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  1. There is only one Goddess on Curvage, and that is Goddess Shar! The ALL time best gainer. Keep it up!

    1. wem0873


      Dead ass honest na that is Jessica duckess

    2. Titan3224


      WTF are u talk there is no Sexier and better BBW then Godess Shar

  2. Seen this on her Instagram.
  3. I agree. She reminds of the female version of Agustus Gloop, only she’s fatter and greedier! Maybe a Willy Wonka inspired video is in your future, Shar?
  4. Mr. Unkown

    Taylor Swift

    Most women’s asses are bigger then men’s.
  5. Mr. Unkown

    Gia Paige

    It’s about time this ballooning pornstar got her own thread. As you can see in the attached picture, her ass has grown substantially. I have a feeling it will continue to do so. Ladies and gents, Gia Paige.
  6. She has gotten massive!!!! There is no stopping this piggy! She can’t stop even if she wanted to. This gluttonous life style has taken her over. She has become a blimp. I can’t wait to see her with another 50-100 lbs on that frame. 



  7. She’s losing the battle. One day it will hit her that she can’t control it, and she’ll slowly blow up. By the looks of it, it’ll start with her lower half.
  8. SO awesome! I can’t wait to see you at 250, or even 300! There is no stopping you! You’ll just eat everything in your path until you are the biggest and hottest BBW out there. i have no doubt you’ll eat your way to the top. Keep buying her clips, so she’s gets more money, and she’ll keep getting fatter!!!
  9. My God, you are getting massive! Keep eating you, pig! I would love to see you at 500lbs.
  10. Man, her ass, hips, and legs have gotten a lot bigger. Her ass looks to be the same size as her stomach! So great! How far along is she? Anyone know?
  11. My God you look gigantic!! You have soooo many roles, cellulite, and stretch makes. Seriously, keep getting fatter, piggy!! You are the best thing to happen to curvage!
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