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  1. Could you upload the picture to the left? Who is that?
  2. @John SmithWas it really necessary to quote the whole fucking tread just to comment with that cartoon-GIF?!
  3. @John Smith What does "Ikr" mean?
  4. I don't get why she had surgery in the first place.
  5. Klunk

    Female wrestlers

    Basil17, is Noelle Foley a wrestler?
  6. Klunk

    Alissa Violet

    Well, she is pregnant, right? Of course she's gaining wait then!
  7. Klunk

    Nikki Hunter

    She's so incredibly hot! I love her!
  8. Klunk

    Tahlia Diaz

    I really wanna know her measurements.
  9. @Radster Would you be so kind to share that album with us?
  10. Who is the woman on the left? She's stunning!
  11. She wrote that she thought it was awful?!
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