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  1. Will you ever upload to Youtube again?

    1. College Gainer Brooke BBW

      College Gainer Brooke BBW

      Yes I’m planning to upload there again soon. I got banned for two weeks. Ooooppps hehe 

    2. smiling_Mike


      I heard your last video was your best one so far. Like the one that got taken off YouTube and got you banned. Any chance you could like give us a link to download it or watch it off of Google docs and your Gmail account you need to make a youtube

  2. How big are you trying to get?

    1. lexxyy


      as big as i can! goal weight is 20 lbs

    2. SapphicCurves


      Gawds, girl -- you're about to pop out of that top! Love it! 😍

  3. Hey! Are you thinking of gaining weight?

  4. This should stir things up a bit. It seems over time Jodie has been gaining some weight, here little belly is getting bigger and bigger.
  5. How much fast food do you eat in a week? 😍😍😍

    1. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      About 4 takeouts a week..sometimes more 🙈

    2. Themagicman900



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