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  1. Must admit, I also like all the pics! Welcome to curvage Madame Morticia.
    Lexxyy you have gotten thick! You're moving that curvy body around and doing it sexy as hell, love your content and keep up the good work!
    Another great video Casey! Loving the explanation of the story and your honesty/transparency! Also it's nice to hear that you're so much happier being a plumper woman! One thing I have to mention is your breasts look amazing, they definitely have increased in size, just like the rest of you 😉. You're looking so damn hot and doing it all in style, keep up the good work Casey and I look forward to the next one! 😁
  2. You look great and I love what you're doing, you're videos are super hot. Can't say I haven't enjoyed any of them. Keep up the good work Casey!
    Great Video Lexxy! Really enjoy your content, love your curvy body and that booty is to die for! Would highly recommend this clip, it's well worth the money.
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