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  1. “SHES BLOWING UP LIKE A BALLON!” Her ass first took the brunt of the weight, then her belly, boobs, arms, face, and thighs started taking over, but this recent picture appears to show that the butt has started to take back over! It’s huge.
  2. Wowza, she is really starting to pick up steam. This will get very interesting soon!
  3. @Candii_Kayn woah, that’s big! What do you think it was before you started actively gaining? Your lower half is taking the brunt of this gain 🤤
  4. Jada Stevens seems to still be putting on weight even though she claims to be working out a lot. That ass looks a little bigger to me!
  5. Mr. Unkown

    Gia Paige

    She is getting close to the tipping point. A little more weight and I think she’ll lose all initiative to lose weight and succumb to her fat girl ways.
  6. So you’re saying @Goddess shar weighs almost as much as her? Wouldn’t that be something if Shar surpassed her weight, and dethroned her for best gain ever? She is getting close!
  7. There is only one Goddess on Curvage, and that is Goddess Shar! The ALL time best gainer. Keep it up!

    1. Feeder1038


      Dead ass honest na that is Jessica duckess

    2. Titan3224


      WTF are u talk there is no Sexier and better BBW then Godess Shar

  8. Nothing better than a girl who can’t control her greediness. This girl will continue to get fatter until she needs motors to move her.
  9. Seen this on her Instagram.
  10. I agree. She reminds of the female version of Agustus Gloop, only she’s fatter and greedier! Maybe a Willy Wonka inspired video is in your future, Shar?
  11. Mr. Unkown

    Taylor Swift

    Most women’s asses are bigger then men’s.
  12. Mr. Unkown

    Gia Paige

    It’s about time this ballooning pornstar got her own thread. As you can see in the attached picture, her ass has grown substantially. I have a feeling it will continue to do so. Ladies and gents, Gia Paige.
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