, honestly Jess thank you so much, could not be more perfect! You look absolutely fit to BURST!
  4. These are like the ultimate poses especially that 2nd one. Just wondered if you'd consider going a step further where you're flat on your back or as close to it where we cant see your face behind your huge bulging belly, maybe after one of your megastuffins?! Thanks so so much for continuing to produce the most amazing content!!
    I love this clip!! The whole thing just feels so temptingly candid almost like parts of it might even been a little bit based on reality! The outfit she comes back looks genuinely fit to burst open but definitely like an outfit someone might wear to meat the girls after piling on a few quarantine pounds it’s like she’s trying to hide it but at the same time a part of her is intrigued about what they might say. The chat is intimate and playful and when she releases the belly wow! Genuinely looks much bigger in the video and the s way she slaps it is almost too much to bare! Let’s hope there’s another girls night soon maybe this time at a buffet!
  5. Wow you’re certainly stretching those seams! Will you update us on how it goes and what people say?
    Now this is really going above and beyond! If you’re into clips where models push their limits and let’s face it who isn’t, this is definitely the clip to buy!! Everything is pushing it’s limits from her jeans my word they knees a round of applause for holding on for dear life they look like they’re literally about to bust at the seams,. She seams to be expanding with every mouthful literally spilling out of them threatening to Danny right burst out of them in a way you could only dream would happen in the middle of a busy restaurant! Once free a d clearly in discomfort she is just willing herself to go further pushing more and more inside herself and those groans it genuinely sounds like she feels she might explode at any moment and yet she eats and eats more and more!! I genuinely don’t know if or how she’d be able to stand up after that, I suspect she may be left there like a beached whale for a while yet!!
    Well kitty has been bad but I get the impression from this clip she kinda likes it, but honestly the volume she takes and what happens to her belly are almost in cartoon proportions!! She genuinely seams to have difficulty moving after this, she can’t seam to stand up straight and her stomach literally looks fit to burst! I get the impression she was in a hurry to make the most of it afterwards as you will be but it looks like it would be a long waddle to the bedroom first!! An epic clip!!
  6. You have an incredible bum and I love the idea of all the jiggling and bending as you work out but especially if it maybe encourages a bigger appetite and some epic cheat meals/days/weeks lol! But I think fir me if I’m Honest it’s about your softness your shape and the extra really. Hope that’s ok and completely just my opinion I think it’s ultimately what makes you feel best!
  7. I think we’re definitely on the same page with this, for me it’s not about how much you actually eat or what the scales or the tape measures say it’s more about engaging with the fantasy and you take that to another level!!
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