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    Bella continues to blow me away with her growing curves and appetite. This is one of the hottest vids I’ve ever seen, watching her stuff her already full belly, tits and thighs busting out of the strained fabric of her shorts and buttoned down shirt. I’m super excited for the next part of this series. Keep eating, beautiful! You’re becoming sexier with every pound!
    First, I’m so happy to see Hayden posting here on Curvage. Having followed her over the years and watched her amazing transformation has been a feeders dream. She carry’s every pound perfectly and I can’t wait to see many more pounds to come. I highly recommend this and her other clips - high quality weight gain. Keep up the great work beautiful! We love you!
    Amazing! KittyPiggy continues to impress with her endless appetite - and it’s really showing. Keep up the great work beautiful!
    This is one of the hottest vids I’ve seen. Watching her teasingly eat the cookies before downing the heavy cream made me weak. I can’t get enough of that beautiful soft belly and amazing figure. Keep it up beautiful! The extra weight looks amazing!
    AMAZING clip! Blossom is really blossoming into one hell of a beautiful woman. Watching her stuff herself full of cake with all of her perfect curves jiggling in all the right places is enough to make any feeder weak. That belly is just so freakin grabable. Keep up the great work beautiful! You carry the weight perfectly!
    Shar knocks it out of the park in this super sexy fridge raid. She stuffs her sexy belly, nearly bursting at the end. All of the lbs are going to all of the right places and it’s so awesome watching her grow bigger, softer and sexier with every video. Looking forward to many more sexy vids like this to come!
    KittyPiggy knocks it out of the park with this one! The way she downs an entire gain shake is any feeders dream come true. Really makes you just want to grab and jiggle that beautiful growing belly. KP you are quickly becoming the hottest bbw I’ve ever seen! Your curves grow sexier with every pound gained. Keep up the great work!
    Loved every minute of this awesome vid. Really shows how massive Kyra is becoming. Watching her jiggle and grab her enormous growing belly is such a turn on. Highly recommend this one!
    So glad to finally get to see that magic number! Still can't get enough of Kyra's beautiful growing curves. Knowing how much serious poundage she has piled on over the months makes this experience even more unbelieveable. Kyra truly is any feeders dream come true. I find myself checking for her incredible updates on a daily basis. I'm hooked and couldn't be happier. Keep up the amazing work beautiful!
    Kyra continues to blow me away with every video. The amount of calories that she is able to fill her body with and how she is so gorgeous doing it, makes this the hottest content I've seen. This beauty is any feeders dream come true. Please keep up the great work Kyra. Your fans adore you.
    Kyra continues to blow me away. Her progress is breathtaking and I highly recommend anyone looking for the perfect feedee to buy her videos. Just can't get enough of that adorable face and ravenous appetite. Keep up the good work Kyra! Looking forward to your next update
    This is Kyra's hottest clip yet. Her binge eating is really improving those curves. Watching those big heavy breasts bursting out of that tiny top, her massive thighs shifting around and that incredible growing belly - this girl is any feeder's dream. Seeing her plump body expand and grow bigger with each set keeps me coming back for more. Keep up the great work, Kyra. Your progress speaks for itself
    Kyra continues to blow me away with every video. Watching her stuff that adorable little face is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. And her attitude about it all is just another factor that makes her the best at what she does. The only thing hotter than a beautiful girl putting away loads of food is a beautiful girl who brags about doing it. She has me hooked and I look forward to purchasing many more clips as she continues to expand those amazing curves. Keep it up Kyra! We love you!
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