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    Absolutely astounding! Bella has never looked better! Watching her shove all of that pizza into that beautiful face is enough to make any feeder crazy. Plenty of VERY good angles in this one. Highly recommend! Thank you, Bella!
    Absolutely amazing! Watching this beautiful woman grow curvier and sexier with every update keeps me coming back for more. Thank you for sharing this amazing content with us, CandiI!
    This was absolutely AMAZING! Hoping to see more sexy eating vids like this in the future. Billie really carry the weight perfectly and that growing belly has never looked better. Thank you!
    Kaybear has never looked more amazing than in this video. After stuffing herself full she is practically bursting out of her underwear and putting away donuts until she’s burping uncontrollably! This is any feeders dream and I highly recommend watching. Thank you for the amazing content, Kaybear!
    Absolutely amazing! Kitty continues to blow me away with that beautiful growing figure. Watching her stuff herself to the limit while practically busting out of those tight clothes is any feeders dream come true. Kitty has the perfect body for packing on the pounds and I’m so grateful for getting to experience this amazing journey. Thank you, beautiful! Keep up the great work!
    Kitty, you continue to amaze with every update. I hope everyone checks out this super sexy vid because it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen on this or any other site. There’s nothing hotter than watching Kitty snack on her bed while literally popping out of her clothes. The competition between the booty and belly has me begging for more. Thank you Kitty! We don’t deserve you.
    Absolutely the hottest vid I’ve experienced in a while. Perfect feedee attitude and just devours so much food. Highly recommend checking this one out. Looking more and more amazing with every added pound. Thank you, beautiful!
    Absolutely amazing to see Kayla’s growing figure bursting out of tight clothes! Thank you for letting us follow you on this amazing journey and for continuing to put out the best content. Looking forward to watching you grow in to next year!
    Kitty has never looked better! That beautiful face and growing curves make this an absolute must see. You continue to blow us away, Kitty. Thank you and keep up the great work!
    Omg Kitty you are astonishing. The way you carry your newly added weight is absolutely amazing! I recommend all who are following this incredible journey to check out this video. Thank you, Kitty! You continue to blow us away with every update!
    This was literally the most amazing body jiggles that I’ve ever seen. Words cannot accurately describe how perfect Kitty’s growing figure is looking. You can almost feel how much heavier she is getting watching her shake around in this vid.m! Grade A+++ content as always. Keep up the great work, beautiful!
    Kitty continues to amaze with every new video. Nothing beats that beautiful smile and jaw droppingly beautiful figure. 10/10 would highly recommend this video. Thank you, Kitty! Keep up the great work!
  1. You bet we find them hot! Tiger stripes, love lines, stretchies, whatever you want to call them - nothing proves how dedicated you are to developing into a big beautiful bombshell as much as those beautiful stretch marks. They honestly look damn good on you and I hope you wear them with pride. I’ve never seen anyone wear them as beautifully as you do.
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