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    The button popping was great but the rest was just okay. I'm not saying she needs to gain for me to buy, but she's not any bigger right now, so people tight on money who really like that aspect should wait. The video ends at the best part where you get a better idea of her size.
    Considering how big she is now, she is surprisingly flexible. Though I'm not sure how long that will last after watching this video. She is definitely struggling to maintain her poses and it's clear that she is nothing short of surprised just how out if shape she really is...which is very. She is too fat for most of those poses now and if she can't get her appetite under control (which has obviously increased; just look at her), I seriously think she runs the risk of retiring from yoga completely. She should be glad she didn't try this in a yoga class. She is so beautiful and looking down right fat in this video. Lots of good angle changes that really show her bloated body, round face, and her big wide fat ass. Very sexy video.
    This is really sexy. She is really getting big. The shapewear can't really hide how big her belly is now, and her fat round ass will never be able to be slimmed down for anyone to ever think that she is anything other than a fat gir now. Her face is getting so round too, and she is definitely aware of it. There are moments in the video where she looks like she can't believe she really got this fat. This is a simple but really hot video, and the editing is good.
    I never get tired of Shar's Cream Specials. This video is a masterpiece. Some incredible shots of Shar are throughout the video and she looks bigger, rounder, hungrier and as beautiful as ever!
    Hot! Shar is really picking up the pace and gives us what we want in this video. Five Stars !
    Shars on holiday and looking amazing. Definitely This one is the new favorite. I love all the different shots and angles.
    Loved it. Fun story, lots of eating and great angles that really show off Shar's size...huge! My favorite video
    Hungry and now massive...and getting fatter. This is one of my favorites. It will be one of yours too. Love how round Shars face is getting; wow.
    I love this one. All the cartoony science lab sounds in the background are hilarious. I like when Shar is being weird and showing is her humorous side. Oh, and my god is she looking huge in this; how round her face is getting! 5 stars
    This has a great voyeuristic quality that shows Bunny being calm and looking absolutely huge and absolutely beautiful. If you want the chance to look at beauty enjoying herself with a piece of cake on her balcony, then this is a good video for you.
    I love it. She's gorgeous and fat and really shows you how much she loves good food.
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